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posted by gayporn Mike @ July.31.2010 - Post a comment
Out In Public preview

Out In Public description of this gayporn shoot:
Santos is a nice guy. He agrees to let us film him getting fucked in the ass and having his cock sucked. On top of it all we film him doing all these perversions in the store of a gasoline station. The concept is let's find an unsuspecting fellow and see if he would be willing to get fucked for some cash.

We have a good eye when it comes to finding the pervs who like it Out In Public. So right next to the tuna cans and pastas two strangers get it on like it's nobodies business. It's crazy how no one sees what these hot guys are doing. If they get caught they could go straight to jail. Let's see what happens.

Check out Out In Public and see Santos and this random stranger fucking in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ July.30.2010 - Post a comment
free CockSure Men picture preview

CockSure Men description of this gayporn shoot:
No plots or story lines this week, just super-hot Bo Dean and his French fuck toy named Ludovic Canot. They immediately get down and dirty, sucking each other off until they’re both hard as nails. Ripped as ever, Bo flexes and fucks Ludovic any way he feels like it. Slow and deep or fast and hard Ludovic’s ass swallows all 8 inches of Bo’s thick dick down to his beautiful balls. The guys cum simultaneously onto Lodovic’s stomach and then Bo squeezes out a second hot load he’s so worked up.

Check out CockSure Men and watch Bo Dean and Ludovic Canot in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ July.29.2010 - Post a comment
free Chaosmen picture preview

Chaosmen description of this gayporn shoot:
It took a while, but I got Ramsey to come back and at least get head from another dude. Ransom continues to beef up. So different from the skinny guy that started with me two years ago! He continues to try to push his boundaries on sucking dick. Ramsey was nervous, watched a lot of the TV, but when he realized his dick was not going to wilt on him, he got into the dick sucking.

I especially like it when he is up on his knees. He's got one hot body, despite the new wacky tattoo on his thigh. (Grrrr...I am sure his solo money went to pay for that!) No anal play on this one. Ramsey was dead set on it, and frankly he was having a lot of acne, and his backside was pretty bad. So please don't write me it is missing. Ramsey grew up rough, and I don't think he trusts people coming up behind him. He struggled with it during the solo.

Ok, back to the Servicing. The nice thing about Ransom's muscles is he now has the stamina to suck and jack these guys until they cum. He was determined to take it in the face and eat some. He swore to me after the shoot that he got cum in his mouth and he let the guy nut in his mouth. I did see a lot on his neck, chest and Ramsey's leg, and maybe a little under his lip.

He even tells Ramsey that's the first time he ate another dude's cum. So I thanked Ransom for ramping it up a notch at the end. Then I go and edit the video and just like a Football slo-mo replay, I am like, "I don't think a single drop went in his mouth!" What the heck was he talking about eating another dude's cum?

I texted Ransom, teasing him about it. He still swears he took a load in the mouth, but I have video proof! Next time I am wiring his mouth open.

Check out Chaosmen to see Ramsey getting serviced in the full length video.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ July.27.2010 - Post a comment
free Hard Brit Lads picture preview

Hard Brit Lads description of this gayporn shoot:
Sonny cant keep his hands off the large bulge hanging down the side of Clayton’s grey trackie bottoms, and after sucking on his nipples, Sonny gets onto his knees, and takes down Claytons trackies, and rubs and squeezes his semi-hard, thick. uncut 9 incher, before pulling off his boxers, and starting to suck on it gently. Clayton gets hard quickly, and starts to fuck Sonnys mouth, which he takes as well as he can, but Clayton is pretty forceful and his cock is pretty huge!

Sonny has been rock hard himself the whole time, and Clayton gets onto his knees to suck Sonny, demonstrating his deep throating skills, as he effortlessly swallows Sonny’s solid 6.5 incher. Moving onto the floor, Sonny sucks Clayton again, with more forceful face-fucking, as Clayton tries to get Sonny to suck as deep and as fast as he can.

Sonny starts off by sitting himself slowly down onto Claytons now throbbing 9 incher, and once its all the way, he starts to slide himself up and down it, then leans back to let Clayton do some ber thrusting. Then Clayton fucks him up against the wall, and gives him a harder pounding. Then Sonny lays on his back for a final pounding and he shoots a nice thick load, before Clayton moves round and sticks his hardon into Sonnys mouth and jerks off into it, spewing a seriously huge load all over his face and into his mouth.


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posted by gayporn David @ July.25.2010 - Post a comment
free Broke Straight Boys picture preview

Broke Straight Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
Today at Broke Straight Boys, we welcome back Mike R and Leon. In their previous scene together, they did oral so today, it was time to up the ante and get one of these straight boys to bottom. Mike decided for us by declaring he was the one who was going to be topping, thus, leaving Leon to bottom for the first time. It was obvious Leon was somewhat nervous about how it was all going to go but once we agreed on a price, Leon getting $1200 and Mike getting $1000, he was ready to get his cherry popped.

I got the boys to strip down and start getting hard while they watched some straight porn. Like always, it only took Mike about a minute before he was as hard as a rock so I got him to lean over and start sucking on Leon's cock. As Mike was working hard at getting Leon's dick erect, deep throating him and sucking on just the head, Leon stated he had never fucked anyone in the ass before, not even his own girlfriend while Mike threw in a few comments as well.

Mike and Leon had great chemistry together and even though it was just the start of the shoot, I knew that this was going to quickly become a BSB members favourite. Once Leon was hard, I got him to swallow down Mike's prick and show us all how much he had picked up from Mike. He had obviously taken a bit of notice during the previous shoot as he had Mike moaning for more pretty quickly, Mike being ready to fuck a few minutes later.

The futon opened up and Leon positioned on all fours, we did something a little different; Mike finger fucked Leon to loosen him up. You can see Leon actually relaxing into it and it wasn't long before he was ready. The boys decided to do doggie style first, Mike slowly pushing his big cock into Leon's super tight virgin ass.

Because Leon was so tight, Mike was forced to go extremely slowly, all the while Leon groaned, obviously in a bit more pain than he expected. They switched to Leon on his back, legs on Mike's shoulders as Mike sped up his thrusting. The new position was better for Leon and despite the occasional grimace, it looked like Leon was starting to get into the fucking, even tell Mike to 'fuck that ass!'

Visit Broke Straight Boys and watch these straight boys fucking for cash in the full length HD movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ July.24.2010 - Post a comment
free Randy Blue preview

Randy Blue description of this gayporn shoot:
Something's cookin' when Mike West finds Travis James in the kitchen and it's not dinner! When two total horndogs like these get together the action starts right from the start. Travis, with his rock hard pecks and smooth muscular jock body, can't get enough of Mike, his mouth is watering for a taste of that thick meaty cock. Mike gets his own taste of Travis, taking all of his dick deep down into his throat.

Then Travis throws Mike up onto the counter so he can get at his hungry hole. He dives in and gives Mike a rim job he'll never forget. Mike's eyes roll up in his head as he gives in to the pleasure he's getting from Travis' talented tongue and with that sexy lightly hairy body of his it's something to see.

Once Travis gets that hole all ready he plunges his big throbbing cock deep inside and fucks Mike's hot ass for all it's worth. But that's just the beginning. He lowers him down to the floor and ravages his ass some more while Mike takes it all in. And when he can't take any more Mike shoots a huge thick load all over his nice hard abs.

Check out Randy Blue and watch Travis fucking Mike's hot ass in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn David @ July.23.2010 - Post a comment
free Next Door Buddies picture preview

Next Door Buddies description of this gayporn shoot:
The slim and ripped dark hair hunk Justin Ryder and the blonde, smooth and hung Tucker Vaughn were kicking back, relaxing after a hard night of partying. After reminiscing about the night for a bit, the two decide that a morning orgasm would set the day off nicely. And since they were both together, why not help each other out.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ July.22.2010 - Post a comment
free Blake Mason picture preview

Blake Mason description of this gayporn shoot:
Time to get back to Brez and Luke's camping trip... the guys wake up the next day with full bladders and head out of the tent for a piss. There's no bashfulness here - after yesterday's sexual adventure neither of them are worried about showing their cocks and soon they're off down to the stream to wash and get clean! After some horse-play in the freezing cold water they return to the tent for a spot of nude sun-bathing.

"Morning wood" is clearly on display as Brez and Luke casually chat and stroke their hard dicks and somehow you can sense they both want a repeat of the previous day's action. Jumping in to the tent to take care of their sexual needs, Luke's right on the ball and quickly takes things further - sucking down on Brez's dick. Brez isn't keen to return the favour but once he gets in to it. It's like he found his true self and once he's made Luke cum he lies back and let's Luke get him off too.

Check out Blake Mason and see Brez and Luke in the full length HD movie.


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posted by gayporn David @ July.22.2010 - Post a comment
free Boy Gusher picture preview

BoyGusher description of this gayporn shoot:
There is nothing bad about a little light bondage and when Corey stopped by I knew I had my guy. He was so tired he passed out on the bed, and that is when I stepped in and took advantage of him. I rubbed his cock in his jeans and then unbuttoned them to play with that dick in his undies.

I wanted those jeans off of him, so I moved to the foot of the bed and took his shoes off. I took one up to his face and put it on his nose, but he didn't move an inch. I went back down to the bottom of the bed at this point and peeled his pants off sliding them off his legs slowly until they were on the floor. I'm pretty sure at this point he is playing possum and pretending to be asleep, but I go with it. I grab my rope and tie his wrists to the bed so that I can have my way with him.

As soon as I get his undies off and begin to jerk on his cock he moans and then I know for sure that he is awake. He soon begins to talk to me as I rub and jerk on his cock telling me how great my handjob feels on his cock. He tries to lift his arms off the bed to join me in stroking his cock, but he can't.

I add some lube and begin to jerk on that hard dick even more as he moans and watches me through hooded lids. I rub his stomach and legs while I masturbate his cock and he is really moaning, he is even adding some words in here and there. I know he is close to cumming I can feel it.

He really wants to grab that cock now and the binds I have him won't let him so he is a bit frustrated as he rides the edge before he cums. I begin to talk to him about his cock and he tells me to stroke it just like that and I tell him to pop his shit, and he explodes that dick cream all over his stomach and my hand.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ July.20.2010 - Post a comment
free Sean Cody picture preview

Sean Cody description of this gayporn shoot:
Max has turned out to be a really great bottom, so I wanted to have him meet Landon. Max checked out Landon on the site and called me back about an hour later excited about the possibility. When Max finally met Landon in person, there was some pretty immediate chemistry. Landon started rubbing Max’s shoulders while we chatted. Since they weren't staying in the same hotel and hadn’t had the opportunity to really talk, we let them get acquainted for a bit before getting into the "action." Although, I could tell that they really wanted to get each other naked!

Landon was definitely ready... his cock was hard the entire time he was sitting behind Max, giving him a massage. “You getting hard?” The question was meant for Landon, but Max answered: "Oh, I definitely feel it poking me in my back!” You could see Max’s excited curiosity. Before I knew it, their clothes were off, their dicks were rubbing, and Max had the fuck of his life!

Check out Sean Cody and see Landon fucking Max in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn David @ July.19.2010 - Post a comment
free Latin Boyz picture preview

Latin Boyz description of this gayporn shoot:
Nino is originally from Brooklyn and just moved to Los Angeles. He's a cute 19 year old Puerto Rican with a huge uncut cock. Once he came into our office he was hired on the spot. We were blown away by his cute personality and of course what he is packin' in his jeans. Nino has a nice uncut 8 inch cock!

Check out Latin Boyz and see Nino and all the other well hung latinos in the full length movies.


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posted by gayporn David @ July.17.2010 - Post a comment

Corbin Fisher description of this gayporn shoot:
A short while back, I was lounging around at home doing some work, watching a bit of TV, and happened to also be exchanging text messages with Dante, discussing what he felt so far about his experiences at Corbin Fisher and if he was having fun. Suffice to say, he was having a blast! His match ups with Lucas were fantasies fulfilled and he expressed still being pretty blown away about everything that was happening and that he was right in the thick of things among guys and on a site he'd been fond of for awhile.

So it wasn't long after that text conversation that I was standing next to a bed, camera in hand, filming Dante and Cade going at it! Just before filming started, though, I asked Dante what position would be best for him to cum in while getting fucked.

"I'm not even thinking about that," he responded. "I'm just going to focus on holding on and hanging in there!" I found it so hot that, as far as he was concerned, taking on Cade and getting fucked by him good and hard was as good as, if not better than, getting off at the end! As they say, it's the journey and not the destination!

Check out Corbin Fisher and watch Dante getting fucked by Cade in the full length HD movie.


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posted by gayporn David @ July.16.2010 - Post a comment
Clothed Male Naked Male

Clothed Male Naked Male description of this gayporn shoot:
For Terrance, being roughly groped, violated and forced to submit to other men is the worst kind of degradation. Well, that's exactly what we want. Terrance is a 26 year old personal trainer. When he went to one of his appointment he didn't know what was going to happen.

The three horny business men who were waiting for the young fellow, stripped him down, grobed him, jerked him off and anally abused him and forced him to cum! Terrance couldn't do anything else than just undergo everything and submit to the three clothed men. How degrading!

Join Clothed Male Naked Male and download all the exclusive full length HD movies.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ July.15.2010 - Post a comment

Twinklight XXX movie trailer:

Twinklight description of this gayporn shoot:
Just WOW! The Gay Life Network together with Afton Nills Pictures have completed the gay version of the Twilight saga and I must say they did a great job. Twinklight is a gay porn vampire movie with a real story and a real plot and who says porn models can´t act? They really can.

Together with the release of the movie, they have created a website where you can watch the full length movie, see behind the scenes, watch additional episodes and read more about the cast of Twinklight.

Cast: Krys Perez, Skyler Blue, JT Wreck, Ethan Storm, Jayden Ellis, Preston Andrews, Aidan Chase, Brice Carson, Rad Matthews and Levon Meeks


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posted by gayporn Mike @ July.14.2010 - Post a comment
free Chaosmen picture preview

Chaosmen description of this gayporn shoot:
For the first time ever, Ransom got shy with a model, and I think it was 'cuz he really thought Vander was hot. Ransom is mostly straight, but every now and then a dude attracts him, and Vander was it! There is just something about Vander anyway. He's calm, confident, nicely built, big cock, and as I said, just smells great. But something that says raw sex.

Ransom keyed into all of these things the minute he walked into the room that Vander was waiting for him in. I left in some of his nervousness at the beginning of the film. But once his clothes are off, all bets were off and this seriously turns into a feeding frenzy. Vander is very verbal, and I don't think I have ever seen Ransom suck a cock so eagerly...or eat ass!

And watch Vander, his eyes never leave Ransom's body, totally drinking him in and worshiping his body. Though Vander was a bit wobbly at times, we finally got what he needed, a cock in his face, compliments of a very turned on Ransom. Knowing that Vander likes to fuck ass, Ransom then sits practically right on Vander's face, toying with him. Vander gets even harder having a hole to play with!

As I said, Ransom really went to town rimming Vander, rubbing his scent all over himself. Vander from the get go said he doesn't usually cum from blow jobs, and when a gay guy says that, I tend to believe it. So I knew we were gonna skip out on having Ransom try. We get Ransom to feed him his cock and that gets him to blow his load easily. Ransom didn't take to long to play catch-up and adds his load to Vander's hairy pecs.

I gotta say, this is one of the best Serviced videos! Finally some competition! Maybe I can retire my kneepads?! This video is just plain old-fashioned hot chemistry!

Check out Chaosmen to see Vander and Ransom in the full length video.


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posted by gayporn David @ July.12.2010 - Post a comment
free Broke Straight Boys picture preview

Broke Straight Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
I'm pleased to announce that we have a first here at Broke Straight Boys; our first deaf model. I had received an application from a model who indicated that he wanted to work with our studio. Donovan attached his pictures to the application and I was delighted to see that this particular straight boy was an 18 year old twink hottie; light chocolate smooth skin, toned body, dark hair and eyes and a great smile. In his application, Donovan stated that he was profoundly deaf, 100% hearing affected.

To make the communication a little easier, Donovan asked if he could bring a friend, which I of course had no problem with. Donovan's friend Brenden was quite hot so I convinced him to jerk off together with Donovan. I offered the boys $200 each to jerk off next to eachother, but they seemed disappointed, so I quickly raised to $300 on which they agreed.

I got the boys to stand up and take off their tops for the camera and had a surprise of my own when Brendan admitted that he wasn't wearing any underwear and never usually did. I had to laugh, Brendan was obviously unprepared to do the shoot, not that I had expected him to be as I had only scheduled in Donovan. Taking a good look at the two of them, I saw that Donovan had a nice tattoo, slightly tribal in appearance, circling his upper left arm and gorgeous set of abs while Brendan was taller and while somewhat thinner, had a lovely smooth body.

The boys then took off the rest of their clothes, Donovan leaving his white underpants on and despite me asking, he also left his black cap on... point blank refused to take it off! Asking if they were nervous at all, both boys admitted they were, however, these two didn't look nervous to me at all... once again, there is more to the mystery between them and it's something that I'm going to find out.

Putting in the straight porn for them, I told them to go ahead and start. Brendan had a great size cock; long, thick and hard from the moment his hand touched his prick while Donovan had a smaller cock that promised to harden into a real beauty. A bit of lube on their cocks, and these straight boys were rubbing and tugging while watching the porn.

Brendan, as hard as rock already barely a minute into it, reached up and lightly touched himself on the chest, and just when I thought we were going to be lucky and get some nipple action going, he let his hand drop and rest, instead, on his stomach.

I noticed that Donovan is one of the more visual boys we've had here at BSB; his gaze drawn to any small movement around the room during the whole scene which was interesting to see. What was most intriguing about this shoot was the fact Donovan and Brendan kept their knees pressed together quite tightly throughout most of the shoot, again, adding to the mystery as most boys in a dual jerk off scene like to keep a bit of space between them, particularly if it is their first shoot.

Visit Broke Straight Boys and watch these straight boys wanking for cash in the full length HD movie.


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posted by gayporn David @ July.10.2010 - Post a comment
free BelAmi picture preview

BelAmi Online description of this gayporn shoot:
Meet Juan, another fresh face from BelAmi as this weeks Pin-Up stud. Juan has a nice tanned skin, lean boy body and thick full lips perfect for kissing. We can't forget his amazing smile, beautiful eyes, perfect little butt and his big uncut cock! This boy has it all.

Check out BelAmi Online and watch Juan jerking his uncut cock in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn David @ July.09.2010 - Post a comment
Extra Big Dicks

Extra Big Dicks description of this gayporn shoot:
Jeremy Bilding and Zach Alexander explode this week on ExtraBigDicks.com in a jizz filled ending that a sperm back would be jealous of. The chemistry between these two was obvious even before we started so once they were let loose they immediately began to make out. After kissing for a bit, Zach takes that tongue south as he licks and kisses down Jeremy’s smooth chest and abs.

He licks at this cock through his jock strap; teasing him a bit before hauling it out. Zach swallows his cock deep as Jeremy groans in approval. Zach is definitely happy with the buffet today and he’s going to town on that thick Midwestern Meat. Jeremy then decides it’s time to return the favor.

Zach looks down to see Jeremy taking his cock deep as he looks up with those intense bedroom brown eyes. Jeremy isn’t one to tease without a payoff as he swallows every inch of Zach’s 9” cock to the hilt. These two then maneuvers into a hot 69 so they can get even more of those thick dicks. Jeremy decides he needs to prep that ass and does so by sliding his tongue deep inside Zach’s hole.

He licks and fingers that hole making Zach want it even more as he begs to get fucked. Jeremy then lies back and watches as Zach impales himself on his dick side-saddle. He holds still as Jeremy starts fucking up into his hot ass. Brace yourself! Jeremy then bends Zach over and slides that cock in for more. Zach’s thick dick swings like a pendulum as he gets more dick.

Just when Zach’s getting used to this position Jeremy switches things up and takes him missionary. In this position his cock is hitting all of Zach’s buttons. Jeremy knows exactly what to do and starts fucking him fast and deep making his own aching cock explode. He pulls out and bathes Zach in his thick load. Some guys have all the luck.

Check out ExtraBigDicks and see Jeremy Bilding and Zach Alexander in the full length HD movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ July.08.2010 - Post a comment
free Hard Brit Lads picture preview

Hard Brit Lads description of this gayporn shoot:
Tall, blonde, 20 year old Clayton Kole, gives a great show in this horny new solo. He has a big thick nine inch cock, and gives foreskin lovers a treat by playing with his quite a bit, and working up his precum, which he gets plenty of. We start with a quick chat, where you get a good idea of what a fun, cocky, confident, and highly sexed lad he is.

Then, Clayton begins by lifting his vest to show off his smooth, pale, defined body, and quickly gets a bulge in his trackies, which he rubs, getting it harder. He stands up, and takes down his trackies, squeezing the huge bulge poking out the side of his black undies. He peels them down, releasing a seriously huge cock, which isnt quite solid yet.

He begins to jerk off, and drops a big blob of spit onto the end of his cock, rubbing it in, which gets him solid really quick. Then he starts to precum, and works that in too. He plays with his foreskin as well, stretching it, pulling it out and sticking his finger in. Lots of horny close ups of foreskin play and precum – i know there are plenty of guys who love this, so this is for you!

He moves onto the bench, and jerks off more, spits onto his cock more, and starts to wank harder, getting into a fast rhythm, before shooting a hot sticky white load onto his chest.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ July.07.2010 - Post a comment
free Spunk Worthy picture preview

Spunk Worthy description of this gayporn shoot:
I met Calvin on a recent trip up to the local university. He's an 18y/o straight guy who moved to San Diego for college and to soak up the So Cal lifestyle. His beaming smile and out-going personality immediately caught my eye and made it nearly impossible for me to not hand him a card. His reaction was more than a little receptive.

"Jerk off on camera? Oh, hell yeah! I've always wanted to do something like that."

Calvin describes himself as a bit of a clown and a show-off. That, and he's a "cougar chaser." He was a football linebacker in high school and has the beefy build for it. When his pants came off it was a nice surprise to see a natural bush of pubes. And if you're an ass man, you'll probably appreciate his football player bubble butt.

Calvin was so excited about his first porn video that he saved up for 5 whole days and almost busted half-way through the shoot. He definitely had a rock solid hard-on the whole time. And after pumping out one sticky load, he took a 10 minute break, popped another boner and busted a second cumshot!

Check out Spunk Worthy to see this Calvin cum twice in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ July.06.2010 - Post a comment
free haze him picture preview

Haze Him description of this gayporn shoot:
Coo-Coo its party time bros! so this week we received another submission from the coo-coo crew. This time they had their freshmen running around pushing a giant ball wearing jockstraps. This is a funny video, we were laughing our asses off here.

So this is how it worked: The winners are exempt from hell week. The losers not only get it twice as bad but had to suck each other off to prove they are worth to the brothers. College is really crazy you guys are messed up, but it sure is fun to watch!

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posted by gayporn David @ July.04.2010 - Post a comment

FreshmanX description of this gayporn shoot:
Tory is back in this hot outdoor jacking session! He starts off fondling his package under his swimtrunks, then ditches them and gets busy stroking his cock hard! Tory fondles his balls and his tight hole as he jacks away, moaning as he loses himself in the pleasure of his wanking session! Tory shoots off massive pools of creamy Cum, splattering his pubes and all over his rippled abs!

Check out FreshmanX and watch this and many more hot twink movies.


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posted by gayporn David @ July.03.2010 - Post a comment
New York Straight Men

New York Straight Men description of this gayporn shoot:
We invited Dave and Ralph on a hot, sweltering NYC summer afternoon. Since we got so many requests for more "mutual" scenes, after our last few updates, we decided to pair up these two and see where it went.

Dave is an avid basketball fan and loves to shoots hoops on the 6th avenue courts and Ralph plays in a softball league for work downtown, so it seemed like a natural pairing. We scheduled it on a weekend afternoon after both guys finished playing. They arrived within minutes of each other and both were sweaty, grimy and ripe!

We suggested they take a shower together for starters and left everything else up to them. They soaped each other up, then the fun began. Right in the shower! There was sucking, kissing, nip play, more sucking and more kissing....after they dried off they moved out to the living room where there was armpit sniffing and licking, even more sucking and kissing, some jerking off, even some rimming.

They both then kicked back on the sofa, jerking each others cock till each one exploded, sending thick ropes of cum all over themselves!

Check out New York Straight Men and watch these straight sweaty jocks in the full length HD movie.


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posted by gayporn David @ July.01.2010 - Post a comment
Clothed Male Naked Male

Clothed Male Naked Male description of this gayporn shoot:
In the new video at CMNM, straight lad Darren tries to remain calm and pretends the dominant clothed guys don’t bother him, but he can barely control his face tightening in disgust while they efficiently strip and maul him. What really gets to him is how turned on they are by the natural pheromones emanating from all the warm crannies of his body.

The pervy clothed guys get their noses in his pits, under his feet, in his arse and right up under his foreskin. Only when he’s bent over naked with his proud face mashed in their bulging crotches does he realize how completely vulnerable he is.

Join Clothed Male Naked Male and download all the exclusive full length HD movies.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ July.01.2010 - Post a comment
free Active Duty picture preview

Active Duty description of this gayporn shoot:
In this Active Duty episode Fox does his first hardcore scene. Diego and Austin were a good team to break him in. Fox says he's a little nervous and Diego says, "I think he's just trying to sell it." Austin orders Fox to lose his pants. Then he orders him to remove Diego's and then Diego orders him to remove Austin's pants.

Austin goes down on Fox and gives him the total welcoming package. Austin is quick to oblige and gets down on Fox's hard cock quickly as Diego strokes his own hard cock and watches the action intently. It is not long before Diego is jealous so Fox starts to jerk Diego's cock while Diego reaches over and grabs Austin's head and forces it down on Fox's cock.

Diego strokes his own hard cock as he sucks Fox and Fox is really starting to enjoy sucking his first dick as he services Austin. Things switch up again and Diego stands over Fox now getting his cock worshipped while Austin goes down on Fox.

Austin saddles up and goes in for an exploratory inspection of the Foxhole as they bend Fox over and ready him for the fuck. Diego feeds him his cock to take his attention off the pain and it seems to work like a charm (mostly) but Fox's facial expressions are telling us just what he's feeling. Austin is doing a fine job of opening the newbie up and Diego is stuffing his cock down his throat all the way to the pubes, choking him from one end while Austin plugs him from the other.

Fox says it actually feels pretty good. "Hurts so good" is what he says. Austin switches places with Diego and Diego begins banging his hole fast and deep while Fox stays occupied with Austin's cock in his throat.

This is so hot to watch as Fox chokes himself with Austin's long cock, bringing tears to his eyes as Diego pounds his fuckhole. Together Diego and Austin are working him over like a part time job and Fox seems to be really into the moment and follows orders like any good Marine would.


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