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posted by gayporn David @ February.27.2011 - Post a comment
free picture preview

Suite 703 description of this gayporn shoot:
Jordan hired Anthony to fix his backed up garbage disposal and now it works better than ever. Being ever so grateful he asks if get can get Anthony anything, “water, a beer, need to sit and relax?” Jordan asks. “I’m not really tired. I could keep going..” says Anthony. With that said Jordan takes this opportunity to take more than Anthony’s energy.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ February.26.2011 - Post a comment
college dudes

College Dudes description of this gayporn shoot:
Put three of the hottest CollegeDudes guys together and the outcome is some crazy hot action! In this vid Carter Nash, Brody Grant, and newbie Rick McCoy try out a bunch of new fun sexual activities, and they each love every minute of it! Brody and Carter take turns shoving their stiff cocks down Ricks throat, and the entire time Rick is gulping down every inch with sheer pleasure.

Then after blowjobs all around, Carter bends both Brody and Rick over the bed for a double rimming, double fingering extravaganza. All the while they are getting their holes worked by Carter, Brody and Rick make out and moan with excitement. Then Carter shoves his dick deep inside Brody to get him worked up for the finale.

After a good long fucking, Rick is dying for some dick up his ass, too, so Brody starts pounding Rick while Carter is pounding him. Seeing these three college studs in a sweaty hot Lucky Pierre is definitely more than jizz-worthy! To top it off, after Rick cums, he lets both Brody and Carter dump their loads right into his mouth. If you have been waiting to see Rick gobbling loads of cum and have cum dripping all over his lips and chin.

Check out College Dudes and see Carter, Brody and Rick sucking and fucking in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ February.26.2011 - Post a comment
free Men At Play picture preview

Men At Play description of this gayporn shoot:
Harry Louis makes a very welcome return to Menatplay and this time we get up close and intimate with this young heartbreaker. Ever since his first appearance in 2007 Harry has been the object of many men's obsessions all over the world. Whether its his sensual come to bed eyes, his playful innocence or his delicious fat cock, there is one thing that we always hear from our members... 'More Harry Please!'

Well here he is in a private One To One for you, playing with his fat, beautiful cock, teasing us with his tight ass and of course giving us one of his famous geyser cumshots. So close you can almost taste it!

Check out Men At Play and watch Harry Louis stroking his fat beautiful cock in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ February.24.2011 - Post a comment
free Hard Brit Lads picture preview

Hard Brit Lads description of this gayporn shoot:
Sexy defined Thierry has a hot session with handsome footballer Fraser. The lads take turns sucking each other, both lads are uncut, Thierry has a big 8 incher and Fraser has a thick 7 incher and big balls. Thierry rims his muscular butt then fucks him deep in different positions. This is a fantastic scene.

Check out Hard Brit Lads and watch Fraser getting fucked by Thierry's massive uncut cock in the full length HD movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ February.23.2011 - Post a comment
free Randy Blue pictures

Randy Blue description of this gayporn shoot:
Alexander Kudrov and Nicco Sky are so different from one another. Nicco is more experienced while Alexander is still really new. Nicco has his gorgeous Latino features with that delicious honey brown skin, deep dark eyes and fiery passion while Alexander is all blonde hair and blue eyes, with an innocent manner that you just want to see be corrupted by some hot sweaty mansex.

And that Russian accent drives all the Randy Blue models crazy. But as different as they are they both have killer bodies, with rippling abs, smooth marble like pecs, and firm round asses. Nicco works a cock like nobody's business while Alexander takes a more careful and tender approach. But once he's rock hard and horny he bangs Nicco's ass for all it's worth.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Nicco's cumshot. Never one to disappoint, he shoots a huge stream of jizz that arcs almost as high as Alexander's blonde curls and splashes back down all over Nicco's smooth chest. This is a must see movie!

Check out Randy Blue and watch Alexander pounding Nicco's hot ass in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn David @ February.20.2011 - Post a comment

Circle Jerk Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
It’s been far too long since we at CircleJerkBoys.com have seen California native, Cameron Adams. Wanting to make it comfortable we invited along another California native, Dylan Roberts, to help out. Dylan is sitting back on his workout bench and playing with his rock hard cock through his jeans. Cameron comes in rushing him to get going when he realizes Dylan’s not going anywhere til he takes care of his morning wood.

They strip as they tumble onto the couch. Dylan has Cameron’s rock hard cock down his throat in seconds as he works that dick. Cameron can only gasp as Dylan devours his raging boner. Cameron then kneels before Dylan to return the favor. Dylan’s uncut cock is aching as Cameron wraps his lips around it. Cameron has no trouble deep throating that dick making Dylan moan in disbelief. Cameron then picks Dylan’s legs up to get at what he really wants—that ass.

He licks that hot ass like a lollipop. Dylan’s eyes roll as Cameron eats that ass, shoving his tongue deep. “You wanna fuck it?” teases Dylan as Cameron gets ready to ride. He slides his thick cock deep into Dylan’s smooth hole and fucks him missionary. Cameron pounds away giving Dylan the fuck he needs. Then its time to change it up as Cameron straddles Dylan and sits right down on his.

Cameron’s tight ass is making Dylan nuts as he starts to slam his dick up into that hot hole. Dylan then gets Cam on his back and fucks him missionary. Dylan can’t believe how hot that ass feels on his dick. He picks up the pace literally fucking the cum out of Cameron. Dylan is next as he too unloads sending his own troops splattering all over cum-covered Cameron.

Check out Circle Jerk Boys and see Cameron getting fucked by Dylan in the full length threeway movie.


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posted by gayporn David @ February.19.2011 - Post a comment
english lads

English Lads description of this gayporn shoot:
Having trained on a few lads asses Hayden has reached a new height today with Justin and does a fantastic job at giving Justin a real hard fucking! Though before you get to enjoy that you can see Justin enjoy Hayden; sucking him first, then rimming and finally sticking a dildo up Hayden’s hole!

So once Justin has finished playing with Hayden it is time for Justin to get it and Hayden gets a real swet on servicing Justin who just can’t get enough of Hayden’s uncut cock. There are some great touches in this shoot; Justin worshipping Hayden and Hayden pumping hard and producing a fine cum shot with cum flying all over the place!

Check out English Lads and watch hunky Hayden giving Justin's hole a good workout in the full length video.


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posted by gayporn David @ February.13.2011 - Post a comment
free Sean Cody picture preview

Sean Cody description of this gayporn shoot:
I always enjoy getting together with Ethan. He's a quiet, handsome, boy-next-door type and I get a kick out of knowing that, despite his unassuming demeanor, he has a monster in his pants! We met up with Oscar and had some time to kill. Both of them enjoy the outdoors, so we decided to hang out in the fresh air and let them get to know each other before they fucked.

Both their bodies looked amazing out in the sun — there were muscles and abs everywhere! They were having a good time and both of them were in a playful mood, which is a good thing pre-sex. Oscar said he had recently adopted a puppy, and proudly referred to him as his "son". And Ethan has been taking salsa dancing lessons!

"I've been salsa dancing. I'm getting into the steps." he smiled as he bounced around on his feet. I got to see some of his recently acquired talents. To his credit, he has only had two lessons so I was not very critical of the progress he's made. Ethan has a little bit of dork in him, but that's what I love!

Back inside, the two huge cocks came out, and after a little 69 action Ethan took Oscar's big pole [continue...]

Check out Sean Cody and see Ethan getting fucked by Oscar in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ February.12.2011 - Post a comment
free Men At Play picture preview

Men At Play description of this gayporn shoot:
Dont let the cheeky smile and the bright eyes fool you, Andy is no innocent boy. Standing at and impressive 6'1 and weighing 89kg he definitely makes an impression when you first see him. After we got our hands on him and gave him one of our famous Men At Play makeovers, Andy was transformed from the cheeky young lad into a fine specimen of a man that you see before you.

Once he gets going you'll realise that any misconception of him being a good boy instantly fly out the window. Andy works his body perfectly for the camera, showing off his gym trained, tattooed physique and feeding off the attention that he gets from the crew. He could tell we were all eager to see his massive 9" uncut cock... And let me tell you the man certainly knows how to use it.

Check out Men At Play and watch Andy stroking his big uncut cock in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn David @ February.11.2011 - Post a comment
Interracial BFs

Interracial BFs description of this gayporn shoot:
Black on white, white on black! Interracial BFs got it all. If you are a bit voyuristic (like us), those amateur boyfriend sites are really great. If you're voyuristic and you love interracial gay porn as well, then Interracial BFs has everything you need.

If you join Interracial BFs (one dollar), you will get free access to 8 amateur boyfriend sites. If you like amateur boyfriends porn, you gotta take this deal!!!


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posted by gayporn Mike @ February.10.2011 - Post a comment
free Maverick Men picture preview

Maverick Men description of this gayporn shoot:
Hot Hung 10” Chicago Derek is a man's man all the way! As you know we ended up doing a video with this amazingly hot HOT 10" huge HUNG lean 6'5" tall handsome super masculine ebony masterpiece named, Derek. We had been chatting on-line with him for a few months in anticipation of our Chicago trip, I have to be honest I had my doubts that this guy was for real because we didn’t get the chance to cam with him, as that’s our usual rule, it’s the best and only way to rule out flakes and fakes.

So when this guy agreed to meet us, I wasn’t even sure he would show up, he ended up meeting us outside at the Chicago river walk, when I walked up to him and he stood up he towered over me, lol. He looked so straight and had such a deep voice that I thought we had the wrong guy lol, much to my relief we had the right guy and was eager to get back to our hotel room with us.

After talking to him for a long while, we quickly realized that he was a top and was not into us fucking him, so I said SORRY man, we are not bottoms so no ass no play, lol. I want to make it a point to tell you that this guy had a huge hard big fucking Black Cherry man ass! I mean it was big and when I say big I don’t mean fat lol, I mean hard muscle! So when he told us he was not bottoming we almost cried.

He tried to convince us, but when we insisted and we were escorting him to the door of our hotel room with great regret. Then, he had a change of heart, lol! It was a beautiful moment, he said and I quote, “Man I only been fucked once before and didn’t much like it, so ya’ll better be as good as it looks in ya’lls videos.” I quickly reassured him that it would be the very best fucking he had ever had, and we delivered.

We fucked this super hot man all over the place. He was a hard-core man during sex and took the pounding Hunter and I gave him like a man. This video is very very very very raw and hard-core HOT with beautifully clear ass penetration and cum shots that have to be seen to be believed.

The grand finally 3 way cum shot where Big Derek is riding my cock on the sofa as Hunter stands way above us on the top of the sofa filming with 1 hand and stroking with the other and shoots a huge load, squirting it all over the both of us, is shockingly hot, it caused Derek to blow his load all over me at the exact same time WOW yes it has to be one of my favorite scenes in any of our videos. Truly as MUST watch video. XO Thanks for stroking with us... Cole and Hunter

Visit Maverick Men and watch Cole and Hunter fucking Derek in the full length HD movie.


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posted by gayporn David @ February.09.2011 - Post a comment
free Broke Straight Boys picture preview

Broke Straight Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
Rex is back in the studio to do an oral scene and is joined on the futon by Ken. As Rex is straight and has never been up close to another guy's cock before, he is quite nervous. Ken, on the other hand, looks like he has taken a bit of a shine to Rex and is looking forward to introducing Rex to the Cult of the Cock. As the three of us were engaging in our usual introduction banter it was decided that $600 each was a fair price for oral.

Standing up, both boys stripped off to their underwear before sitting back down; Ken in his boxers while Rex wore some tighty whitey's. Surprisingly, Rex was down with watching some gay porn to get himself and Ken in the mood, confessing that he had jerked off once to some gay porn on the internet.

The porn that was playing was obviously to Rex's liking as he was rock hard while Ken wasn't far behind him. They took their underwear off, throwing them to one side and as they sat back down, Ken leaned over and swallowed down Rex's cock. With one hand wrapped around the base of Rex's dick, Ken slowly bobbed his head up and down even as he jerked himself off.

Rex couldn't keep his eyes off Ken, watching as his dick was being deep throated by an experienced cock sucker. Sliding onto his knees, Ken licked around the head of the hard dick. Rex, with a heavy hand on the back of Ken's head, hinted that he wanted Ken to go deep even as Ken was making him moan for more.

Rex asked Ken if he liked the cock in his mouth and it was all too obvious from the way Ken was lavishing attention on Rex's dick that it was true. Standing up in front of Ken, Rex gasped as he tugged on his low hanging balls while Ken tightened his lips around the tip of Rex's cock and sucked... hard.

Now it was Rex's turn to return the favour. Sitting back down on the futon while Ken stood up, Rex leaned right in and slid the cock into his straight boy mouth. Ken had obviously been a great tutor as Rex was a natural born cocksucker! Ken looked like he was in heaven as Rex bobbed up and down on his dick, even going so far as to try some deep throating. Read more...

Visit Broke Straight Boys and watch Ken and Rex exchanging blowjobs in the full length HD movie.


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posted by gayporn David @ February.08.2011 - Post a comment

Corbin Fisher description of this gayporn shoot:
One of the funniest moments leading up to our shoot in Europe with Bel Ami involved Elijah as all of the guys set to go on the trip were sitting around talking about how much fun it would be, what it might be like, and what they could expect while there. Amidst all the comments about hot European girls, long plane flights, airline food, European nightlife and beer and all of the other things the guys were sure to discover, Elijah suddenly and in the most serious tone – along with that Southern twang of his – says, “Are they all uncut over there?”.

I couldn’t help but bust out laughing at that. He was so serious when he asked it and stared at me like whatever answer I was about to give was terribly important. It didn’t take long after his arrival in Europe to discover the answer to that question! Hot, young Ariel, with whom Elijah is paired here in what is for both their joint CF/Bel Ami video debuts, has himself a nice uncut cock that Elijah gets to explore up close with his hands, lips and tongue. Likewise, Ariel spends plenty of time getting familiar with Elijah’s cut cock, sucking it deep and hard.

Indeed, the hardons here are both quite impressive! As Ariel sucks Elijah, Elijah is as stiff as can be, that dick of his pointing straight out from his smooth, tight body as he stands up over Arial to feed it to him. When Elijah gets down between Ariel’s legs to suck on his dick, Ariel’s cock is pointing skyward, straining as Elijah’s head and mop of hair bob up and down while he sucks it.

Neither could get enough of all the sucking, actually! After Elijah took his turn at sucking on Ariel, the guys passionately kiss and make out a bit, before Ariel is again swallowing as much of Elijah’s cock as possible! If that wasn’t enough, the guys can’t help but work their way in to a sixty-nine so that each can taste the other’s cock, all of it getting them both incredibly worked up and more than ready for the hot fuck that follows!

It’s extremely hot seeing Elijah pound Ariel’s ass. Ariel is almost bent in half on the couch, Elijah driving his dick in and out of his hole. Here at CF, we’ve seen just how much Elijah enjoys some fast-paced and furious piston fucking! But Arial had never seen it before and so didn’t know what he was in store for bottoming for Elijah! It doesn’t take long for him to find out, though, as Elijah pounds him hard!

George and I immediately knew Elijah and Ariel would make a good pairing when we compared our lists of guys we were going to involve in the shoot, and you can see why here! Elijah loves to fuck hard and fast and Ariel can not only take it, but looks like he truly loves it and can’t get enough of it! Their looks and physiques are quite similar, no doubt, but it’s really the sex that shows off just how compatible and what a good fit they were!

The harder Elijah fucks Ariel, the more and more he looks like he’s ready to cum at any second! When both of these hot young guys finally can’t hold back anymore and are ready to blow their loads, they make sure they don’t waste a drop as Ariel gets down in front of Elijah’s cock to take his load all over his lips, chin, and tongue before they switch places so that Elijah can likewise get a facial from Ariel!

Check out Corbin Fisher and watch Elijah fucking Ariel in the full length HD movie.


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Circle Jerk Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
Another exciting week on CircleJerkBoys.com as we welcome two new faces to the circle, Matthew Singer and Ty Benton. Matthew starts off by giving Ty a back rub which leads to more as his hands roam. They start to make out as Matt drops his jeans to show Ty what he’s in for. Ty gropes at the massive tent in Matthew’s briefs before hauling out that thick dick.

Matthew holds Ty by the back of his head and starts to fuck that pretty mouth of his. Matthew then strips off Ty’s briefs and returns the favor. Matthew is just getting into it when Ty pulls him off of his dick wanting more of Matthew’s. Matthew sits back and watches Ty worship his meat.

They move the party to the couch where they lie cock to cock, stroking their horny cocks together. “You want that dick, huh? Matt teases as he watches Ty sit on his thick cock. Ty is groaning in pain as his ass struggles to accommodate its intruder. Matthew slowly starts to slide that dick in and out of him and it isn’t long before Ty’s groaning turns into begging. “Awww, FUCK ME”, Ty moans as Matthew obliges.

Ty then switches things up as he gets on all four and has Matthew fuck him doggy style. Matthew starts fucking that ass deep; giving Ty the fucking he needs. Matthew then bends Ty over a chair and slides back in for more. Once he feels his balls start to tingle, Matthew pulls out and unloads all over Ty’s ass. Ty then gives Matthew his load, shooting all over Matthew’s sexy furry navel.

Check out Circle Jerk Boys and see Ty getting fucked by Matthew in the full length threeway movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ February.06.2011 - Post a comment
college dudes

College Dudes description of this gayporn shoot:
Scott Isaac moved further away and got pretty busy, so we had not heard from him in a while. When we got a text saying he was interested in coming down to fuck some more ass, we had him on the next flight, and luckily for Marc Peron, Scott arrived just in time to fuck the living daylights out of his hot ass!

Marc Peron was a little shell-shocked at the size of Scotts big thick cock, but that did not keep his mouth off of that dick for one second. After making out and getting Scott all hot and bothered, Marc begins gulping down some primo dick, and as Scott gets even more into it, he stands up and starts fish-hooking Marc, fucking his face agressively. This does not seem to phase Marc, and soon Marc is riding Scott and Scott is fucking Marc from beneath like it was the last fuck of his life.

This is some good shit. Scott bends Marc over the arm of the couch and keeps hammering away, then flips him over and keeps up his rapid-fire pace. Once Scott cannot take another second, he pulls Marc down on his knees. As Marc stares up at Scott with eager eyes and a wide-open mouth, Scott busts a huge nut all over Marcs tongue, mouth, and face. Before Marc knows what hit him, Scott wipes the remaining cum off of Marcs forehead, cheek, and chin, and sticks it all in Marcs mouth, making sure he did not miss a drop.

Check out College Dudes and see Scott Isaac fucking Marc Peron's tight asshole in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ February.05.2011 - Post a comment
free Miami Boyz picture preview

Miami Boyz description of this gayporn shoot:
Beto is from Brazil and one thing is certain...Brazil has some of the hottest boyz on the planet! Beto is straight but he is also very open-minded... meaning that he is open to sexual encounters with men if they provide the right "motivation" and all I can tell you is that he is a total top when he's with another guy!

He really knows how to use that thick uncut cock (don't ask me just how I know)... it never gets soft until he shoots his hot load all over your face! Beto is what MiamiBoyz is all about... capturing the heat and intense sexual energy of young Latinos at the peak of their lives and presenting it for our members to enjoy!

Check out Miami Boyz and see Beto and all the other well hung latinos in the full length movies.


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posted by gayporn David @ February.04.2011 - Post a comment
free Randy Blue pictures

Randy Blue description of this gayporn shoot:
Shane Fisher is one lucky guy. Recently returning to Randy Blue after a short break he got his ass rammed by Richard Pierce and did a couple of live shows that had our RBL audience asking for more. Now he's got not one but two total hotties on either side of him just waiting to have a swordfight in his mouth.

Justin Blakely is relatively new to the scene and this is also his first three way. His small but muscular frame, adorable face and laid back attitude has made him an instant RB fav among our members. Another RB fav, Nicco Sky, brings a level of experience to this smokin' hot threesome.

Each one of them have their own very different styles to sucking cock and you get more than enough chance to compare their techniques. And you can't help but bust a nut at the very sight of Justin rimming Nicco while he sucks off Shane. But that's just the beginning. You know we couldn't have this much hotness without some major hardcore group sex.

Nicco and Justin both get a chance to fuck Shane's hot ass in a three way orgy that you won't soon forget. And after Nicco shoots a gusher of cum all over his back and Justin shoots all over his chest, Shane finally gets to shoot his own hot sticky load.

Check out Randy Blue and watch Nicco and Justin fucking Shane's hot ass in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn David @ February.02.2011 - Post a comment
free Broke Straight Boys picture preview

Broke Straight Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
On the futon today, Broke Straight Boys is pleased to have a newcomer, Ken, while also welcoming back Jeremy. They are in the studio to an oral shoot together. Ken previously applied to appear on BSB but as he is gay, there was little opportunity for him so he worked at a couple of other studios.

As he didn't have the best experiences at these studios, he applied once more and because he is so good looking, plus has a great personality, I decided to bring him in for a shoot. Ken needs the extra money as he is going to College and has racked up some impressive bills due to student loans and books. Jeremy finally arrived and was ushered into the studio, shaking Ken's hand as they got introduced. Right away, it was obvious that Ken thought Jeremy was pretty hot, especially as Jeremy had the beard back.

With a price of $700 each negotiated, the boys stood up, standing back to back as they tried to work out if Jeremy was the same height as Ken, 5' 11", or a little taller. Ken took off his t-shirt, revealing a muscular and toned upper body while Jeremy did the same. I asked if Jeremy would kiss and without a quibble, he leaned right in and gave Ken a peck on the lips.

Short's and boxers stripped off and thrown to the side, they turned around, showing their well rounded bare asses to the camera. They sat back down, both boys playing with their cocks as they watched the straight porn. It wasn't long before Jeremy was rock hard while Ken wasn't quite half hard as the straight porn wasn't really his thing. To help his fellow model out, Jeremy eagerly went down on Ken, slipping the soft cock between his straight boy lips even as Ken reached around and started stroking Jeremy's hard cock.

Jeremy was working overtime on Ken's half hard dick, his head bobbing up and down even as he fisted the shaft every now and again. However, despite Ken being somewhat experienced in gay porn, he was still visibly nervous which was having an effect on him. With his eyes closed and hand resting on Jeremy's forearm, Ken concentrated on letting Jeremy work his magic. Jeremy broke off, leaning back into the futon as Ken took control of his own cock again, wanking at a fast pace as he swallowed down Jeremy's cock.

Ken slid to his knees alongside Jeremy, furiously tugging on his own cock as Jeremy slowly thrust in and out of his mouth. Wrapping a tight hand around the base of Jeremy's cock only encouraged Jeremy to face fuck Ken all the more, Ken panting as he enjoyed the feel of a dick in his mouth.

They pulled out the futon and manoeuvred into a 69 so that they were both sucking and being sucked. Ken was sucking on just the tip of Jeremy's cock, slowly running his tongue along the slit while Jeremy was more aggressive, roughly wanking Ken's dick as he dabbed the very tip against his tongue, causing Ken to pant for more. Read more...

Visit Broke Straight Boys and watch Ken and Jeremy sucking eachother's cocks in the full length HD movie.


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