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posted by gayporn Mike @ June.11.2013

Circle Jerk Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
With the awkwardness of a kid showing his buddy a Playboy he stole from his old man before someone came home and caught them, AJ Sylvester plays that video he mentioned earlier for Shane Jacobs and Shane immediately starts rubbing his own bulge, looking at both the screen and AJ, who took off his shirt to reveals a strong chest, well works biceps and flat stomach complete with etched cum gutters flaring out of his jeans.

As they both get down to their boxers, itís AJ now stealing glances at Shaneís bulge. Now both naked and hard, AJ leans back and closes his eyes as Shane reaches over and helps him stroke then quickly leans over and begin to slurp on AJís throbber.

AJ looks down in amazement, rubbing Shane back and neck as Shane licks and sucks every inch of AJís cock and balls before AJ straddles him and gives him a fast skull fuck before moving Shane to his knees. Deep throating every inch of AJís pole, Shane pulled it o ut of his mouth and stroked it, and as they locked eyes, they both knew where they cock was going next.

With rock hard AJ sitting on the couch, Shane lowers himself onto AJís pole, his own cock sticking straight out. They started moving in unison almost immediately, AJ pushing up as Shane pushed down, his willing hole taking in every inch of AJís dick.

Shaneís quads flexed as he got his feet onto the cushions and bounced up and down before holding himself steady and letting AJ raise up and piston fuck him from below. Standing up and leaning over the chair, AJ retakes Shane from behind. The round smooth curves of Shaneís ass have fueled AJís lust as he fucks harder and deeper, grabbing onto Shaneís hip and working in every inch of his cock.

Back on the couch, he slides behind Shane and continues his rear assault as Shane fists his own cock, getting bigger and bigger as AJ continues to pummel away before getting on his knees and offering his face for cum shot target practice. AJ doesnít miss the target and Shaneís face is soon covered with spooge that drips off his cheeks and chin onto the floor and Shane seal the deal with a load all over himself.

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