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posted by gayporn Mike @ January.31.2010 - Post a comment

Southern Strokes

Southern Strokes description of this gayporn shoot:
Ryan and Ashton have become suck regulars at the Lake House that they have been known to just stop in when they happen to be in town. Ryan had been hanging out with us on one of those days where the Lake House was a revolving door of boy's cumming and going. We had just finished what I thought was going to be our last shoot of the day when I received a call from Ashton asking if we were around. Ashton was visiting some friends in Atlanta and he wanted to stop by on his way back to school.

We had put Ryan to work all day helping us set up and tear down and he wanted to jump in the shower. That's when I thought it might be more fun if he could maybe jump in the tub and I would see if Ashton would want to join in. I'm always looking for opportunities to do a shoot and this one seemed like a gift from the horny porn gods. Ryan was all for it and when I ran the idea by Ashton; I swear I could hear him hit the accelerator so he could make it to the Lake House before we changed our minds.

These two have done so much work with us that I pretty much decided that I would let them both get naked and jump in the tub and see what happened. I know that these two had a blast the last time they fucked so I couldn't wait until they were at it again. Both boys were sporting a new look. Ryan was showing off a new haircut and wearing glasses and Ashton showed up with a new set of abs.

The minute they started kissing naked in the tub, I immediately got wood. Ashton was rock hard as he was eagerly waiting for Ryan's huge cock to penetrate him deep. The boys started off trading blow jobs and then Ashton turned around and told Ryan that he was ready. I got a little nervous about the equipment when the water started flying but that didn't slow this two down. They fucked long and hard until Ryan laid back and asked Ashton to finish him off with his mouth. Once he had a face full of Ryan's cum, Ashton let a huge explode all over Ryan's abs. At least they didn't have to jump in the shower when they were finished.

Check out Southern Strokes and watch Ashton and Ryan in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ January.29.2010 - Post a comment

Men At Play description of this gayporn shoot:
Hottie Eddie Diaz lays naked with a throbbing cock when his mother's servant the sexy Steve Hunt brings him breakfast! Eddie is a rich spoilt brat who blackmails Steve into getting his cock out. Soon Eddie is sucking on Steve's ample cock, almost choking on the size of it! Steve's cock and balls are huge and ready to play! He pounds on Eddie's tight ass until Eddie can take no more and explodes his hot white jizz all over Steve.

Steve's cock is rock hard and wants more! He ties Eddie to the bed and fucks Eddie hard and rough - just the way he likes it! The sexual chemistry between these guys is explosive and Steve deserves an Oscar for this performance!

Check out Men At Play and watch Eddie and Steve in the hot full length movie.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ January.27.2010 - Post a comment

Blake Mason description of this gayporn shoot:
Quite simply, this film is just one totally hot ball-busting ride that's going to be very hard to beat! Jed and Dominic had already "rehearsed" in private (that's how Dominic found his way to us!) and fuck me if they didn't go at it like the hungry sex addicts they both really are. Yep, these two REALLY feasted on each other - mouths, bodies, cocks and asses - nothing was left undone or untouched as they romped around that bed...

With their sizzling chemistry in perfect balance the guys just had to get going. They started making out before we had even hit record but sensing this was going to be a scorcher we quietly pressed that magic button! In no time at all the clothes were off and they were both sporting very impressive boners that pointed towards the ceiling... Jed simply had to be first and swallowed the whole of Dominicís impressive 8 inches!

And so it began - the very horny foreplay of sucking dick and rimming ass had started! The heat of these guy's passion for each other just couldn't be contained. When Dominic had both his and Jed's dick in his hand he reached for the lube and then slid his big, powerful erection deep in to Jed!†

Naturally the moans, groans and grunts that followed were testament to the fact that this was a fuck like no other and at one point Jed even said Ďitís like you are reading my mind!í If that ain't natural horny man sex then I donít know what is!!! This epic fuck continued until Jed could hold back no longer, spilling his load all over his chest. And man, when Dominic pulled out and sprayed his cum all over Jedís face I thought the guy might drown.

Check out Blake Mason and see Dominic and Jed in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ January.25.2010 - Post a comment

Video Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
Julien Cox is a gay boy with many talents. What he gets up to with other guys would certainly be the envy of many, but the things he does to satisfy his needs when he is alone is almost as creative. For stimulation aids, Julien has something for almost every body part that needs gratifying. A flesh jack for his 8 inch dick, his favorite dildo for his ass and we won't even tell you what he's gonna do with that banana.

But to bring it all to a climax, Julien wanted to try something new so he brought with him the latest in scientifically tested satisfaction technology, the "Rude Boy" designed specifically to hit just the right spot on a man. Watch how effective this can be.

Check out Videoboys and watch Julian Cox in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ January.24.2010 - Post a comment

Broke Straight Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
Both guys pulled their dicks out of their underwear as they watched the porn, and Jay was able to get hard in less than a minute. When he was comfortable he dropped his underwear to the floor, leaving me to ask Fernando to go for his. I asked Jay if he wouldn't mind helping Fernando out, so he leaned right over and started sucking on the cock.

The oral made Fernando's mouth drop open from the rush he was feeling. Even though it was happening slowly, Fernando was getting hard, and his cock was getting thicker in size. Jay used a combination of mouth and hand. He paused and sat up as he was jerking Fernando off, and that's when Fernando took the opportunity to return the favor. He put Jay's cock in his mouth and started to give head. Jay put his hand on the back of Fernando's head to use his mouth as his own personal toy. Both guys seemed to be getting horny as their cocks were getting hard from the blow jobs.

I asked the guys to stand up and get ready to start the fucking, but first they had to open up the futon. When I asked Jay what position he preferred to start out in, he said that he likes to be on his back.

Bending down in front of the camera he put his ass on display for the camera to see, and I talked him in to trying doggy-style to start so that way he could finish on his back if was open to trying it. Being that the last time Jay got fucked was here in the studio he grabbed a pillow and put it under his stomach so that he could kind of hug it. As Fernando's cock pushed its way into Jay's hole, he squeezed the pillow more and more.

Fernando went very slowly with his motion so that he didn't freak Jay out and cause him any huge discomfort. Jay kept telling him to go slow, and Fernando said that he was enjoying the fucking when I asked. After a few minutes I asked Jay if Fernando could go any faster, and Jay said no that he was still getting used to the feeling.

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posted by gayporn David @ January.24.2010 - Post a comment

Randy Blue description of this gayporn shoot:
Porter Wescott has wasted no time in showing us what a hot fucker he is. With a kick ass solo debut followed up by a live show that people are still talking about, he's already fueling fantasies and inspiring erections. When Trent Davis was coming into town for a shoot he asked if I thought he'd like any of the new guys we were shooting would be to his liking.

I knew right away he would really get into Porter. The two of them looked so good together but that wasn't the half of it. They got so frisky with each other before the shoot that I was worried they would sneak off somewhere and shoot their loads before I had a chance to film it. But I didn't have anything to worry about. They saved every ounce of their incredible sexual energy for the video and you are going to love it.

Trent not only does his usual awesome job as the bottom you wish you could fuck, but he unleashed a few surprises that kept Trent on the edge of spewing his man juice throughout most of the shoot. And that voice of his, going from intense moaning to some great dirty talk, provides the perfect soundtrack. Throw in some nice rimming and really hot fucking and you have a video you'll want to hold on to.

Check out Randy Blue and watch Porter and Trent fucking in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ January.23.2010 - Post a comment

Butch Dixon description of this gayporn shoot:
Jock has appeared on Butch Dixon several times and he just keeps getting hotter and sexier. He's a 26-year-old, hairy guy and this stud looks pretty awesome naked. He's got a nice furry patch across his chest; but if you're into hairy legs, Jock is going to really turn your crank.

And with hairy legs usually comes a hot, furry ass. Jock's ass is plump and beefy and his butt cheeks are covered in hair. Jock has a juicy, fat cock and Butch Dixon features this stud in a sizzling jail-house, jerk-off video.

But if you head over to Butch Dixon you'll get to check out three free video previews of Jock using that stiff cock of his on three other men. Jock is paired up with a couple of horny, bald daddies, and he's also featured in another video with another hairy cub. Jock fucks all three of these men, and I have to say, Jock is one exciting top.

Check out Butch Dixon and watch Jock working is big cock in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ January.21.2010 - Post a comment

Chaosmen description of this gayporn shoot:
The oral portion was very hot! In the fucking portion of this video, Jonah starts off by topping Elliott who is sucking on Gavin's cock. Jonah's dick is still real wobbly for fucking, and it's a little frustrating as you want him to get that giant dick hard and do some serious ass pounding. He gets there, but it's a challenge.

Gavin tags him out, and though he is not nearly as hung as Jonah, he gives Elliott a proper fucking. Elliott really responded to having Jonah's cock in his mouth while Gavin skillfully fucked him. I decided that maybe Jonah might be a better bottom, and sure enough he got fucked REALLY good by Gavin. All the while he had Elliott's cock in his mouth.

I believe Elliott has always had to bottom for the straight guys, so it was finally his turn to top. It is so AWESOME to his nice thick cock in action, and he fucks Jonah silly. Gavin hovers over him, sucking Jonah's cock, and feeding him his own.

Finally it's Gavin's turn to get fucked. Gavin wanted to cum while being fucked by Elliott while Jonah choked him with his cock. Elliott struggles a bit to stay inside as Gavin's legs really tense up as he came. He eventually just grabs his cock and tries to play catch-up.

Gavin nuts, and Jonah gives me just enough time to do one pan, before he starts filling Gavin's mouth with his load. Every last drop down his throat! What I love about this cumshot, is Jonah is watching the guy-on-guy fucking to get off. There is usually a straight porn on hand to help him out. But watching them fuck literally makes him spill his load down Gavin's throat.

Elliott is a bit behind the others, but he delivers a healthy load, then the three of them dive in for a threeway kiss! I wonder if Elliott could taste Jonah's cum when he kissed Gavin?

Check out Chaosmen and watch Elliot, Gavin and Jonah in part II of the video.

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posted by gayporn David @ January.21.2010 - Post a comment

Chaosmen description of this gayporn shoot:
Lots of "firsts" for Jonah. First time sucking dick, first time getting fucked. I put him with two of my best gay guys, and he REALLY responded well. Seriously, I think he was in hog heaven!

Elliott and Gavin tag-teamed him, and he was hard in no time. Elliott snuck some kisses in while Gavin kick-started his cock. I think Elliott and Gavin loved taking Jonah through the learning curve in a crash course of gay sex!

So we pushed all of Jonah's limits, and I think we have him saying he is "bi" now, 'cuz he loved having his dick sucked while sucking dick.

Check out Chaosmen and watch Elliot, Gavin and Jonah in part I of the video.

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posted by gayporn David @ January.19.2010 - Post a comment

BelAmi Online description of this gayporn shoot:
We have a newbie in the house. The guys over at BelAmi Online did it again! Again, they have scouted a beautiful young male to perform on their site. Meet Jonas, a 19 year old lad from Europe. He's tall, blonde and has a ripped body and a delicious cock.

This is his first shoot for BelAmi Online and hopefully it won'l be his last. We sure love to see Jonas back!

Check out BelAmi Online and watch Jonas working his cock in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ January.18.2010 - Post a comment

english lads

English Lads description of this gayporn shoot:
Str8 lad Liam is soaking up the sun and gets sprayed by Kallum; a water fight pursues, shorts come off and Kallum is soon manhandling Liamís big thick uncut cock. He gets pushed away, though just for not askingÖ and is soon back in the action on his knees sucking off Liamís hard, fat cock.

After a bit more foreplay Kallum is soon lubing up his ass and sitting down on Liamís fat one! Kallumís face suggests itís a stretch though after about 30 seconds it doesnít stop him riding it like a whore! The switch round and Liam is soon slamming his cock into Kallumís ass, his balls slapping around all over the place!

Kallumís ass gets a real pounding and stretch in a load of positions on the driveway before Liam pulls out and blows a mighty big load all over Kallum. Seconds later Kallum follows with his own impressive explosion. Another str8 lad happy after his first lad fuck!

See the full length movie here

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posted by gayporn Mike @ January.18.2009 - Post a comment

CockSure Men description of this gayporn shoot:
Bo Dean is tossing and turning, trying to sleep while DJ Mann is making a ruckus outside his window doing some landscaping. Bo finally has enough and tells DJ to keep it down. DJ immediately notices Bo's huge erection and lets Bo know that he's having a hard time "keeping it down" himself.

Our arborist knows exactly what Bo's tree trunk needs and gives it a wet blowjob. Bo decides he'd rather plant it in something, and that something is DJ's tight hole. Bo makes DJ pay for waking him up with an aggressive fuck that leaves DJ's stomach covered in his own cum, and his face covered with Bo's. With both guys exhausted, Bo can finally take that nap.

Check out CockSure Men and watch Bo and DJ in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ January.17.2010 - Post a comment

My Teacher Taught Me description of this gayporn shoot:
He admits it himself. Craig sucks at math. But he also has a crush on Mr. Martinez. He fantasizes about his long hard dick slapping against his face and how he pushes it between his firm ass cheecks. That fantasy became real as he approached Mr. Martinez during recess.

Join My Teacher Taught Me for just ONE dollar and watch see Craig getting fucked by his teacher in this full length movie.

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Circle Jerk Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
Three is the magic number on CircleJerkBoys.com this week as blonde stunner Bobby Rail and sexy and ripped Jake Taylor give Damonís holes their rock hard poles until all three of them end in a cum slicked hot pile up of happy, spent studs! Bobby and Damon begin to make out as Jake sits nearby and watches.

Bobby bones up in seconds once Damonís tongue works its magic. Jake canít sit by anymore and undoes his jeans to get at his aching cock. He stands near Bobby, who starts to grope at his cock. Jake strips and hauls out his thick cock where Bobby can get a mouthful. Bobbyís lying back on the couch with Jakeís dick in his mouth and his dick in Damonís. Daisy Chain!

Damon and Jake then begin to make out, kneeling on the floor as Bobby begins to explore Damonís outrageous ass. Jake then stands up alongside Bobby as both feed Damon their cocks. Jakeís balls slap away at his ass as he gets his deep one. Damon is taking dick like a champ, and his holes are being put to very good use. Bobby then wants more of that ass he got first dibs on, as he has Damon sit on his dick.

Damon rides Bobbyís cock as his hot ass continues milking that thick dick. Jake kisses and gropes Damon as he grinds that ass into Bobbyís meat. ďCum with my dick in your assĒ, Jake orders, as he fucks him harder. Damon blows his nut all over his smooth abs. Bobby is next as he sits back and jacks his thick load all over himself. Jake is last, but certainly not least, pumping out quite the impressive load that pools on Damonís chest.

Check out Circle Jerk Boys and watch Bobby, Jake and Damon in the full length threeway movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ January.14.2010 - Post a comment

english lads

English Lads description of this gayporn shoot:
New lad Tyler doesnít know what he is in for; Willís abs are not only ultra ripped but his hips have been in training! The guys strip and suck each other, Will hardly able to believe how thick and long Tylerís cock is, he is hardly able to get half way down the big piece of meat, though Tyler seems to have no issues gobbling down on his favourite porn stars cock!

They do some great 69íing with Will managing to keep his balance by holding on with his big toe! The fucking starts slowÖ well, for about three seconds and then Tyler just sits down on the whole of Willís impressive erection, gasps loud, eyes slightly water and he just starts riding it like he is riding the grand national!

Here is a lad who loves to get fucked and the two of them manage about 6 positions without Willís cock coming out. The fucking is rough, deep and hard and Tyler is first to unload quickly followed by Will who drowns Tyler all over his face, in his mouth, hair and almost everywhere, Will just cums buckets!

See the full length movie here

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posted by gayporn Mike @ January.13.2009 - Post a comment

Next Door Buddies description of this gayporn shoot:
Christian Wilde has been planning an afternoon hike. Adam Wirthmore eagerly agreed to join Christian, as he loves the outdoors as well. But when Christian emerges from his shower, he discovers, to his dismay, that rain is pouring outside and Adam is rubbing his hard cock!

Well anyone who knows anything about hiking knows that you don't go out in the rain. And anybody who knows a little about raging boners knows that you gotta help your buddy when he's got one. Christian has always adhered rigidly to both of these unwritten rules and today's no different. That means the hike is definitely off and Adam's gonna get fucked!

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posted by gayporn David @ January.12.2010 - Post a comment

college dudes

College Dudes 24/7 description of this gayporn shoot:
JB Downs is a great guy, and he has a great body to match. JB has not had too much experience, and had never had a dildo up his ass - what a better way to break JB into CollegeDudes247 than see if he could put on a hot show? Even though he admitted that the dildo we gave him was the biggest thing that had ever been up his ass, after some effort he worked his hole just loose enough to give himself some incredible pleasure.

In the video you can see how much he is enjoying it as his eyes roll back in ecstasy every time he shoves it deep up his tight hole. After some acrobatics that will give you all some ideas on future scenes, JB shoots a nice warm load all over his perfectly chiseled abs. Hot solo!

Check out College Dudes 24/7 and watch JB Downs in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ January.11.2010 - Post a comment

New York Straight Men

New York Straight Men description of this gayporn shoot:
Pete has a new part time job, he gives boxing lessons at a downtown gym. He arrived to us, sweaty, horny and a little "ripe" as he didn't have a chance to shower after boxing all day. He is a naturally dominate guy and really didn't care too much if Sergio minded his "man scent". Pete gave Sergio only one option for a response: " YES SIR".

Luckily for Sergio, he didn't mind at all, in fact that really turns Sergio on. That's a good thing cause Pete wanted his ass licked out right from the start, Sergio's response was YES SIR!

Sergio was an obedient cocksucker wanted only to please Pete, so he got his face between Pete's sweaty ass cheeks and put his tongue deep inside of Pete's asshole. Pete was a happy man because whenever anybody listens to his commands without questions, he feels that the "natural law" is being followed.

When Pete was satisfied that all of the sweat was licked out of his ass, he rolled over and told Sergio to get between his legs and suck his big hard cock! Pete kicked back looked down and enjoyed Sergio's hard work. He really liked looking Sergio's mouth going up and down on his big, hard cock! It must of felt great too based on the moans and groans Pete was doing.

The time came for Pete to dump his load so he moved towards the edge of the bed lifted up his legs and placed them around Sergio's head, like a vice grip and told Sergio to take turns licking his balls and asshole again. Without question, Sergio did what he was told, Pete was really happy, so happy that he made a huge spermy mess!

Check out New York Straight Men and watch Pete getting his cock sucked in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ January.10.2010 - Post a comment


Buzz West description of this gayporn shoot:
Are you ready for a nice furry man to cuddle up with by the fire on a cold winter's night? Ricky is all man and loves to cuddle up and get in trouble. His fantasy is to get arrested and suck his way out of the ticket. Would you say that's a little on the wild side?

Ricky has more precum than anyone I've ever seen. Wait till you see how much! Ricky is a big flirt, and when you watch the video, you can see him checking to see if I'm hard too.

Check out Buzz West and see Ricky stroking his dick in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ January.08.2010 - Post a comment

UK Scally Lads description of this gayporn shoot:
UKScallyLads were of course very happy to have Danny and James cum back for more hardcore action. The two chavs were very eager to get started and were totally into one another. Kitted out as they usually are, the sports clothes came off fast and before anyone could say ďcouncil trashĒ, Danny was deepthroating Jamesí thick, uncut cock.

The lad sure can give head! James soon returns the favor and then sets about rimming Dannyís tasty rudeboy arse. Danny wiggles around and moans aloud, loving the sensations. James gets the hint and can see how horny heís made his bottom for a good fuck. As big around as his 8 inch scally cock is, Danny took it all for a good long spell before the loads were spent!

Check out the full length movie at UK Scally Lads.

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BelAmi Online description of this gayporn shoot:
Two of our younger models at the moment are Julien and Evan. Evan we actually borrowed from another studio to use in an upcoming Lukas Ridgeston directed film. This shoot was what resulted when we tried the guys out for a couple shot for the cover of 'Eye Contact'. Both have a typical twinky build and a real chemistry exists between them!

Check out BelAmi Online and watch Julian and Evan in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ January.06.2010 - Post a comment

Broke Straight Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
Tom and Kaydin contacted us off of our website about doing some work in the hopes of getting their hands on some easy income to fill their wallets. The two of them lived in Key West, and so we setup a date for them to come up to Miami to do a shoot. On the day of the shoot when they arrived, I could tell that their nerves were running kind of high as they walked into the studio.

I had them take a seat and we just talked for a few minutes and then I had them do some paperwork. Keeping them going I had them move to the shoot room and take a seat on the couch. It was there that I just picked up the camera and started filming asking them questions and getting to know them. Both of them are straight, and have girlfriends.

They have been close friends for over six years, and working together at a hotel for several years the two were recently laid off when the economy took a turn. Now, that both are strapped for cash, they were looking for a way to get back on their feet and that's how they came across our site.

I asked the two of them if they had a problem jerking off next to each other, and it was only Kaydin that spoke up against it. However, he knew that he needed the money, so quickly said that it was fine.

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Video Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
A few weeks ago we watched 9 inch Jessy Karson pound Sebastien's ass into submission. But Sebastien is versatile and really wanted to take his revenge on Jessy. We have seen Jessy slam so many asses this year, we were very excited to see how he would react to having Sebastien violate his little pink hole. Will he take it like a man or squeal like a pig?

Check out Videoboys and watch Sebastien and Jessy in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ January.05.2010 - Post a comment

Southern Strokes

Southern Strokes description of this gayporn shoot:
Kirk had to be one of the smoothest models we have worked with here at Southern Strokes. I started working on getting him back for a little boy on boy sex immediately after he finished the first shoot. I canít tell you how many phone calls have gone on back and forth but my power of persuasion (not to mention some serious cash) finally prevailed.

One Kirk had finally given in; it wasnít difficult for me to decide on the pairing. What could be better than hooking Kirk up with somebody that had previously gone through the same scenario? I made a call to Ryan and asked him if he remembered getting sucked off by Brandon in his first sex video. Ryan said ďhow can I forget it, it was the best blow job I have ever hadĒ. Well Ryan was going to get the opportunity to return the favor.

I have to give Kirk credit for showing up for this shoot. Kirk is quite the college football fan and we were deep into the season when we had the shoot scheduled. It happened to be the same day his Florida Gators were playing Bama to determine College Footballís best team. I made sure that the game was on during the shoot. It has to be the first time that our boys were getting hard watching football and not porn while making a video.

Ryan and Kirk pulled this one off as if they did this every day. Kirkís big cock immediately stood at attention as soon as Ryan wrapped his warm mouth around itsí mushroom head. Kirk obviously loves getting his cock sucked because the rest just flowed naturally. Ryan stripped naked and kneeled in from of Kirkís fat piece of meat and attacked it as if it was his last meal. Finally with Ryan on his back and Kirk face fucking him, Ryan took Kirkís huge load of creamy white cum all over his face and mouth. I want some!

Check out Southern Strokes and watch Kirk and Ryan in the full length movie.

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Randy Blue description of this gayporn shoot:
When you get three heartthrobs like Gunner Pierce, Nicco Sky and Reese Rideout together there's no telling what will happen. I knew a few months ago when Nicco appeared on Randy Blue Live with Reese that they had an amazing chemistry. People were talking about that show for months, so I had to put them in a video together.

But since they did the show as a duo I wanted to throw something else into the mix. Enter Gunner Pierce. He's been just starting to spread his wings here, and by wings I mean legs, and everything he does is so hot. He's got an incredible body and that adorable face of his. You guys are going to love this video.

The image of Gunner eating Nicco's ass while he sucks off Reese is one I won't forget any time soon. And Reese couldn't be happier, or sexier, than when he's fucking Nicco's hot ass while he goes down on Gunner. And you can tell that Nicco is enjoying being the piggy in the middle with these two incredibly hot guys giving it to him at the same time.

And I wish we had shot this in 3D because when Nicco shoots his load, with Gunner's cock buried deep inside his ass I might add, he nearly hit my camera. Had it been in 3D you at home would either be ducking out of the way or sitting there with your mouth open hoping to catch some of the delicious virtual spunk flying towards your face.

Check out Randy Blue and watch these three horny studs in full length movie.

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Butch Dixon description of this gayporn shoot:
There's nothing sexier than a muscular man wearing a fine suit. Ted Colunga recently stopped by Butch Dixon for a photo shoot. When the photographer opened the door the hairy hunk was standing in front of him wearing a suit. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to be so formal," Colunga said, "But I'm just coming from another appointment and didn't have time to change."

Butch Dixon told him that he had nothing to apologize for and suggested that they start shooting right away. So Ted Colunga climbed the sprial staircase in the photographer's house and started stripping out of his suit.

He had that just-home-from-a- long-boring-wedding look and needed a good wank to get rid of some of the day's stress. As Colunga peels out of his suit we first see his beautifully hairy chest; and then, Colunga fishes his super fat, uncut cock out of his trousers.

Good Lord! Talk about more than a mouthful! What a delicious chunk of meat! Butch Dixon did three photo shoots that day with Ted Colunga, and you're going to want to head over there and see them all!

Check out Butch Dixon and watch Ted Colunga in the full length movie.

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BoyGusher description of this gayporn shoot:
Dusty and Mario are two friends that have hooked up a few times before. Expecting to be told no, I asked them if I could film them hooking up. When they said yes, I grabbed my camera and told them to go for it. It starts with the two of them making out together on my sofa. You can tell from the way that they kiss that they have some physical history behind them.

Dusty is the first to lose his clothes, ending up in his underwear while Mario kisses his body and rubs Dusty's cock through his briefs. Before long, Dusty's cock comes out and Mario is going down on him. Mario knows how to give a great blowjob and also knows how to use his tongue ring. He knows that a great blowjob not only entails sucking, but also licking and ball play.

After a lot of oral, Mario focuses on giving Dusty a hand job. The hand job must have been amazing because Dusty kept arching his back and breathing heavily from the feeling of having Mario's hand wrapped around his hard dick.

Dusty's breathing becomes more labored and within a few seconds he shoots his load of cum on his stomach and all over Mario's hand. Immediately, Dusty starts to return the favor by helping Mario out of his clothes.

After making out with Mario and rubbing his cock, he starts to go down on Mario's already hard cock. Mario enjoys the blowjob and doesn't even try to be quiet. You can hear through his moans how much he likes having Dusty's lips wrapped around his cock.

Mario has a big cock but Dusty knows how to handle it like a champ. Every once in a while he pulled his lips off of Mario's dick and worked on his body. The blowjob turned into a hand job, with Dusty working hard on Mario's cock in hopes of having a large load given to him.

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