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posted by gayporn Mike @ February.29.2012 - Post a comment
Southern Strokes

Southern Strokes description of this gayporn shoot:
We found James Lock in Austin, TX lookin just as hot as ever with his jeans, leather and chains. James loves cars almost as much as he loves his rock and roll. He has piercing blue eyes that can get lost in all his accessories but none the less he can give a look that will drop you to your knees.

James is 5’8” tall with a nice worked out body. Let’s start with his broad square shoulders and work our way down to his hot defined chest with just a tuff of hair going down the center but stopping before getting to his nice and natural happy trail. James works hard on his body and it shows he also has amazingly beautiful skin.

He took us back to his high school prom night when his girlfriend decided that she wanted to see him get head from another guy. James did exactly what any horny 17 year old would do and jumped in the car and dropped his drawers so that his buddy could take James’ load down his throat while his girl looked on.

James took off his pants revealing his semi-hard cock with hair in all the right places. James is a lefty so he grabbed his cock in his fist and started pumping it harder and harder with his leather and chain clad hand. James leaned back and started to work his cock faster and faster until a stream of creamy white splooge drenched his stomach and the table. I’m working on getting James back to relive his high school prom night.

Check out Southern Strokes and watch James jerking off in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn David @ February.28.2012 - Post a comment
Big Daddy

Big Daddy description of this gayporn shoot:
Good news for all of you that like a lot of hot porn for one low price! Big Daddy is a new site, that is basicly a multi-access site. Big Daddy is a project from the same people that brought us popular sites like Rub Him and It's Gonna Hurt.

With a Big Daddy membership, users get access to 10 sites from the same network: It's Gonna Hurt, Rub Him, Out In Public, Thug Hunter, Unglory Hole, Sausage Party, Ex BF, Project City Bus, Butter Loads and a yet to be released site called Urban Invasion.

Pricing options:
2 day trial membership for $1.00
1 month membership for $29.95 / month
1 year membership for $9.95 / month

With your Big Daddy membership you will get access to over 500 full length scenes!


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posted by gayporn David @ February.26.2012 - Post a comment


Bukbuddies description of this gayporn shoot:
Hans is a real American guy, who loves the countryside. He rides a big Harley Davidson and riding his motorcycle turns him on. When Hans gets home, he has to rub out a quick load. Hans looses his clothes to reveal his nice body and beautiful uncut cock.

His dick is hard almost instantly. He works his uncut cock in the backyard, since the chance of being "caught" by someone who passes by turns him on. Right before he blows his load, he stops stroking and without touching his cock any further, a shoots a nice thick load. I love the handsfree cumshot!

Check out Bukbuddies and watch Hans stroking his uncut cock in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn David @ February.25.2012 - Post a comment
free Broke Straight Boys picture preview

Broke Straight Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
When I checked out the latest solo video at Broke Straight Boys, I first thought Diesel was back. After a closer look I saw it wasn't Diesal, but the guy does look like him. Apparently Broke Straight Boys has found another hot new guy and his name is Denver Grand.

Even though it's his first time in front of a camera, he seems pretty confident. He isn't shy and looses his clothes pretty quick and he soon discovers how to play with that camera, showing off his nice butt and even slaps it a few times. He starts off to rub his hard cock up and down the sheets, like he makes love to the mattress.

After humping the bed, he sits back and starts stroking his hard cock. There are some awesome close-ups of his cock and ass. He pulls his legs up and even plays with his ass while he keeps stroking his meat stick. He moans hard when he finally shoots his load. I am pretty sure we will be seeing more of Denver soon!

Visit Broke Straight Boys and watch Denver busting a nut in the full length HD movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ February.24.2012 - Post a comment

Circle Jerk Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
Today we welcome a new face to CircleJerkBoys as Jimmy Fanz makes his debut. Jimmy is 20 years old and a hottie from the 305-Miami, Baby. With a handsome face, killer smile and a furry chest we're sure you'll love this guy. Helping us welcome him aboard is Gavin Waters. Gavin and Jimmy are talkin sports when Gavin brings up the Tim Tebow kiss everyone's talking about.

Jimmy is curious about how the kiss actually was that it would make people think he might be gay. Gavin comes over to show him the difference as they start to make out. Yup, plenty gay. Jimmy gropes at Gavin's growing cock as he undoes his pants and pulls out his uncut cock. He wraps his lips around it and gets to work sucking on that dick as Gavin moans his approval.

Jimmy caresses his smooth balls as he slides that dick down his throat over and over. He looks up at his friend to make sure he's doing it correctly as Gavin starts to fuck that pretty face of his. Gavin then gets Jimmy on the floor; strips off his pants and takes his turn at bat. He strokes Jimmy's dick as he swirls his hot tongue around his knob. He swallows it deep as Jimmy lays back and enjoys the special attention.

Jimmy's so horny from the head he's getting he gets an urge to taste some ass. He bends Gavin over and dives into that hot ass tongue first. Gavin is rock hard as he sits back and watches Jimmy straddle his dick. He holds it in place as he impales himself on it as Gavin revels in ecstasy. Jimmy is horny for that dick as he starts to ride it hard.

Jimmy's own dick is rock hard and slapping at Gavin's abs with every thrust he's given as Gavin starts to slam that dick up into that hole even deeper. Gavin then gets Jimmy on his back and flips his legs up and pile drives his meat down into his ass. He bobs up and down as his dick stretches Jimmy's tight hole.

Doggy style is next as Jimmy gets on all four as Gavin taps that ass some more. Jimmy gets so turned on, he nuts while Gavin's pounding him. He gets up on his knees and beats off all over before resuming the position for Gavin. Gavin slides his meat back into Jimmy until he's ready to nut blowing his huge load all over Jimmy's hairy ass.

Check out Circle Jerk Boys and watch Gavin Waters' fucking Jimmy Fanz' hungry ass in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ February.22.2012 - Post a comment
free Randy Blue pictures

Randy Blue description of this gayporn shoot:
When a smooth muscular jock like Ross Reed walks into the room all eyes are on him. He's got a handsome face with the sweetest smile. Undressing him with your eyes you'll see a pair of shoulders that are proof of his countless hours at the gym. His arms are big hard muscle with pecs and abs like a well sculpted statue. And his beautiful tool would make any mouth water.

When he came in to shoot his debut solo he held nothing back. He jerked his dick with a Fleshjack, played with his butt a little and really used every inch of his stunning body to get you as hot as you can get. Shooting a nice gooey load of jizz all over his stomach is just the icing on the cake for the incredible debut of Ross Reed.

Check out Randy Blue and watch Ross Reed fucking a FleshJack in this full length scene.


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posted by gayporn David @ February.21.2012 - Post a comment
free Cocky Boys picture preview

Cocky Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
Seth Knight, of Super-Twink fame, who was voted “Twink of the Year”, is joining the CockyBoys stable for the first time! After some time away from the camera he’s back and ready to go as gay porn’s newest Twunk! But don’t let his size fool you. Seth is no submissive bottom boy. In fact, like most good bottoms, he is fully in control and knows how to make the most aggressive and controlling tops bend to his will by hypnotizing them with his perfect ass, devilish smile, and southern charm.

Pierre Fitch, however, is not one to bend easily. Putting lil-porn-pups around Pierre Fitch is like setting the timer to a bomb. Inevitably, it will explode. Pierre likes manhandling smaller guys and teaching them a lesson or two. When I first showed Pierre a picture of Seth he said he’s the perfect type to work over and he started counting the days till our shoot.

When the day finally arrived, Pierre stormed in on set with a massive boner sticking out of his pants, and I could tell there was only one thing on his mind. At first, I tried to get them to talk a little before we got started but neither one of them seemed to be able to focus on anything but one another. Pierre’s huge boner was peeking through his jeans for attention and Seth’s willing hole was winking right back! So I said “Fuck it!”. Bottom Boys Rule The World!

Check out Cocky Boys and Pierre drilling Seth's ass in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn David @ February.20.2012 - Post a comment

Squirtz description of this gayporn shoot:
Most of the models you find on Squirtz are pure Canadian boys. But every once in awhile a special exception comes along and Seth Knight is definitely special and obviously exceptional.

Seth was in Montreal on business and Seth's business is fucking. A rising porn star in the twink category, Seth has performed in many videos and is just coming off a seven month vacation from porn and he's ready to jump back in with both feet. With his beautiful face, perfect slender body and insatiable sexual desires, Seth is destined for big things.

Check out Squirtz and see Seth Knight working his cock in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn David @ February.18.2012 - Post a comment

OnTheHunt description of this gayporn shoot:
You already got to see a bit of Damian in action when he "helped out" while filming the scene with Gerardo and Jonas last week, but this week we bring you something special because this week's update stars Damian with his real life boyfriend (also named Damian).

These two hunks have been in a committed relationship for more than two years so when they asked if they could film their scene bareback we were happy to oblige!

Check out On The Hunt and watch real life boyfriends Damien and Damien fuck in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ February.17.2012 - Post a comment
free Randy Blue pictures

Randy Blue description of this gayporn shoot:
Roman Todd and Tucker Wade, two hot horny jock studs who just can't get enough cock, are all over each other in the Randy Blue live studio. They were supposed to go on location and do a scene but they just couldn't wait. So, they snuck into the studio to get it on.

Luckily our cameras were on and we all just sat in the control room and watched in amazement as Roman took the initiative, going down on Tucker's rock hard cock. Well, Tucker knows what works best for Tucker so he grabbed Roman's head and totally fucked his face, and you can tell by watching that Roman wasn't going to put up a fight.

He was loving every second of it. After getting such an amazing blowjob Tucker couldn't wait to fuck that ass so he flipped Roman over and went all hardcore on him. It's so hot to watch the sweat pour down Tucker's face as he rams his manmeat up Roman's fuckhole. And when Roman squirts his load all over his own stomach with Tucker's cock still planted firmly in his ass it gives Tucker that little boost he needs to shoot his own massive mess of jizz, totally covering Roman's belly.

Check out Randy Blue and watch Tucker Wade fucking Roman Todd in this full length scene.


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posted by gayporn David @ February.16.2012 - Post a comment

Next Door Twink description of this gayporn shoot:
Steven Shields has a new toy in his garage and he can’t wait to show it off. It’s big and powerful and raring to go. Anthony Romero and his boy toy, Sergio Long, are not that impressed with the ATV Steven is straddling, but the toy between his legs is a whole ‘nother story.

When it comes to horsepower, Anthony would definitely rather see what Steven is packing under the hood, and he wastes no time finding out, diving face first into Steven’s zipper and going straight for the cock.

Sergio jealously watches from the sidelines, pulling out his dick and stroking it, but without permission to join, he is forced to watch Anthony bring Steven to red line status before taking him balls deep in his ass. Steven really opens up the throttle as he pounds Anthony’s ass, before he finally blows a gasket all over Anthony’s chest.

Join Next Door Twink and get free access to another 8 Gay Bonus sites.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ February.15.2012 - Post a comment
Extra Big Dicks

Extra Big Dicks description of this gayporn shoot:
Taking a clue from the periodic table to guarantee a chemical reaction, Extra Big Dicks this week's unveils their most explosive tag team radio-active fuckers in the bodies of 37 year old, handsome, chiseled Brenn Weisman and 32 year old, fur covered Dean Tucker. They asked Brenn if everyone can take the kind of fucking he likes to give to which he replies, "I don't ask 'Can you take it' - I just give it!" and does he ever.

Soon Dean is swallowing more meat, Brenn bends forward and starts to roughly finger that ass he will soon own. Brenn spins him around and gets him in position as they begin to dry hump with Dean grinding his hairy ass back onto Brenn's rock hard cock. Brenn pulls him up into a doggie position and gets rough on Dean who gets totally into it, pounding the couch with his fists as he gets his asshole rammed deep.

"Tear that hole up!" Dean begs as Brenn obliges. Brenn pulls him up into a doggie position and gets rough on Dean who gets totally into it, pounding the couch with his fists as he gets his asshole rammed deep. "Tear that hole up!" Dean begs as Brenn obliges. Once he's bust his nut, poor Dean gets bent over gets his sore hole jack-hammered by one horny Brenn who pulls out and busts his nut all over his latest conquest.

Check out ExtraBigDicks and see Brenn Wyson fucking Dean Tucker in the full length HD movie.


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posted by gayporn David @ February.14.2012 - Post a comment
college dudes

College Dudes description of this gayporn shoot:
Mike Burbark is a 21 year old college senior with more than just studying on his mind. Mike enjoys weekends on campus as well as anytime he can get his groove on. Mike seems to have no problem showing off his bod - we can imagine that he walks around his house naked all of the time in front of his roomies.

His beautiful eyes and a rock-hard cock are sure to please. Mike strips out of his clothes to reveal a natural-looking physique with plenty of hair on his chest, and he is soon working up his dick, jacking off slightly nervously.

Mike gets into it and rubs on his chest as he works his cock, before long ending up on the floor. Perhaps he likes to get down and dirty on the carpet now and again, but Mike seems very comfortable and lost in his own little world as he jerks his dick.

When he scoots back up into the chair he works his cock harder and harder, until he blows a wad of jizz. As he slows down his stroking, the jizz dripping from his fingers and hand glistens, and Mike breathes a big sigh of satisfied relief.

Check out College Dudes and see SMike Burbark stroking his cock in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn David @ February.12.2012 - Post a comment
free Men At Play picture preview

Men At Play description of this gayporn shoot:
Another stunner is added to the Men At Play collection of men this week. Steven makes his debut on Menatplay (in a big way!) after sailing through our casting couch, where you all voted to see more of this muscle-bound blond stud. And see a lot more we certainly do, thanks to our office CCTV. When Stevens spots the blinking cam on one of his breaks, a flood of dirty thoughts rush through his head.

The thought that someone may be watching him on the other side gets him hard instantly, and the exhibitionist in him overpowers his better judgment, as he lays on the couch and gives our security team a private little show.

Getting in all positions so they get a good look at every single inch of his perfectly muscled body, and in particular his big beefy ass which he just loves to play with. First with one finger, then with a couple... and then with a big dildo which he fucks himself frantically with until he shoots a tasty load for his horny audience.

Check out Men At Play and watch Steven working his meat in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ February.11.2012 - Post a comment
free Men.com picture preview

Men.com description of this gayporn shoot:
John Magnum has been working on this case day and night, finally against all odds it looks like he's going to pull through and win this one. Things weren't looking good for a while, but this new evidence will change everything.

John gives the evidence to his assistant Emanuel Brazzo to drive downtown, it's a simple file folder and a task that should be easy as pie to complete. When John gets a call from Emanuel saying that he's lost the file John instantly realizes he's fucked. John’s so angry and 100% certain he's not going to be the only one fucked today. Continue...

Check out MEN.COM and watch John Magnum fucking Emanuel Brazzo in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ February.09.2012 - Post a comment
free Hard Brit Lads picture preview

Hard Brit Lads description of this gayporn shoot:
Well hung stud Drew Brody and hot muscle jock Tony Axel have an insanely horny session. Tony gets his mouth and arse severely stretched wide by Drews beercan thick monster meat, gets his face fucked then takes an intense deep pounding in several positions. Tony redefines the phrase Power Bottom, as you very rarely see a cock this huge pounding this hard. Unmissable.

Check out Hard Brit Lads and watch big dicked Drew Brody fucking muscle jock Tony Axel in the full length HD movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ February.08.2012 - Post a comment
free CockSure Men picture preview

CockSure Men description of this gayporn shoot:
I love Middle Eastern men. Actually, I love ALL men, but there’s something about this duo that really gets my cock throbbing. It’s one of those pretty intense videos as these hairy men fuck, ending with some really gooey loads too.

Both these guys are really into each other right from the opening frames of this video, with Conner Habib looking almost smitten with his new friend. He’s groping the shape of his hard cock in his jeans just looking at the guy in front of him.

According to the site, Aleco Sahara is actually the one who’s smitten. He’s had a thing for Conner Habib for a while, and now he has the chance to taste that cock he’s eager to get to business!

He really works that dick too, with Conner eager to reciprocate. After sliding his own tasty dick in and out of his new friends mouth Conner heads to his knees and starts suckling on the thick and meaty cock of Aleco Sahara. That really is one girthy piece of meat the dude has there, but you know Connor is a professional!

He moves things up a step as he gets into Aleco’s hairy hole, parting his cheeks and diving his tongue in there to lick the guy out. It only takes a little slobbering before that chute is eager to get those inches inside, and Conner gladly obliges too.

Seeing these hairy men fuck as Conner Habib slides his shaft into that man hole is really horny. Aleco is one of those guys who’s dick stays hard as he rides that cock, and seeing him impaled on that dick with his own thick shaft bouncing around really makes me wish I was there to have that dick face fucking me as he rides it.

That sweet man pussy takes Conner Habib right to the edge, forcing him to pull his dick free and splash his nutt all over his fuck buds fury body. There’s enough spooge there to splash Aleco’s chest, abs and his hard cock too, which gets him totally horny and ready to bust!

Conner is there and ready to take it, getting a messy reward for his skills and taking a hot blast of cum in his face!

Check out CockSure Men and watch Conner Habib fucking Aleco Sahara in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ February.06.2012 - Post a comment
free Randy Blue pictures

Randy Blue description of this gayporn shoot:
When Sean Zevran first saw Nicco Sky on the site he knew immediately that he wanted to fuck him. And as much as Nicco loves getting fucked, once he saw the magnum sized condoms on the set he knew it was going to be a wild day at the office. It's always super hot when you watch two models making out when you know they're really into each other and these guys kept making out even when the cameras were off.

And there have to be few things finer than looking down and seeing Nicco Sky engulfing your hard throbbing cock, so while he was going down on Sean we're pretty sure Sean was in pure ecstasy. Then Sean took the initiative and went down on Nicco's sexy bubble but, giving it the kind of tongue bath that makes a hungry hole gasp with pleasure.

Then he rode Nicco for the rest of the afternoon, making sure to let our cameras capture shot after shot of the hottest hardcore action these two could possibly muster until they both shot their thic k creamy loads and settled in for the night, together.

Check out Randy Blue and watch Sean fucking Nicco's bubble butt in this full length scene.


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posted by gayporn David @ February.05.2012 - Post a comment

Circle Jerk Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
We have a Parker Brothers extravaganza on Circle Jerk Boys! Well, these two aren't really brothers; but just go with it. The first is a recurring favorite who last had one hell of a time taking Addison Andrew's huge cock. We're glad to see Parker Brookes back with that sexy face, sweet smile and that ass that doesn't quit.

Originally from Austin, Texas, 21 year old Parker Perry makes his debut and is here to show us just how BIG they grow them in Texas. They start to make out as they break the ice. Parker Perry gets Brookes on his back as he undoes his shorts and goes exploring. Brookes is already rock hard and Parker Perry wastes little time before running his tongue along his cotton-clad cock. Brookes gasps as Parker P runs his tongue on his knob.

Parker goes down on that cock and starts to bob his head on it as he takes every inch of Brookes' cock deep. Then Brookes wants to return the favor as he sits before Parker and slowly undoes his shorts. As he pulls down his briefs we get our first view of his thick, 9" mammoth cock. He wasn't kidding-they REALLY do grow 'em big in Texas. Brookes wraps his mouth around as much of it as he can as it gets harder and harder.

Brookes works that cock like a pro as he manages to get most of it in his hot mouth. Parker Perry not only has a man size cock but a sexy hairy chest and abs to boot. Brookes plays with his smooth balls as he continues to nurse on that thick meat. They then maneuver into a hot 69 position with Brookes on the top nursing that fat cock while Parker Perry sucks his cock as well as eats that smooth ass.

When these two are ready for more, Parker gets bent over as Brookes slides his rock hard cock inside that hot hairy ass. Parker groans and moans for more as Brookes pounds away at that ass. "Yeah, take it!" Brookes orders as he claims that ass. Brookes then sits back as Parker Perry sits on his cock and rides him for more.

Brookes bounces the hung Texan on his meat before fucking him missionary. Missionary proves too much for Parker Perry who get the cum fucked out of him as he explodes all over his hairy chest and abs. Brookes then pulls out and unloads his thick load all over Parker's cum-drenched, uncut cock.

Check out Circle Jerk Boys and watch Parker Brookes fucking Parker Perry's hairy ass in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn David @ February.04.2012 - Post a comment

Badpuppy description of this gayporn shoot:
20 year old Felipe comes to us from Argentina. This hunk is a full time student, as well as a talented football player. Felipe removes his shirt, exposing his athletic body and hairy chest, while stroking his uncut cock through his briefs. Removing his underwear, he stands while gripping his tool.

Turning his backside toward the camera, Felipe shares his shapely ass with us. He sits back on the couch and with a look of determination in his eyes; he strokes, rubs and stretches his dick, adding some good wrist action to the mix. Felipe can't hold back and he blows his load across his abs and up to his chest, delivering one helluva cum shot!

Check out Badpuppy and watch Felipe jerking his uncut cock in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ February.02.2012 - Post a comment
free Men Over 30 picture preview

Men Over 30 description of this gayporn shoot:
This week on Me Over 30 we have Polish Playboy Lucas Knowles joinging us and he's bringing a long cutie Morgan Shades! The chemistry is off the chart as these studs start before we hit record. They start to kiss slowly as Morgan gets better acquainted with Lucas. Morgan's dick is straining to get out of his pants so Morgan stands up and drops 'em.

His boner springs free as Lucas goes right for it. Lucas deep throats Morgan's 7" boner to the hilt as Morgan just moans his approval. Lucas strokes his own uncut meat as he pleasures Morgan's meat. Lucas then sits back to give Morgan a taste of what he's brought to the table: a thick 8" Polish sausage.

Morgan takes his time as he licks down Lucas' smooth chest and nips 'til he gets to the heavy balls aching for release. He laps at them a bit before taking that fat dick in his mouth. Morgan goes to work on that dick shoving it deep into his throat making Lucas writhe in ecstasy. Morgan's tongue gets Lucas so horned up he gets bent over on the couch so that Lucas can show him what his tongue can do.

Morgan just moans as he gets that ass tongue-fucked and ready for more. Once Lucas gets that ass nice and wet he suits up and slides his fat cock deep. Morgan groans as he accommodates Lucas' thick cock. Lucas slowly pumps his meat into that tight ass slowly picking up speed 'til he's pounding that hole deep. Morgan grunts in a mixture of pleasure and pain as Lucas continues to bury that dick deeper and deeper.

Lucas then pulls out and sits back and has Morgan ride his meat. Morgan climbs up on the chair and squats down on that dick for more. Once he gets that thick dick inside he starts to ride it. The party then heads south as Lucas lays on the floor.

Morgan straddles his dick and goes right back to riding it harder and faster until he loses control and blows his wad all over Lucas' chest and abs. Lucas then stands up and jacks his massive load all over eager Morgan's face, neck, shoulder and back - you get the picture-leaving Morgan a glazed and dripping mess!

Check out Men Over 30 and watch Lucas Knowles fucking Morgan Shades in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ February.01.2012 - Post a comment
free Chaosmen picture preview

Chaosmen description of this gayporn shoot:
Clyde had done an oral video once before, but I wanted to take him through the paces in case he wants to do more later on. Get a feel for how well he interacts with other models. I had Brooks in to do the honors of blowing him, and I think Clyde was actually looking forward to having a gay guy blow him this time. True to our claim to fame, Brooks did us gay guys proud by blowing the…socks off of Clyde.

It is just so awesome to see Clyde’s cock so hard. He’s barely looking at the TV, and though there is some delivery of lines that made even Brooks laugh, he seems to be genuinely into getting his cock sucked. If you remember last week, Clyde slammed his cock into his FleshJack in order to cum. He grabs Brooks head and basically does the same thing.

There is always debate when a model unloads inside of a model. I don’t do it very often, despite tons of request for “Cum inside the dude” requests. I don’t do it ‘cuz someone always chimes in that it is fake.

Well, Clyde just busts completely down the back of Brooks throat, not leaving much in the way of evidence. We do squeeze some out his piss slit and Brooks had some on his knuckles, for the ending pan and photos, but for the most part, Clyde coated that back of Brooks throat. I dunno. I think it is hot to see his body cum, knowing Brooks is choking down his load.

We don’t get too many guys willing to suck back a load, so I am super happy to have Brooks helping Service the guys. I asked him if there was any in his mouth to spit out, but when you watch Clyde cum, you know there was no where else to go but right down the gullet!

Check out Chaosmen and watch Clyde getting serviced by Brooks in the full length video.


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