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posted by gayporn David @ April.29.2009 - Post a comment

english lads

English Lads description of this gayporn shoot:
New lad Dane is our first outdoor shoot of the year, the sky was blue and for early April it was hot in London! Dane pulls up his shirt and pulls down his jeans; his body is ultra buffed and his boxers look full!

A little play and there is a massive bulge which when springs free is impressive, no single digit measurements with this lad, he is real huge and loves showing it off. He plays about in the hot sunshine and before long lies back against the tree and shoots a nice load of str8 hunk cum all over those perfectly sculptured abs!

See the model page of Dane here

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posted by gayporn Mike @ April.27.2009 - Post a comment

free picture preview

First Auditions description of this gayporn shoot:
Meet Christiano and Rui, two handsome brothers from Portugal. These two boys (20 and 21 years old) came to our studios for a hot jerk off session and they were willing to jerk off together... that's hot!.

Check out First Auditions and watch these two brothers in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ April.22.2009 - Post a comment

free picture preview

VirtuaGuy HD description of this gayporn shoot:
It's new, it's exciting, it's fun! VirtuaGuy has been updated in a realistic HD version. More important, they have hired the most popular BelAmi models to do the hottest stripshows.

Just choose a model and download the pack to your computer. Free of spyware, adware and viruses! Get yourself a hot desktop stripper right now and enjoy your pc even more.

Now featuring: This 19-year-old Czech has a gorgeous, rock hard body that he has toned to perfection in the gym. His piercing blue eyes stare straight through the camera and right at you as he strokes that uncut cock.

Rendy's well known for his work in the gay porn world, and now he's up close and personal, stripping and stroking until he cums... on your desktop!

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posted by gayporn Mike @ April.22.2009 - Post a comment

free picture preview

Blake Mason description of this gayporn shoot:
As you might recall, after I filmed Ian going solo I was in quite a confused state. The guy was so unbelievably lovely (and hot, hung, cute) that I was smitten – in fact I could think of nothing else other than I had to get him back!!! But Ian’s a sensitive guy and he was adamant he wouldn’t make any more films until his solo had been released and he could see the feedback in the member’s forum… and just like me they loved him too ;-)

Being Ian’s “number one fan” I was quickly on the phone trying to find out who he would like to fuck – after all, that BIG juicy dick was made to give someone pleasure! Craig was high on the list and the rest is simply history – this one is HOT!

The guys climbed on the bed and in no time at all Ian’s clothes were off and his massive dick was tickling Craig’s throat! The sexual passion and playfulness becomes really evident as they relax in to some really heavy kissing, cock sucking, rimming and ass fingering – Ian’s not quite as innocent as I first thought!

So with Craig’s ass, cock and balls covered in Ian’s spit, our horny young top pushes all of his mighty uncut meat in to his eager partner’s hole. Craig wriggles and writhes around the bed, firmly gripping his cock as Ian builds into a steady rhythm.

With Craig fully warmed up and enjoying the intense yet sensual pounding he’s getting, Ian suggests his favourite position – doggie! And well, all I can say is that Ian’s length and girth reach all the right places, sending Craig over the edge making him coat the bed in cum! Drained but not finished, Craig lets Ian lie back and then jerks off his fuck buddy until Ian is equally empty – what a perfect ending ;-)

Check out Blake Mason and see Craig and Ian in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ April.21.2009 - Post a comment

free picture preview

Cocky Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
RC has been a sport about bottoming for his last couple of scenes but after the last scene he pulled me aside and said "Dude. That was fine. But you need to get me an ass to fuck next time and I mean grade-A 'pound me till I can't walk' kind of ass."

Naturally Jason Pitt came to mind. The two start off kissing but that lasts for about two seconds once RC pulls his dick out and Jason gets a good look at it. Faster than you can say "cock sucker" Jason is down on his knees inhaling that thing. RC returns the favor and the two move into some hot 69 action.

Then RC goes for what he really wants - Jason's hot tight little ass. He flips Jason over and massages and smacks his ass for a while and then asks "You wanna ride my cock? You want this big cock up your ass?". That's all the incentive Jason needs.

RC kicks back, Jason climbs on top, and before you know it he's bouncing up and down, taking in all of RC's big thick cock. RC flips Jason over onto his stomach and pounds him for a while before turning him over on his back so he can fuck him missionary style for a while.

It ain't long before Jason is spurting cum all over himself. RC pulls out and shoots a nice thick load onto Jason. Check it all out at Cocky Boys.

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posted by gayporn David @ Arpil.18.2009 - Post a comment


Buzz West description of this gayporn shoot:
Brandon is a straight hunk that I met through a friend, and I thought he was just gorgeous! He's so goofy and fun but seems to have such innocence that I thought made him very sexy. He turns 21 in a few months, he's 6' 5" tall and yes, very proportionate! He tells us that he hasn't been laid since New Years Eve, yet he only jerks off every 2 or 3 days!

The way he was checking himself out in the mirror, I figured he would be one of those guys that jerks off 2 or 3 times a day. I busted him checking me out a few times to see if I was hard watching him jack off, and I get the feeling he is very curious about guy on guy sex. Brandon is working on getting more ripped and I can hardly wait to see if he will do more!

Check out Buzz West and see Brandon stroking his pole in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ April.17.2009 - Post a comment

college dudes

College Dudes 24/7 description of this gayporn shoot:
Rob Ryder is one of the best power bottoms on the Internet - of course we wanted to pair him with a huge cock like the schlong Jayden Grey has!

Jayden really stretches Robs asshole in this hot fuck scene. We especially loved the 69 when Rob flipped on top of Jayden and deep-throated Jaydens big one while Jayden tongued Robs pink man-hole. Must see!

Check out College Dudes 24/7 and see Jayden riding Rob's ass in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ April.14.2009 - Post a comment


Fratmen description of this gayporn shoot:
The newest Fratmen update is of Joshua, The Naked Twin Brother, who was also featured with his twin brother Jesse in the TwoFourTwo update.

This time Joshua is going solo. His beautiful Dick, Abs, and lean body are complemented by his bright smile Ocean Blue Eyes. Wow this dude is absolutely gorgeous and better yet there are two of them meaning double the dick and double the fun.

Watch this full length movie...

SPECIAL NOTE: Join Fratmen now and get access to all liveshows (5 nights per week) as well.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ April.12.2009 - Post a comment

Fierce Dog

Fierce Dog description of this gayporn shoot:
This is Jude's Audition with us. We fell in love the first time we hung out. He has an amazing boy-next-door personality. I wanted to get him naked as fast as possible after he walked in the loft. He showered, then laid down for a quick nap. When he woke up we get to see him work over his cock.

He has a hot cock that is nice and thick. When he strokes it, it just keeps getting thicker. He flips around to show off his ass. His thick load fills up his belly button and sprays all over his tight chest.

Check out Fierce Dog and watch Jude playing with his thick cock in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ April.09.2008 - Post a comment

free picture preview

Sean Cody description of this gayporn shoot:
When you have a cock as big as Daniel's, you just gotta try having it sucked by another guy. Especially by an expert like Trey! "It's a little strange, to tell you the truth" Daniel said, referring to the situation.

Sometimes during shoots, things don't always go as planned. We hadn't discussed Daniel dropping his load in Trey's mouth, but that's what happened!

So, how did Daniel rate the blow job? "It was damn good", he said. "Wouldn't mind it again, I'll tell you that!"

Check out Sean Cody and see Trey sucking Daniel's big schlong the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ April.08.2009 - Post a comment

english lads

English Lads description of this gayporn shoot:
Last time we saw Troy he was all dominant and fucked a lad, last time we saw Niall he was str8, enjoying Kev sucking his cock! Now he admits he has discovered his curious gene! The foreplay starts with some feeling and kissing; Niall is quick to pull down Troy’s jeans and stuff his already erect cock str8 in his mouth, his cock sucking expertise is definitely suggesting he is also a good cock sucker!

Some great oral between the lads, they can't resist a sword fight before Niall stuffs his cock deep into Troy. He gasps and starts to push back and rides Niall in loads of position before dumping his big load on his abs, quickly followed by Niall’s! Another happy lad glad to have explored curiousness!

See the model page of Niall here
See the model page of Troy here

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posted by gayporn Mike @ April.07.2009 - Post a comment

free picture preview

Bound Gods description of this gayporn shoot:
A newcomer to BDSM, Dominic Pacifico, explores his limits at BoundGods. House dom CJ Madison is perfect for the job. To see what Dominic is made of, CJ ties him up and whacks him with his crop until Dominic's ripped torso turns dark red.

CJ moves on with an excruciating flogging. Still not convinced, CJ ties him up on his horse chair and goes to town on his ass using the bamboo rod.

Somewhat satisfied, CJ fucks him good with his horse cock. Still, it's not over, and CJ uses suction cups on Dominic's nipples and pinching clips on his body. Dominic seems to pass the test, and CJ fucks him for the final time as a nasty reward.

Check out Bound Gods and watch CJ Madison abusing Dominic Pacifico in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ April.06.2009 - Post a comment

college dudes

College Dudes 24/7 description of this gayporn shoot:
Jack Griffin takes it up his virgin hole from big-dicked College Dude Connor Dane! It is great to have Connor and his tool back, and we really put him to work cracking open Jacks asshole.

Jack proved to be a great bottom - riding Connor like a pro and really let Connor give it to him! We love filming guys doing something for the first time - really hot stuff from a first time top and a first time bottom. You shouldnt miss this sexy fuck!

Check out College Dudes 24/7 and see Connor Dane and Jack Griffin fucking in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ April.05.2009 - Post a comment

Southern Strokes

Southern Strokes description of this gayporn shoot:
We first met Aaron jogging through the park as I was walking my dog Jackson. Before I knew it, there he was at the Lake House showing off his rock hard body. Aaron did such a great job in his first visit with us that we couldn’t wait to get him back. We had to wait for spring break but he finally was able to break away from his studies to give us another show.

I didn’t think it was possible for Aaron’s body to get any better, but I was wrong. Standing 5’8” with a 28” waist just makes his chest and biceps look even bigger. I could honestly see myself washing my clothes on his abs. It is hard to imagine that a guy with this hot of a body can also be so smart. In fact Aaron has it all.

This time around, Aaron was even more comfortable being naked in front of the cameras. Aaron loved his pocket pussy so much the first time around that we made sure that we had another one for him to shred his second time around. He was fucking this portable pussy so hard that I thought it was going to rip in half.

This time around Aaron really works up a sweat. He attacked his hard cock like he was pushing himself through a hard workout. He had obviously been saving up for the shoot because he was rock hard the entire time. Watching Aaron’s body drenched in sweat as he shoots his creamy white cum all over his six pack abs is a site I won’t soon forget.

Check out Southern Strokes and watch Aaron in the solo jerk off movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ April.04.2009 - Post a comment

free picture preview

Chaosmen description of this gayporn shoot:
So I am working on Ivan to be a little more hands on with the other guy. Still have a few boundaries to explore, but he did manage to jack off Silas for a bit.

One thing I can say about him though, he does like to fuck! I don't know if it is his foreskin sensitivity action, but he always lets out an audible gasp when he slides his dick inside Silas. Very hot!

And Silas is such a great bottom! He did have his ass waxed (it's a little rashy..sorry!) but I think it really helped Ivan as body hair tends to put off the straight guys. Silas's skin is just as smooth as can be, and that helps.

Nice creamy load at the end that is all over Silas's ass, while Ivan squishes the cum all around and in his hole!

Check out Chaosmen and watch Ivan and Silas fuck in this hot full length movie.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ April.03.2009 - Post a comment

free picture preview

Breeder Fuckers description of this gayporn shoot:
Leon's joined me in my 'future nightclub' - toilets and all. He's being the bigshot bouncer, yapping some bullshit about security, but I'm not really listening - I'm too busy drugging his whisky. Minutes later, he's out for the count, his big body totally vulnerable to my every whim.

My dick is throbbing as I unbutton his suit, feeling how hard his body is underneath the layers. Halfway through, I lose patience - I can't wait to get my hands on those amazing muscles - and I quickly rip and tear his shirt off, destroying it in the process.

Soon Leon's lying there in only his boxers. His enormous bulge makes me salivate, and I tease myself by gently easing a finger under the fabric and caressing his pubes. When I slowly lower his pants, his weighty cock and balls flop into view. After taking a good long sniff, inhaling his masculine aroma, I take Leon's huge penis in my hand and toy with it, enjoying the total freedom I have to use his body as I please.

If this fucker woke up and found himself like this - naked and manhandled - he'd probably go beserk and murder me with his bare hands. The danger just serves to turn me on even more, and I roll him onto his front to get a load of that muscular black arse of his.

Holding the cheeks apart, I expose Leon's dark pink little hole - I've never seen such a tight little ringpiece in all my life. Probing at the pucker, I gob on it, and force my entire finger in. It's unbelievably tight - shame this big boy's not conscious, really, because I can tell he'd be screaming the place down as I ram my finger in and out.

More Leon @ Breeder Fuckers...

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posted by gayporn David @ April.02.2009 - Post a comment

free picture preview

Video Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
This was Shane's first scene and it illustrates well that he is a natural talent. Shane asks muscle boy J.P. Jackson to pose for him for his photography class assignment. J.P. agrees and is surprised, and a little excited, to find that Shane has in mind pictures of the nude male physique.

Once his pants are off, JP can't suppress his erection, and Shane can't suppress his desire for it. With less than half a roll of film shot, Shane is on the studio floor with his legs in the air.

Check out Videoboys and watch JP and Shane in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ April.02.2009 - Post a comment

english lads

English Lads description of this gayporn shoot:
Take a young str8 lad, add a little sunshine and as he strips off down to his briefs which are bulging full barely able to contain his big erection! Rick is soaking up the sun and he pulls open his briefs allowing the fresh air to blow around his balls, his cock grows ever harder coming into view through his white briefs now transparent in the water!

He plays with his uncut cock in the hot tub and steps out to lie back in the sun. Rick lifts up his legs exposing his hole to the sun, slides in a finger and its not long before he shoots his cum over his body!

Check out Rick Lewis profile page. He is such a hottie!

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posted by gayporn Mike @ April.01.2009 - Post a comment

free picture preview

Blake Mason description of this gayporn shoot:
OK, so we’ve decided to make an exception for this Sunday’s release and somehow I don’t think anyone’s going to complain! You see, normally the guys only get one chance to get their hands on each other’s hot bodies and big dicks, but when Jesse agreed to go further and fuck a fella for the first time he insisted it should be with Robbie.

I guess both guys really enjoyed their dildo making shoot together because Robbie was equally as keen to take things further with Jesse… happy days!

Robbie naturally takes the lead and leans in for the first lingering kiss. Jesse’s trembling lips soon relax and some very slow, sexual kissing ensues. Hands soon wander to find and fondle each other’s hardening meat through their jeans and the lust sure begins to take over!

Robbie carefully frees Jesse’s big swollen cock and begins to kiss, lick and suck while Jesse closes his eyes and lays back to savour Robbie’s hot mouth. And it’s not long before he’s returning the favour and gaining his first taste of man meat - Jesse happily sucks in as much as his inexperienced mouth can take which drives Robbie wild!

But what Robbie really wants is to feel Jesse’s big dick sliding in and out of his ass and somehow I get the feeling Jesse was very eager to fuck too! Robbie takes is nice and slow though, mounting Jesse’s virgin cock until he’s sitting down on all 9½ inches of it!

Mindful that this is Jesse’s first time fucking ass, Robbie whispers words of encouragement to his nervous partner who quickly relaxes and enjoys the sensations ;-)

Check out Blake Mason and see Jesse fucks his first boy in the full length movie.

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