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posted by gayporn David @ December.30.2009 - Post a comment

Broke Straight Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
Pairing Logan and Ricky together I was mixing a newer model Ricky with an older one Logan. Both guys wanted the money for doing a shoot, so I explained to them that what I had planned was an oral shoot.

I knew that Ricky was straight, but asked anyway if he had ever sucked cock before. His response was never, but for a certain dollar amount he would do it. Posing the question to the two of them, I asked how much they felt they should get paid for doing it. Logan yelled out that he wanted $1000 to do it, and I told him that's the amount that guys usually get paid to do anal.

Giving it some thought though, I came up with the idea of doing another contest. I was going to be the judge, but the guy who gave the best blow job was going to get $1200, while the other guy only walks away with $500. That was a huge difference, so it was my hope that maybe our senior model Logan would get a little more creative with his dick sucking.

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posted by gayporn David @ December.29.2009 - Post a comment

Chaosmen description of this gayporn shoot:
Jonah thought he could fuck a dude and I wanted to put him with someone with experience, and who wouldn't be too mad at me for putting him with guy that has a dick the size and shape of a large plantain. Teo is ALWAYS awesome with the new guys, and I always need a solid performer in case the newbie has trouble.

Jonah wasn't too sure about sucking dick, so I told him he didn't have to, but he was only getting out of it for this one video. I sense a strong sense of bisexuality in this one, and frankly I think he needs to wake up and smell the cockee. Jonah actually has one of those long dicks that never seems to get super hard at the base, so it was challenging for him to keep his hands out of the shot, and kind of has to thumb his cock into place. Perhaps a testament to how tight Teo's hole is!?

But it was a little frustrating to shoot. I also missed the close-up of shot of Jonah nutting. One of the few times where I thought I had all my cameras going, but seemed to have turned off an already On camera. Grrrr...

Teo said he would try a facial, but the cum went everywhere BUT on his face, but they both shot sprinkler head loads. It was nicely timed, but not very "interactive." So these are the reasons this shoot kind of ended up on the back shelf and is making its way online for the End of Year Blow Out.

Check out Chaosmen and watch Jonah and Teo in this full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ December.22.2009 - Post a comment

BelAmi Online description of this gayporn shoot:
Leave it to Lukas Ridgeston to get all kinky on us again. This time he brings us the indomitable Todd Rosset and newbie Jack Blue. Jack is lovingly bound at the wrists at the beginning of this clip and then blindfolded by our capricious imp.

The twist in this is that Todd does not want to subdue his partner so that he can fuck him, but in that he does all this just to be fucked by him! As Todd matures there are certain aspects of his personality that are coming out more and more, his dry wit and laconic humor, and more so, his sexual appetite. We hope you enjoy this little deviation from the norm.

Check out BelAmi Online and watch Todd and Jack in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ December.21.2009 - Post a comment

Berlin Male description of this gayporn shoot:
Meet Quentin, an 18 year old guy from Friedrichshain, Berlin. He is not affraid to show off and told us he actually likes to be naked and being watched. How nice, that's where we come in. Show us what you got fellow!

Check out Berlin Male and watch Quentin getting off in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ December.20.2009 - Post a comment

Naked Kombat description of this gayporn shoot:
With the record of 0-1 on Naked Kombat, Trey Turner is back looking for victory. He knows what it takes on Naked Kombat and he's been working on his cardio. Sebastian Keys defeated his larger opponent in his first match and has a record of 1-0. Sebastian has training in martial arts and he uses it to his full advantage. Sebastian and Trey fight hard for sexual domination, as the winner gets to fuck the loser.

Check out Naked Kombat and watch Trey and Sebastian in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ December.19.2009 - Post a comment

Corbin Fisher description of this gayporn shoot:
The instant this one starts rolling, I think the look on Travis' face tells it all. He's sporting a big, wide smile as he looks at Simon and leans in to kiss him. He knows he's in for a good time, and can hardly wait for it all to begin!

Both Elijah and Simon know they're in for some real fun, as well! They're no strangers to tag-teaming someone together - we saw them both take turns fucking the heck out of a girl, and then saw them work Dru over in a hot, tag-team threesome! Both know they have a lot of fun sharing a hole together, and so each was looking forward to taking turns fucking Travis!

It would be hard to guess which one was looking forward to it more, though! Simon has fucked Travis already, so knows Travis is an eager bottom that thoroughly loves getting drilled.

He knew he could have some fun here, and knew just how much of a good time could be had with Travis. Elijah, on the other hand, had never been with Travis before! This is actually the first time Travis and Elijah are getting in to some action with one another, despite their both being fixtures at CF! No doubt, Elijah had heard what fun Travis can be, though, so was incredibly eager to finally get the chance to plug him!

Check out Corbin Fisher and watch Elijah and Simon tag-teaming Travis in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ December.18.2009 - Post a comment

CockSure Men description of this gayporn shoot:
There are two things a guy can count on in the morning: morning breath and morning wood. Lance and Jeremy tackle the first with some breath spray, and the second with a flip/flop fuck. We’re certainly not ready to label Lance as a ‘power bottom’, but he’s well on his way. No longer a novice, he’s really starting to enjoy the feeling of a thick cock in his ass. We certainly enjoy presenting it to you.

Check out CockSure Men and watch Bo and Marcus in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ December.17.2009 - Post a comment

Sean Cody description of this gayporn shoot:
Jay has become quite the little bottom boy! “When are you going to switch and fuck someone?” I asked. “Not yet,” he replied. “Why not?” “I’m actually kind of enjoying this,” he said, referring to being on the bottom. “It feels good and it’s less work!”

When a straight guy gets fucked, sometimes you have to take it slow. But now that Jay has become a “seasoned” bottom, I felt safe bringing out the big gun! And that big gun belongs to Jake! Damn, it was hot seeing Jake’s fat cock fucking Jay’s hairy ass!! And, of course, Jake is always so fun.

Check out Sean Cody and see Jake fucking Jay's hairy ass in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ December.16.2009 - Post a comment

Badpuppy description of this gayporn shoot:
Hairy Euro fuck buds Marian Borovy and Damien Cert start off with a passionate kiss, then move down South for some HOT deep throat action. Waiting for a hard hole pounding, Damien lifts his knees letting Marian's wet tongue slip in, just before slamming him with his big uncut cock.

Check out Badpuppy and watch Marian and Damien in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ December.13.2009 - Post a comment

Spunk Worthy description of this gayporn shoot:
Tyler has been hitting the gym at his college so I thought it'd be hot to watch him lift some weights before working on his "other" muscle. To make things a little more interesting I had him wear a tight jockstrap while he was working out.

"Two-shot Tyler" lives up to his name again. He got so worked up, about half way through the shoot he busted one big load clear up his chest. Then like the horny 18-year-old that he is, popped another boner, lays on the floor and shoots a second giant load all over his stomach!

Check out Spunk Worthy to see this tattooed stud in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ December.12.2009 - Post a comment

Broke Straight Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
There was a member request to put Nu and Shane together by one of the members of the site, and so I called them up to see if they were interested in more work. Both of them were pumped to get a chance to make some more money, but they asked what the shoot was going to be. I told them to come with an open mind, and that way there would be more of a surprise when they get to the studio.

Taking a seat on the couch, I told them I would put on some porn, but would stay away from the bi porn. Just because some models were telling me that it wasnt that good, so I put on some straight porn for them to watch.

I asked which one was going to suck dick first and both seemed to not care. Nu was the one that was going to go first, but they needed to get hard in order for them to get started with oral. In no time both had throbbing cocks and were ready to drop their underwear. Sitting on the couch, both showed of their cocks that they were stroking as they kept their eyes on the porn.

Nu looked over at how Shane was coming along and I told him that he could touch it. Reaching his hand over he took it in his hand and started to pump Shanes dick. Only seconds later did Nu just go, and start giving oral to Shane. Who seemed to enjoy it, putting his head back and probably imagining something a little different taking place.

Nu took a break to sit up and as he sat back, Shane went ahead and started returning the favor. Putting the dick in his mouth as he sucked, Nu reached over and jerked Shane off to keep him hard. It was a big moment when Nu made the comment that he was enjoying the head he was getting from Shane. I had the guys switch one more time, and had Nu go back to giving head to Shane. After a minute or so, it seemed that both of them were getting kind of excited. Nu moved down to the floor in front of Shane, and as he continued to suck the cock.

I knew that Shane had to be getting close to shooting his load, as his breathing started to change. It was then that Nu had to of tasted some of the pre-cum, because he pulled the dick out of his mouth. Shane came shooting his load all over Nu's lips, and knew didnt stop there he sucked on the dick as well to get all the cum off of it.

Shane got Nu back to being hard, and then let Nu work on getting himself closer to cumming. One thing that Shane did do was rub and play with Nus balls, but when Nu said that he was about to cum he pulled his hand away. Nu shot his load all over his chest and stomach. They both gave great cum shots, and it was very hot shoot. After that I only had to hope that I could get them to do some anal, and I even teased Shane in wanting him to bottom for it.

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posted by gayporn David @ December.11.2009 - Post a comment

Chaosmen description of this gayporn shoot:
I didn’t believe it at first, but Taylor said he would be willing to fuck a guy. Same thing all the new guys say. No kissing, no sucking back, maaaaaybe play with their dick. I also know that these guys tend to expand their limits as they go along, but Taylor really didn’t want to do much beyond fucking a dude. I knew from his Serviced video, he has a pretty strong dominate streak. I figured passive Lansing could take his dick and not freak him out.

Lansing gets his shorts off and quickly wakes Taylor’s dick up. And YES, we have a talker! What Taylor lacked in things he was willing to try, he more than made up for it with his verbal skills, along with some really good Topping skills. The boy knows how to fuck! His dirty talking worked great on Lansing, who responds to being told what to do.

I was determined to get a good creampie on this one. I think my mic and my head/hair pop up on some of the camera angles. But I laid down on the floor and stuck with it until Taylor nutted all over Lansing’s hole. He then shoves in and out, cum oozing out of his hole. VERY hot! This time I made sure Lansing wasn’t close to cumming as I shot Taylor’s cumshot. I knew I couldn’t scramble up from the ground. He is quick shooter when the other guy nuts!

Lansing gave me a full minute to get myself settled and ready for him to shoot. Lansing confuses me. he struggles to stay hard until he gets fucked, and when we do the cumshot, it makes him spill all the more quicker. Yet still wants to watch straight porn between shooting. ~shrug~

Anyway, I hope you love watching these two elite dudes sucking and fucking with an amazing creampie finale!

Check out Chaosmen and watch Taylor fucking Lansing's asshole in this full length movie.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ December.10.2009 - Post a comment

Southern Strokes

Southern Strokes description of this gayporn shoot:
Kirk is a hot 25 year old construction worker from Florida. Kirk had sent me an email stating that he was a 25 year old that wasn't at all shy and asking if we would be interested in seeing him naked. When I opened the attachment, I saw this hot boy without a shirt on and the face that just screamed "let me fuck you". I immediately called Kirk and chatted with him for a while to discuss the shoot. Kirk has this real laid back confidence about him that even makes him hotter.

Kirk showed up for the shoot looking even hotter than his pictures. I love it when a model comes prepared to show off and get everyone turned on. Kirk was flirting with the entire crew from the minute he arrived until the minute he left. I was afraid that my crew was going to follow him home and leave me alone there for a while. Kirk is another one of those hot southern boys that is very well mannered and polite.

He took off his shirt so that we could get a good look at his chest and abs and I immediately melted. There is just something about a boy that doesn't know exactly how hot he really is. Kirk was just as amazing to work with. As we were going over the details of the shoot, he had to put his hands down his pants to rearrange his already stiffening cock. I could see he big cock through his jeans and I immediately got the shoot underway so that he could get his monster out.

I think this might be one of the only times that I didn't have to give any directions to the model during the video. Kirk slowly undressed himself as he felt his entire body with his big masculine hands. Once Kirk was naked, he crawled up onto the ottoman and laid back with his feet in the air exposing his hot hairy hole. Kirk stroked his big cut cock until he sprayed a thick stream of hot white cum. I am already working on getting this southern boy back for more.

Check out Southern Strokes and watch Kirk heating things up in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ December.09.2009 - Post a comment

Corbin Fisher description of this gayporn shoot:

David is an insanely hot (in my humble opinion!), studly, 20 year old that I was incredibly eager to film after meeting him. In the first few seconds of his solo video, as we're staring at that hot face of his, seeing that smile, and hearing that voice, he wins you over. He's one of those guys at whom you can't help but stare when he's around and, thankfully, he likes to be looked at!

"It turns me on, actually! I like that!" He responds, when Pete asks him what he thinks about the idea of being watched and showing off on camera.

That certainly comes in handy! While he was quite blown away by the fact that he was about to get naked and jerk off for us, he couldn't help but find the entire situation exciting and get a kick out of it. He definitely looks more than comfortable and at ease in front of the cameras - and with looks and a body like that, how could he not be?

Check out Corbin Fisher and watch David stroking his dick in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ December.09.2009 - Post a comment

You Love Jack description of this gayporn shoot:

Marcus is straight. Not “gay porn site straight” but really, really straight. He admits he let another dude suck him off in the past but he’s never had a cock in his mouth.

Joey can’t wait to guide his new straight buddy through all the ins and outs of cock sucking and even gives him his first rim job before getting Marcus to lick his balls while he shoots his load. Joey returns the favor and before you know it this once “really straight” guy is blowing his load while another dude sucks his balls!

Join You Love Jack and watch Joey and Marcus in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ December.08.2009 - Post a comment

Next Door Male description of this gayporn shoot:
If you think Aaron Skyline came here to jerk off…well you’re right. And if you think you can sit there and watch Aaron stroke his cock without jackin’ your own self off, you got another thing coming, bud.

Don’t try and say that you can honestly watch this buff guy, with his meaty ass cheeks, lather hot oil all over himself and NOT rub on your boner. Listen pal, I don’t wanna hear you claiming that Aaron fucking Skyline doesn’t make your dick stand as straight as a flagpole and make you wanna squirt out cum right there in your seat! Watch Aaron do his thing and check yourself before you wreck yourself next time, bud.

Check out Next Door Male and watch Aaron jerking off in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ December.07.2009 - Post a comment

BoyGusher description of this gayporn shoot:
I had Sean and Ricardo over to my pad one afternoon so that I could film some action. Sean is gay and Ricardo is straight. I got Ricardo to agree to do the shoot by telling him that he would get jerked off by another guy. I didn't mention blowjobs because I didn't want to scare the kid away.

I told to the boys to go at it and Ricardo stood up so that Sean could get his pants off of him. He left his wife beater and hat on and seeing that reminded me that Ricardo may be a pretty boy, but he's also a straight thug boy.

By the time Sean pulled Ricardo's underwear down, he was already sporting wood, which Sean went down on immediately. As Sean was standing there and getting a blowjob he pulled off his shirt to reveal his trimmed and smooth boyish upper body.

Sean is really into Ricardo and goes crazy on his cock. Ricardo drops all of his inhibitions and does not seem to mind that a gay guy is blowing him. Sean keeps sucking on Ricardo's cock right up until he is about to cum and then switches to jerking him off. Ricardo shoots a big load of cum all over his stomach with the help of Sean's hand.

After Ricardo came and said "why don't you return the favor" and I was shocked when I was met with "sure." Ricardo wasted no time in taking off Sean's pants while Sean took off his shirt. Just as Sean blew Ricardo while standing, Ricardo started to blow Sean the same way.

Just as Sean did for him, Ricardo sucked him off right until he was about to cum. Unlike Ricardo, Sean got really loud as he was about to cum and you can just feel the cum rising to the surface. Sean delivers us a huge load of cum and shoots it all over his chest, stomach and his hand. These are two boys I definitely want over again and together!

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posted by gayporn Mike @ December.06.2009 - Post a comment

Bound Gods description of this gayporn shoot:
Businessman Josh West goes to the metal shop to pick up his private toys that he had left there for repair. Luke Riley and Kain Warn are two blue-collar boys with a bad attitude. They don't like well-to-do folks hanging around their shop, and decide to cause some trouble.

Little do they know that Josh is a badass SM freak - who needed his worn-out sex toys repaired from extreme usage. Josh teaches Luke and Warn a lesson they'll never forget: he ties them up, forces his cock into every one of their orifices, and demonstrates the full effect of his toys to their yelling faces.

Check out Bound Gods and watch Josh, Luke and Kain in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ December.05.2009 - Post a comment

Randy Blue description of this gayporn shoot:
Does anyone really play Strip Poker anymore? The idea is cool but it's a lot more fun when the stakes are much, much higher. I've seen how competitive my models get when they're chilling out at the studio playing video games and it gave me an idea.

Malachi Marx, Nick Hurley and Sean Everett were goofing off in the TV lounge here at the Randy Blue studios, and I threw the idea at them that they have a little video game tournament and that they play for 'Tops'. Of course, that's a loaded proposition. I know for a fact that Sean Everett can play much better than he does here.

And while Nick loves to both top and bottom, something about seeing Malachi dancing around after scoring a point made Nick go all weak in the knees and I could tell he messed up on purpose a few times. I don't know if Malachi knew they were both giving up the glory of victory for the passion of the ass ramming and honestly, I don't think he cared.

When you have two gorgeous guys like Sean and Nick going all ass-in-the-air for you, it's not really a time to ponder things. And Malachi knew better. He got all into it with both of them. And the look in Sean's eyes when he gets to be piggy in the middle with Malachi fucking his ass and Nick fucking his face is just priceless. And I think if the video game companies could get you to virtually play these three guys we'd all be having a lot more fun!

Check out Randy Blue and watch these three horny studs in full length movie.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ December.04.2009 - Post a comment

Lollipop Twinks description of this gayporn shoot:
Dustin Hawthorne is drying himself off after a shower when he gets a strange phone call. He doesn't know who the caller is, but the caller definitely knows a lot about him. He seems to be watching him and it freaks him out. He calls a friend for help but there's no answer. He finally decides to go to sleep, hoping the call was just a prank. We then see the mysterious caller (Cameron Greenway) come into the house, getting undressed and going to Dustin's room. Watch to see what happens next!

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posted by gayporn Mike @ December.03.2009 - Post a comment

Next Door Buddies description of this gayporn shoot:
Rod Daily has breezed into town and is heating things up fast! This time he's mingling with another sizzling hunk, Trent Locke. These guys are hot, hung, and hungry for cock!

The duo starts out sucking each others' dicks out by an old water barrel, near a breathtaking vineyard. Then the guys take it inside so Trent can properly fuck Rod's ass like a champion. Check out the bulging muscles on Rod's firm physique while he gets drilled by the insatiable Trent. These tasty studs make this scene a must see!

Buy a Next Door Pass and get access to Next Door Buddies and 7 other hot gayporn sites for just one small price.

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posted by gayporn David @ December.02.2009 - Post a comment

Bonus Boy Sites

Short description:
We're gonna start December with some good old discount sales! We know December will be an expensive month and that's why we offer you quality porn for discount prices.

What's the deal?
Join Bonus Boy Sites for just ONE DOLLAR and get access to the following gayporn sites:

Broke Straight Boys
College Boy Physicals
Straight Boys Jerk Off
Amateur boys First Time
HS Boys
Sex Spies (warning: straight site)

Get your access pass right now ($1)

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posted by gayporn David @ December.01.2009 - Post a comment

Chaosmen description of this gayporn shoot:
Hayden said he would come back and fuck a dude. The day the shoot rolls around, the three of us discuss everything that everyone will be doing, but when it came to the oral portion, Hayden blanches at the notion of sucking dick.

I was thinking, "Great, we are off to a bad start." But Sebastian put him at ease, and didn't act offended that he wouldn't be getting his dick sucked. I did tell Hayden he had to at least try to keep Sebastian hard. Which is not challenging. Sebastian is one of my ringers who stays hard even while being pounded. No reciprocal cock-sucking aside, Hayden did amazing!

You can tell he is more mature than other models. He KNOWS how to fuck and the slight curve of his dick gives us lots of great views of his cock in action. Even though I was disapointed that I wouldn't be seeing a cock in Hayden's handsome face, I was thrilled at the ending of this video!

In between me moving around with the camera while filming Sebastian getting fucked doggy-style, he said that the thought he could actually cum that way. Actually I was underneath the two of them and you could see he was jacking his dick furiously. I quickly jumped up and came around the front cuz I knew he would nut on the bed.

So we had Hayden slow down on the fucking and I will be damned if Sebastian nutted while getting fucked! Hayden didn't know what to think! Should he stop fucking or keep going? He paused for a moment and I asked him if he could cum while fucking Sebastian, and he said, "I have been trying not to cum the entire time I have been fucking!"

I asked Sebastian if it was ok, if Hayden fucked him some more and I think Sebastian was still in a fog (or numb!), and said sure. Almost instantly Hayden ramps up, pulls, out and cums all over Sebastian's hole, then shoves it back in! It was PERFECT! Creampie! Sweet!

It's a perfect cumshot for both of them, and despite Hayden's initial worries about sucking dick, this video was super smooth and easy to shoot, and was a dream to edit. Seriously, you don't want to miss this ending if you love creampie or breeding action!

Check out Chaosmen and watch Hayden and Sebastian fucking in this full length movie.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ December.01.2009 - Post a comment

Sean Cody description of this gayporn shoot:
"About a 7," Nate said, referring to how nervous he was on a scale from 1 to 10. "You've never had anything in your ass before?" "No, never." He actually seemed pretty calm to me. Brendan, on the other hand, seemed a little more nervous.

"What do you enjoy doing when you're here?" "I'm not going to lie," Brendan said. "The end, the very end..." "Busting a nut?" "It does feel good... I won't lie." "I think that's everyone's favorite part."

"Yeah, with another guy -- you don't expect it," Brendan explained. "Unexpected." At that point, Brendan gave Nate a secret up-and-down glance and at that point I knew he wanted that flip-flop fucking pretty badly!

Check out Sean Cody and see Nate and Brendan fucking in the full length movie.

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