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posted by gayporn David @ February.28.2009 - Post a comment

Video Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
When Andrew initially contacted us about becoming a model several months ago, the first thing he asked was "Can I do a scene with Cliff?" This week we finally got around to fulfilling Andrew's fantasy for him by getting Cliff, and his huge 9 inch dick, over for a bit of quality time up Andrew's ass.

Our only precondition was that Andrew must indulge his every desire and Cliff must accommodate him. This is a must-see movie, so better check it out at video Boys.

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posted by gayporn David @ February.24.2009 - Post a comment

Cocky Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
I thought it was time we spice things up around here and my new boy Wolf was just the man for the job. Talk about a man who likes to take control. I partnered him up with Andrew. Talk about a man who likes to take IT. Wolf gets right down to business - eagerly lapping up Andrews cock. Now I've seen a lot of guys who know how to work a cock - but this guy takes the cake. Then it gets interesting.

Wolf decides that Andrew has been "having too good of a time" and pushes Andrews face down onto his own cock until Andrew starts to gag. Andrew tries to act coy for a moment like he isn't eager for that dick - but he gladly goes along with it once he gets a taste of Wolf's dick.

Wolf just keeps shoving Andrews head down all the way over and over - making him gag on his big fuckin' cock. Then he starts calling Andrew his bitch and as a reward for being such a good cock sucker Wolf treats his bitch to a deep wet rim job.

He tells Andrew he's being a "good little slut" and what do good sluts get? A paddle on the ass! Wolf pulls out a paddle and slaps that hot ass until it's nice and red - making Andrew call him "sir" the whole time! Then it's time for another Cockyboy first.

Wolf pulls out a metallic ass spreader. He shoves it all the way deep into Andrew's eager hole at once, slowly spreads it open and spits a nice wad of spit right into Andrews hot asshole. Then it's time for some more toy action!

Wolf shoves an inflatable dildo up Andrews ass and squeeze pumps it until it fills up Andrews entire ass while he works it in and out of Andrew's hole. Listen to Andrew moan - he can barely take it. He may act like he doesn't want it but you know this little bottom bitch is panting to do whatever Wolf tells him to.

As a reward for being such a good boy Wolf lets Andrew sit on his cock and bounce up and down on it for a while before he orders Andrew to lay on his back. Wolf slams into Andrew missionary style, telling him to "take that cock". Andrew can't take anymore and shoots his load all over himself. Immediately after, Wolf shoots a nice fat load all over Andrew.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ February.22.2008 - Post a comment

Randy Blue description of this gayporn shoot:
Vincent DeSalvo has been around a lot lately. His bright smile and bubbly personality, not to mention his incredible sexual energy, just brightens everyone's day. While putting together schedules for Randy Blue Live I thought it might be fun to put Vincent with another sexual stud, Malachi Marx.

The two of them just seemed like they would do an amazing job together. Little did I know that would be the understatement of the year. From the moment they both arrived at the studio the energy was electric. Just watching them in our model lounge hanging out together I realized I needed to get more than a live show.

I asked them right then and there if they would be up for doing a shoot the next day and they were thrilled. I tell ya, the best way to get a kick ass video is when both guys want it from each other, and want it bad. Anyone who was there at RBL that night will tell you how amazingly hot it was. And you will all have some idea just how hot this video is.

Vincent seems to explore every inch of Malachi's lean yet muscular body with his lips, tongue and mouth. And the thing I love the most is that Vincent lets his dirty side out even further with a stream of dirty talk that would make a trucker blush.

He totally takes on the perfect boytoy for the sexy Malachi to play with, begging for cock, unable to feed his hunger. And Malachi is happy to take charge, giving Vincent exactly what he wants until the two of them practically explode in a shower of hot, delicious cum.

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posted by gayporn David @ February.18.2009 - Post a comment

college dudes

College Dudes 24/7 description of this gayporn shoot:
Adam Campbell gives up his ass to hot stud Jack Griffin in this awesome scene. After Adam goes down on Jacks tasty cock, Jack flips Adam over and really loosens up Adam with his tongue before slipping his meat deep inside. Adam must have liked it, because he shot more cum than ever! Adam cums over his head and Jack hits him right in the face!

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posted by gayporn David @ February.15.2009 - Post a comment

english lads

English Lads description of this gayporn shoot:
Big Matt is back and Justin is just gagging to get his hands on Mattís massive one footer! He is quick to feel Mattís bulge and he then cant stop smiling! Its soon in Justinís mouth, Matt just semi at this stage is about 8 inches and Justin gorges the lot... a minute later Matt is near fully hard, just shy 1 foot and Justin still manages to deep throat it!

Not able to resist the next challenge he lies down and lets Matt slide in his massive pole, slightly teasy, then slams the hole lot in! Justin loves it and the lads fuck in some great positions Matt staying hard all the time! Justin cums all over himself and then puts his head down on Mattís chest who covers him as his hose explodes!

See the model page of Matt here
See the model page of Justin here

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posted by gayporn Mike @ February.12.2009 - Post a comment

Cruiser Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
It doesn't get any hotter than this!! Parker and Rod are both bisexuals that are well built with six pack abs, ripped arms, tight asses and a love for a great blow job.

Parker has always thought that guys do it better and Rod doesn't mind proving him right when he goes down on Parker. The action doesn't stop there though, this is one hot ride you don't want to miss watching.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ February.10.2009 - Post a comment

Men At Play description of this gayporn shoot:
When you're a longstanding member of the MAP Gentlemens Club anything and everything is a mere click of the fingers away. Refreshments, food, a massage or even a shoe shine whilst you read the evening paper. Nothing is too good for our best customers like Ted Colunga.

So when he feels like he needs a little extra personal attention there is always someone at hand to oblige. Luckily for him Ross is already on his knees polishing his shoes so as soon as he takes is 10 inch cock out, Ross is ready to offer him a good servicing until Ted blows his thick load all over his face.

Next Ted sticks his big powerful cock inside Ross hot tight ass and fucks him like there is no tomorrow. Check out the full length movie at Men At Play.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ February.09.2009 - Post a comment


Realboys4u description of this gayporn shoot:
Ricki originally hails from a small town somewhere in Lithuania and moved to Berlin when he was a child. He has a cute little butt and he loves to get fucked.

Watch Ricki stripping down and jerking his curved uncut dick in the full length movie at Realboys4u.

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posted by gayporn David @ February.03.2009 - Post a comment


Fratmen description of this gayporn shoot:
Let us introduce you to a great addition to Fratmen.TV, Casey. He is a very sexy jock with a beautiful body who is into playing Basketball and just having a good time enjoying life to the fullest. He will surely impress a lot of people and we are glad to have him show off everything with nothing but a smile.

SPECIAL NOTE: Join Fratmen now and get access to all liveshows (5 nights per week) as well.

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posted by gayporn David @ February.01.2009 - Post a comment

Cocky Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
I gotta tell you - Phenix is gettin' damn good at bottoming. He better be careful or one might think he actually likes it. My hot French buddy Ludovic saw Phenix bottoming in another scene and asked me (in his sexy french accent) "How do I get to fuck that ass?" Naturally my response was "Let me film it".

He agreed, and it didn't take much to convince Phenix to bend over once he got a good look at Ludovic. They start off in Ludovic's bed with Phenix sucking on Ludovic's big hot cock. Then Ludovic returns the favor by getting on all fours to blow Phenix (let's see if I can get him on all fours for another reason).

Check out how Ludovic plays with Phenix's cock piercing with his tongue - guys love that fucking around with that thing. When it's time to get down to the main event Phenix bends over the bed and Ludovic wastes no time getting in deep and going to town. He pumps Phenix's ass for a good long while and, from the look on Phenix's face, he has no objections.

I knew Phenix was getting better at bottoming but I was shocked how much cock this kid's able to take now! They decide to lay down on the bed so Ludovic can fuck him from behind on their side. Then Ludovic gets on his knees so he can get in really deep while Phenix lays on his back.

Phenix finally reaches his breaking point - I mean, a top can only handle getting fucked for so long. Ludovic pulls out and the boys lay down beside each other and jerk off. It isn't long before Ludovic shoots a huge load all over his chest and stomach. Right after Phenix shoots a nice gooey load of his own all over his hot tattooed stomach. Way to take it like a champ Phenix.

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