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posted by gayporn David @ July.21.2008 - Post a comment

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You Love Jack description of this gayporn shoot:
Meet Bobby Dean. Bobby is a 20 something year old guy, who loves to plau with sextoys. In this horny jerk off movie, Bobby plows his ass with a big dildo. He strokes his beautiful thick cock for quite some time and when he is about to shoot his load, he does something that makes me so totally hot.

He quickly flips around on the couch so his ass is in the air and his feet are dangling over his head. This aims his cock right at his mouth which is now wide open and waiting for a fresh mouthful of his own piping hot jizz.

The big dildo is still stuck in his ass and wiggling all about as his hand becomes a blur on his cock. A little whimper comes from his mouth as he opens his mouth wider in anticipation. Another whimper as he pushes his hips up so his cock is perfectly aimed.

This is what I call; a must-see movie!

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posted by gayporn Mike @ July.20.2008 - Post a comment

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Randy Blue description of this gayporn shoot:
It's been a while since we've had Braden Charron on the site. It was great to see him and he's looking better than ever. He's trimmed down some of that bodybuilder bulk he used to sport and now has a more streamlined body with all the gorgeous muscles still intact. I wanted to do something really special since he's worked so hard to look that good for us. I figured I'd give him the best of both worlds, someone he knows and has worked with before, and someone new.

Chris Rockway has worked with Braden before in the All Star Circle Jerk, and a hot three-way with Alex Eden. I knew he'd be perfect. But of all the new guys, who would I pick that would be a good match for Braden and Chris. How about our newest powerhouse, Kevin Falk. Kevin has been growing by leaps and bounds since he started at Randy Blue.

Talk about zero to sixty, he went from his solo video to ravenous cock monster in a handful of videos and in his recent appearance on RBL, Tyler didn't know what hit him. Kevin sends out a sexual vibe that few men can resist. And once he gets it in his mind that he wants something, most guys are more than happy to give it up. Now I have a little confession to make.

When I choose the guys that go together in the videos I really try to pick them according to what I think you guys will like, however, this time I did it out of my own curiosity. And maybe because the idea of Braden Charron, Chris Rockway and Kevin Falk together in a hotter than hot three-way gets me... well, a little hot.

The end result? It was something beyond anything I could have imagined. These three guys got so into it, fucking, sucking, flipping, taking turns. It was wild. And I got it all on video just for you, and well, maybe for me too.

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posted by gayporn David @ July.19.2008 - Post a comment

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Sean Cody description of this gayporn shoot:
I kind of suspected that Joe was going to be a really "good" bottom, but I had no idea! First, the look on his face when Addison's big, uncut, semi-erect cock came flopping out of his pants was priceless.

Then, the way Joe went down on Addison set the tone for how anxious Joe actually was. But it was the way Addision made Joe squirm as he fucked him on the couch, on the floor, and even against the wall that confirmed what I had suspected.

You can tell Joe really enjoys getting fucked!

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posted by gayporn David @ July.19.2008 - Post a comment

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Badpuppy description of this gayporn shoot:
No description available. Just a horny guy in a hot solo jerk off movie :)

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posted by gayporn David @ July.18.2008 - Post a comment

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Chaosmen description of this gayporn shoot:
Dalton showed up again wanting to do more work, and says he is in for full-on sex. On one hand I was surprsied because he was so nervous, but on the other hand, he did get WAY excited during his Servicing, leaving many of us to think something more is going on with the kid. (which in all honesty, I'm pretty dang sure he is straight)

And this is the first time Teo bottoms, ever as far as I can tell. I told him he should practice and stretch beforehand, but he was confident he could take the pain (I think he might like a little pain!). I asked him if he had anything up there before, and he said, "No just what you did during the Serviced video." Which was basically a tongue ON his ass....not the same!

So I figured he'd jump right off of it during the first insert. I had him sit on it so he could control the depth. Doesn't make for the best camera angle (sorry!) but it broke his cherry, and he was ready to go. Now Dalton, you can tell at the beginning he just isn't sure what to do. Teo is Full Force into it, and Dalton is scrambling to catch up.

So as you watch the entire movie you see him open up and just get more and more into it. He really lets go and gives back equally. Dalton wasn't quite ready to put a dick in his mouth, and kissing wasn't gonna happen either. But the two off them race to nut, Dalton squirts all over Teo's body while Teo frantically plays catch up.

And then wham, just after busting Dalton bends over and REALLY kisses all over Teo (I love kissing!). It's very hot as I try to show off all the cum AND the deep kissing. I can't decide what to show you, all the cum or the hot kissing!?

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posted by gayporn David @ July.16.2008 - Post a comment


Fratmen description of this gayporn shoot:
A couple months ago the Fratmen blog released a behind-the-scenes feature called "Best Buddy Weekend" where members first met Austin. His boyish charm and rowdy frat boy style won everyone over and his solo movie was a bit hit.

People have been begging to see Austin again with his buddy Kelan, so the two of them returned to the Frathouse this week for a hot shower and side-by-side jack off. Seeing the two of these hotties laughing and fooling around while they blow loads is just too hot. The chemistry that real-life friends have just can't be beat.

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posted by gayporn David @ July.14.2008 - Post a comment

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Latin Jocks description of this gayporn shoot:
I don't think it's an overstatement to say that 99% of our members just love Lukas! He's got an amazing body, a hot bubble butt and a delicious cock. As if that wasn't enough, he's sexy as hell and a great guy, too!

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posted by gayporn David @ Junly.13.2008 - Post a comment

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Randy Blue description of this gayporn shoot:
I remember the first time I shot Jeremy Walker. It was earlier this year and he did the most amazing solo shot where he took the camera and took us on a guided tour of his own magnificent body. At that time I thought he might do a few solo shoots and be done but he's really opened his mind to new experiences and has really been enjoying all the new things he's been able to try.

In such a short time he's gone from that one hot solo through a toy video, circle jerk, and his first blow job from a guy with Brent Diggs, to his first hardcore scene with Kevin Falk. He breaks through expectations every time we shoot him. Has it been easy? Well, everyone who's worked with Jeremy has been so into him he's really been able to do whatever he wants with no drama or hassles.

Take Kyle Hennessy. We were thinking we might have seen the last of him because he's moved on to other things, which happens from time to time. But I was thrilled when he called me up and said he was available. In the course of conversation I mentioned that Jeremy was expanding his horizons and trying new things and I could practically hear his smile as he asked if he could be one of the new things Jeremy was going to be trying.

Again, what better way to give Jeremy a chance to strut his stuff then with a hot guy like Kyle, all horned up and ready for whatever Jeremy was ready to dish out. The minute they were in the same room the electricity went up one hundred percent and I knew it was going to be a good shoot.

They were so into each other and I just let them do their thing, making sure the camera was in the right places to catch all the action. Kyle is looking better than ever, sporting a brand new tattoo. And talk about a cum shot! Some guys need one of those little cum towels to clean up, I swear Kyle needed a beach towel! What a delicious hot mess.

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posted by gayporn David @ July.12.2008 - Post a comment

Corbin Fisher description of this gayporn shoot:
Heck... Travis just looks so damn hot bottoming and obviously gets so much pleasure out of it, why not take every opportunity to see that, as well as give him the chance to do it?!

Travis isn't the first CF stud to discover how good it feels to get fucked. I'm sure that you can think of several off the top of your head who initially looked a bit nervous getting fucked and were certainly quite anxious about the entire thing, but who have since proven themselves not only quite skilled at it but even quite insatiable when it came to being a bottom!

It's one of the many benefits of not having some revolving-door system here where we have a guy who has never been fucked before come in for a shoot, throw loads of money at them to get them to bottom, film them in some awkward video in which they look anything but thrilled - and even in far too much pain - as they get fucked for the first time and then send them on their way.

Instead, we get to be there through it all as Travis has a go at that first, awkward video, then gradually progresses to being one of CF fans' favorite bottoms, appreciating and loving it thoroughly. Logan, TJ, Caleb, Derek, and several other guys come to mind as CF studs who have made it blatantly obvious they've come to appreciate the feeling of getting fucked, and even admitted that to me in so many words.

At CF, we see something incredible as the guys not only begin to realize things they never before considered could be a source of great physical pleasure, but also appreciate what it takes to deliver that kind of pleasure to another guy and do all they can to make things as hot for another male partner as it is for themselves. Watch how visibly motivated and excited guys get when their partner is cumming, for instance! Seeing a straight, top stud get fired up and turned on when the guy he's fucking is approaching orgasm and then going over the top is priceless!

With Travis and Jeff, we get two incredible specimens of man going at it, feeling good while doing it, and having fun seeing just how much their partner is in to it all! Continue...

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posted by gayporn Mike @ July.11.2008 - Post a comment

english lads

English Lads description of this gayporn shoot:
Jake is back and this time having a play by himself, well his finger joins in! He strips down to his boxers saying he hasnít has a wank in ages, turns out ďagesĒ was last night and as he pulls down his boxers his cock is raring to go!

He loves showing off for the camera and wanks off in some great positions before sitting down in the chair, lifting up his legs and sliding a finger in his hole. After some in and out finger in hole action his cock has become real hard and he shoots a nice load on his abs and chest.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ July.08.2008 - Post a comment

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Blake Mason description of this gayporn shoot:
Two of BlakeMason's newbies make their first appearance in a film with another guy. You can tell they were shy at first as the clothes stayed on for some time while the hot uncut dicks popped out of the Aussie Bum underwear.

They stroked and sucked each others cocks through the jeans. It's all good as these two really got into all the hot stroking and sucking as they got more comfortable being with another guy on camera for the very first time.

Taking things nice and slowly, Leigh and Tony took turns in licking, sucking and deep-throating one another. Make no mistake, they really relished each otherís meat and paid extra special attention to giving the maximum pleasure they could!

And having slobbered and drooled over meaty dick for Britain, it wasnít too long before wads of thick juicy cum sprayed on to torsos and into mouths. Did someone say mouths? Wait to you see the ending and the nice load that was... Well, you get the idea

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posted by gayporn David @ July.06.2008 - Post a comment

college dudes

College Dudes 24/7 description of this gayporn shoot:
Troy Gabriel and Kurt Wild sizzle in this vid! Troy was really excited to be doing his fist fuck scene, and he and kurt even worked up the positions they wanted to fuck in.

The result is throbbing - from Troy and Kurts first sensual kiss, to Kurt worshiping Troys cock with his tongue, and of course some fantastic ass pounding every which way on the bed. Troy and Kurt finish with creamy loads after a hot sweaty fuck. Not to Miss!

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posted by gayporn David @ July.06.2008 - Post a comment

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Latin Jocks description of this gayporn shoot:
It's amazing the things guys learn by their 18th birthday. Take Douglas for example. He loves working the camera.

On the other hand, working a camera is pretty easy when you've got a killer smile, a fucking hot ass and a big thick cock.

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posted by gayporn David @ July.04.2008 - Post a comment

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My brothers hot friend description of this gayporn shoot:
Zackary just finished college and wants to say goodbye to his friend before he leaves for Europe. His friendís brother, Jonathan, is the only one there, but heís more than happy to wish him a bon-er voyage.

My brothers hot friend offers:
3-day trials @ Usd 1.95
7-day trials @ Usd 4.95
1 month membership @ Usd 24.95

A membership to Hot Jocks Nice Cocks gives you FREE access to Hot Jocks Nice Cocks and Men Hard At Work as well.

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posted by gayporn David @ July.02.2008 - Post a comment

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cocky boys description of this gayporn shoot:
Lucas is one fucking hot Latin boy. He's my perfect fuck. Standing at 5'9 with ripped abs and a bubble but, this boy just needs to grab his ankles and bite down. He claims he's straight, but I'm working on it! Meanwhile I did convince him to jerk off for me.

He wanted to shoot it in the tub to feel more comfortable, so that's what we did. It starts by watching Lucas take off his clothes and strip down to his jock. Then he drops the jock and runs bath water. He gets in the tub and lathers up his ass.

As he soaps up his hole, every part of you just wants to finger his tight ass and then bend him over. You see his hot shoulder flex across his massive arm tattoo as he washes off.

He plays with his nipples while he strokes his cock, and then lays down in the tub, arching his ass out of the water. It's wicked. Next he rolls over with a massive hard on and starts jerking off. He strokes his cock in several positions, squeezing his balls off and on, until he blows a massive load all over his chest. He almost hits his chin.

If you're not pre-cumming watching this boy, you have a problem.

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posted by gayporn David @ July.01.2008 - Post a comment


Fratmen description of this gayporn shoot:
Cal is another New England college jock who came to check out Fratmen with his best friend (none other than last week's Nash)and decided to make a Fratmen movie of his own.

Cal is not only a very sexy guy, he is a really cool guy as well. One of the nicest guys we've met in a long time. Always had a smile for everyone and he was the first to step up to the plate and offer to barbecue for the whole bunch of guys shooting their Fratmen movies. He'd never had asparagus before but he did a damn fine job grilling it up.

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