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posted by gayporn David @ August.23.2009 - Post a comment

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Broke Straight Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
To do something a little exciting I invited three of our famous models back to do another shoot and this time it was going to be an anal three way scene. The plan was that CJ was going to bottom, and Logan was going to finally give it up and try bottoming for the first time along with topping in the scene as well.

Then, there was Tyler sitting on the end of the couch and he was just going to do whatever we needed in the shoot. We talked about how Tyler still looked the same and had not spent any time outside getting some sun. Also talked about him spending his time in the broke straight boys forum chatting with the members, and he wanted to make it clear that it really is him replying to posts.

This shoot was another part of our charity event where we planned on auctioning off the salmon colored sheet after all the boys busted a nut on it. Then, to top it off, they were going to sign the sheet close to their load and as an added bonus the boys were also going to autograph a photo. CJ and Logan were going to give away their underwear from the shoot as well.

Going over the pay, because let's face it that was what the boys are after when they come to the studio. Logan was going to make more than the other two, because this was his first time receiving anal. I asked Tyler if they had decided who was doing what in the shoot when I was out grabbing another tape to film with, and Tyler was going to fuck Logan, and then the two of them were going to tag team CJ's ass.

I had the guys stand to strip off their shirts, and took a notice to Tyler's hard work in the gym. He spun from side to side to show off the abs, and then I made sure to show the other two guys as well. Dropping their shorts, they were left standing in their underwear, and I told them to take a seat on the couch. Playing with their cocks all of them were working on getting hard.

I asked if they were going to do any oral and they looked at me like they wanted direction. It was Logan who started to take off his underwear first, and he leaned over and started to suck on CJ's cock first. Tyler didn't want to just sit there so he started to give head to Logan. All three of them were busy and I could hear all the saliva in Logan's mouth that he was using to suck on CJ's cock.

Changing things up Logan sat up and CJ went to sucking on Logan's dick to return the favor, and Tyler played with Logan's balls. Even with CJ's mouth full he reached over to jerk off Tyler. The three of them did a little more oral before I posed the question if they were ready to start fucking. Logan just wanted to get it over with, so everyone did their part to get ready.

CJ was in charge of changing the couch into a bed and the other two just had to worry about themselves. Logan got in the doggy-style position and Tyler moved in behind him. I told Tyler to take it easy considering that this was Logan's first time doing anal and he did nothing to practice. Of course, Tyler didn't listen he shoved his cock right in there and started to fuck.

To help keep his mind busy on a task to do, I pointed at CJ to move in close for Logan to give him head. This would keep him busy and we would see more fucking. Picking up speed and going deeper Tyler was enjoying pounding Logan's virgin ass. Logan didn't really do anything or say anything for a while. But, then he paused and took a second to catch a breather, but Tyler kept the movement going so that he didn't go limp.

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posted by gayporn David @ August.17.2009 - Post a comment

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Chaosmen description of this gayporn shoot:
Yes! I have found another amazing cock sucker! I was so pleased to see Elliott with Ceasar and the sensual energy that he brought to the action.

Now he is a local boy, and am I ever glad, because his first Serviced video has all the things that I look for. Though Ian has let a few mature men suck his dick, he really was fairly nervous, but acting like he wasn't.

While editing the video, I thought he looked a little uncomfortable, but then realized he was just close to busting most of the time. Elliott does an amazing job rimming and showcasing Ian's hole.

I even left in my "direction" to go ahead and make him bust and I think in about a minute, Ian was writhing around squirting DNA everywhere. I know this video is about Ian, but wow, Elliott has got skills!

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posted by gayporn David @ August.13.2009 - Post a comment

Southern Strokes

Southern Strokes description of this gayporn shoot:
I remember receiving the phone call out of the blue from Tyler saying that he had a friend that wanted to do a shoot for Southern Strokes. The first time Wade showed up at the Lake House, I could see why Tyler was so excited for us to work with him. I knew it was only a matter of time before the two of them would be fucking for our cameras.

These two had already made arrangements to spend the weekend together before the shoot. Tyler has quite a drive to get to the Lake House so Wade had generously offered to let him crash at his place. I was a bit worried that they would be able to wait until they arrived at the Lake House to explore each other. I made them promise to keep their hands off each other that weekend so that we could capture their first experience with each other on camera.

Wade and Tyler arrived at the Lake House together and it was obvious that they were more than just a little excited for what was to come. It was decided before the shoot that Tyler was going to have the pleasure of fucking Wade. As I was watching them get ready for the shoot, I noticed that Tyler just couldn't keep his eyes off of Wade's ass. All of a sudden it registered why Tyler had recommended we film Wade. This visit to the Lake House was what Tyler had been after the entire time

I have to say that this was probably the easiest duo that we have filmed at Southern Strokes. After a brief conversation about where we wanted them to fuck, the crew just pointed the cameras and sat back and let them go at it. There is no question that both of these guys are completely comfortable with their sexuality. They both enjoy men and women equally just as long as they are having sex.

Tyler's tongue got things rolling by exploring every inch of Wade's body. Wade closed his eyes and started to moan Tyler teased him. Wade finally couldn't take any more and decided to return the favor. At one point I thought that Tyler was going to shoot his big load down Wade's throat.

Luckily for us this was just a little foreplay. Wade was finally ready to give it up so he climbed on top of Tyler and rode his rock hard cock. The two of them went at it for over an hour and I am sure they forgot that they were being filmed. In the end, Tyler explodes all over his stomach as Wade drenches the rest of Tyler with his huge load.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ August.10.2009 - Post a comment

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Randy Blue description of this gayporn shoot:
The 1970's were a time for horny college students getting it on, fratboys' homoerotic hazing rituals, and student/teacher sex fantasies. In That 70's Gay Porn Movie, Randy Blue spoofs the 70's as we show you what a Randy Blue movie would have looked like had we been around in the era of Lava Lamps and Bell Bottoms.

This erotic comedy centers around Brock Wopat (Christian Sharp), a horny college student who wants nothing more than to be a member of the infamous Delta Iota Kappa fraternity. Not that he has anything to worry about, his grandfather started DIK and being a legacy he's a shoo-in.

But that very fact has outraged frat President, Skip Deuche (Xander Scott), and along with his two studly sidekicks, Swallow (Vincent DeSalvo) and Boner (Brandon Kent), he's out to sabotage Brock's every move. But never fear, Brock's fellow pledges, played by Ethan Parker, Dustin Steel and Mike West, all have his back.

Along for the ride is Leo Giamani as the hunky Professor Ben Davidson who feeds an eager Mike West a mouthfull of huge cock, as well as rams his ass with a dildo. And don't miss Reese Rideout as Puff, the perpetually stoned fratboy. Will the pledges each complete their pledge tasks? Will Brock's skillful cocksucking and passionate bottoming to Skip help him make it as a DIK.

Will he make his mom, the effervescent Edna Wopat, proud? Find out next week in part two of That 70's Gay Porn Movie!

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posted by gayporn David @ August.03.2009 - Post a comment

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Broke College Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
I found Justin taking a nap on my couch, I had him over to wash the car, so I was a bit shocked he was catching some zzz's on my couch. He told me that he had just finished and he dried it off, but he came in to take a small nap and cool off. I guess I can live with that.

I figured since I had him on the couch I had a captive audience well sorta. I asked if I could interview him for my night course, and he was hesitant but agreed eventually, I can see this being a hard sell to get him to stroke his cock, but I go ahead and try anyway.

During my short interview I found out that even though Justin is just nineteen that he has been having sex since he was sixteen. He is bi-sexual and his first sexual experience was with a boy in school. It seems they fucked in the public bathroom after school.

Justin wasn't cheap he cost me $25.00 just to get him to take his pants off and show off his cock. He didn't even take it out of his Calvin Klein underwear, he just pulled them to the side and let it poke its head out. Honestly, I found that very erotic. I think Justin had a clue what I was going to ask next, because he had a shit eating grin on his face, and didn't really argue with me to much when I offered him $250.00 to stroke his nice dick and he even gets to cum!

He found the lube I had stashed away and squirted some on his hands before grabbing his cock and jerking it for me. You can tell he has lots of experience playing with his meat. He knew exactly how to handle that dick. As his dick got hard he leaned forward so that he could finger his fine ass as well that hard cock needed some real attention at that point and he stroked and jerked it even harder. That cock was throbbing and looking around for a tight ass to tool, and since I didn't have any of the other broke boys over I had him continue to stroke that cock for the camera.

I did hand him a vibrator, which he took and stuffed immediately up his tight ass and rocked that tight ass while he stroked his hard meat. His balls looked huge as that pink cock ring had them up and stuffed together, craving to cum, but not being allowed to for the moment. You could see the intense pleasure that he was getting from having a cock ring, and toying his ass with that vibrator.

Even with that cock ring the pleasurable vibrations from his ass and his hand create an explosion of cum that coats his stomach. He tasted that white jizz bomb, and I told him that I might have him stop by again for a few more hot jobs to make him some college cash.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ August.02.2009 - Post a comment

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Spunk Worthy description of this gayporn shoot:
Navy stud, Chad, is back by popular demand. And so is his monster 8-incher, this time plugging away with the IceJack.

Chad says he's never jerked off with a toy before and describes the feeling as "interesting." What's even more interesting was how much he fills the thing up when he shoves his cock deep inside. You can see the head almost hitting the far end through the clear sleeve.

Once he lubes up and gets his rhythm down, Chad just goes to town. He fucks away, thrusting his hips until he leans back and blows a load all over his stomach.

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posted by gayporn David @ August.01.2009 - Post a comment

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Sean Cody description of this gayporn shoot:
This film was shot shortly before my trip to Hawaii. That was were Keith got fucked by Matt. I said in the write up for that film that I had kind of used Hawaii to grease the wheels a little with Keith.

But, I hate flying someone half away around the world only to find out they can't take a dick in their ass (yes, that's happened before!). As part of that arrangement, I wanted Keith to get fucked here. So this film is actually where Keith loses his cherry (on film at least).

Fuller was out for the weekend at had finished fucking the hell out of Kurt a few days earlier. I knew Fuller would give Keith a good work out and he did. He used every damn muscle in his body and even gave Keith a good facial!

Check out Sean Cody and see Keith and Fuller fucking in the full length movie.

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