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posted by gayporn David @ March.28.2009 - Post a comment

Bang Bang Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
Here is a sneak peak of Tom and his incredible ass and body. I wanted to release this video of him ASAP because I have some amazing action videos lined-up of him which I know you guys will love.

Trust me, this summer you guys are in for a real treat with this new BangBangBoy. Get ready to see his amazing abs, hot pecs, oh and just wait to you see this guy shoot his load!

Check out Bang Bang Boys and watch Tom Arbel in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ March.27.2009 - Post a comment

Next Door Buddies description of this gayporn shoot:
The 19 year old Philippe Delvaux is about to get penetrated by the 6'1' 185 pound 26 year old Spencer Reed. That's right, the young, smooth guy is about to get his ass stretched to the max by Spencer's 8' cock.

Oh yeah, did we mention there's lots of making out and cock sucking as well? Well, there is!

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posted by gayporn Mike @ March.24.2009 - Post a comment

Breeder Fuckers description of this gayporn shoot:
When the gangly, shy pizza boy turns up, he notices the large pile of cash and his eyes widen. This lad's never seen so much money in all his life. I tip him a few pence and then proceed to use the promise of some decent money to bribe the broke young straight into naked obedience. He'll do anything with the lure of a fistful of twenty pound notes right in his face.

As Stan and I bark orders at him, strip him naked, and make him tug his dangly balls till it hurts, Harry cringes away from us. But whenever he sees the cash, he grits his teeth and lets us carry on tormenting him, even as we force him up onto the table, inspecting the most private hairy crevices of his body.

By the time we strap him down and begin to spank his arse, Harry's face is already flushed with humiliation. As he winces his way through the first set of spanks, he seems to be having second thoughts, but he's been through too much for him to turn back now - he needs that money.

I tell him the rules - he has to thank us after every blow, and if he does that, he'll get 5 a stroke. If not, we start all over again and he has to re-earn the money. As the spanking begins in earnest - with an extremely painful perspex paddle, Harry wails and grunts in pain, attempting without success to wriggle free and escape the onslaught of whipping. We attack him with a riding crop and a wide ended, heavy whip, every stroke making his arse more and more red, until the patches where he's been hurt are clearly marked in two dark circles on the previously pale cheeks.

The beating becomes increasingly brutal, until we're hitting Harry so fast and so hard that he can't even manage to stutter out the required thankyou between the strokes. Hot tears roll down his face as I inform him that we're starting all over again, while Stan continues to batter his buttocks.

Soon, Harry begs us to stop, evidently realising that he can't take any more - and no amount of money can be worth this kind of agony. But this just leads to me laughing in his face as I snatch away all the money, telling him we're not going to stop... and we're not going to pay him either. We have Harry right where we want him - tied up, helpless and screaming in pain. No way are we stopping now... this is only the beginning!

More Harry @ Breeder Fuckers...

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posted by gayporn David @ March.23.2009 - Post a comment


Fratmen description of this gayporn shoot:
Over at Fratmen.tv we have two sets of twins (TwoFourTwo) posing and showing off everything together. Dustin and Darren & Jesse and Joshua can be seen stroking and showering together in their super hot full length video.

Watch this full length movie

SPECIAL NOTE: Join Fratmen now and get access to all liveshows (5 nights per week) as well.

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posted by gayporn David @ March.21.2009 - Post a comment

Video Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
Listen to Jessy and Tommy explain how they like their partner to be in bed and then watch the scene. You will quickly realize that this is a fuck match-up made in heaven. Jessy, the aggressive top with the massive tool, and Tommy, the insatiable bottom who likes it big and likes to be pounded hard.

Jessy gives Tommy the works: jackhammer power slamming punctuated by tender kisses. If you like to see a twink split in half, this is the scene for you.

Watch this full length movie

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posted by gayporn David @ March.21.2009 - Post a comment

college dudes

College Dudes 24/7 description of this gayporn shoot:
Gage Preston and Jake Steel turn up the heat in the passionate flip-flop scene. Since Gage and Jake are both versatile and love fucking, we thought we would put them together.

After swapping knob-jobs, these two fuck like rabbits. Our favorite part is Gage riding Jakes cock, moaning, and loving every minute of it until he gushes a huge load of jizz!

Check out College Dudes 24/7 and see Gage and Jake fucking in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ March.20.2009 - Post a comment

Maximo Latino description of this gayporn shoot:
This week we found a hot bottom named after ourselves. He wanted to prove himself worthy of the name and challenged us to find a hot top to tame him. Well, we think he did pretty well. Meet our latest Maximo Latino duo, Jack and Maximo. Making love in the noon day sun, what do you think, mad dogs or English men? Well, we know they aren't English.

Check out Maximo Latino and watch these two hot studs fucking like mad in the full length movie.

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NEW: Homo Sex Blog Tube
posted by gayporn Mike @ March.19.2009

Homo Sex Blog Tube description of this gayporn shoot:
Since we've started Homo Sex Blog in May 2007, we have added a variety of sections to our blog in our aim to bring you a complete gay web hangout.

After we launched the blog, our message board, the picture albums and a video-on-demand theater, we are pleased to introduce our very own Homo Sex Blog tube.

This new section offers you over 2000 streaming gay movieclips in various categories. Go and check it out yourself. Just click the video you would like to watch and a movie-player will pop up.

You will first see some more info about the movie (name of the studio, names of the models and more). Press play to start the movieclip. It's as simple as that!

Thanks for visiting our blog!
Mike & David

P.S. : don't forget to follow us on Twitter!

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posted by gayporn David @ March.17.2009 - Post a comment

You Love Jack description of this gayporn shoot:
This stocky little portugese/italian hottie can't wait to ditch his clothes and start working on his ass. After squeezing a couple of fingers up there he grabs a bright blue vibrator and slips it deep inside his body.

He pops that vibrating intruder out just in time to shoot a load of cum all over his belly. Which he scoops up and uses as lube to slip that vibrator up his ass one more time. Dirty little fucker!

He slowly strokes the toy in and out of his ass and the camera is right there to see every detail. It's amazing to see how much pleasure this stocky little dude is creating for himself. He's in that sex trance now and his expression is intense with self pleasure as he gets lost in the simple action of fucking himself. Enjoying the sensation that every movement creates.

He slips the dildo out and replaces it with his fingers while he watches his handy work in the camera's LCD monitor. Back and forth he goes, first the dildo then his fingers. Everything a slippery mess of sex and desire - this is fucking hot!!

Join You Love Jack and watch Donnie Bravo playing with his toys in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ March.16.2009 - Post a comment

Randy Blue description of this gayporn shoot:
It was only a matter of time before we put a powerhouse like Leo Giamani with one of Randy Blue's best known models, Blake Riley. They say you can't please all of the people all of the time but this one comes pretty damn close. I knew that Blake would be thrilled to finally get to do a scene with Leo.

In part because I've seen them interact with each other and the chemistry is amazing, but also because Blake keeps asking me when he's going to get to do a scene with Leo. On a more selfish level, I couldn't wait to get these two together because this is exactly the kind of video I would want to see if I was a member of Randy Blue.

And finally, I had a gut feeling that you guys would love seeing Blake open up his famously hungry hole for Leo's monster cock. And I'm guessing my hunch was right because once word got out that I had shot this video I've gotten tons of responses in the RBL chat room and on the Blue is Beautiful blog asking when it was finally going up.

They say good things come to those who wait, and this will surely be a huge payoff. Leo is looking better than ever with his muscles on top of muscles chiseled body, and Blake seems to have mustered up every ounce of sexual energy to not only make this one of the hottest videos he's done but also to knock Leo Giamani right out of his gym socks!

I think my favorite part was watching Leo's amazing low hangers twirling around as he drives his giant manjammer right up Blake's talented ass. And Blake is anything but passive, almost sucking Leo's entire cock into his hole and jerking it off from the inside.

And their moans are almost musical as their bodies rub up against each other, their breaths mingle and their eyes meet and then close in the throws of passion. It's nearly too much for Blake as he spews his load all over himself with Leo still planted deep in his gut, and then dreamily accepts Leo's spunk as it washes over him.

Check out Randy Blue and watch Leo Giamani and Blake Riley in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ March.12.2009 - Post a comment

Jeremy Roddick description of this gayporn shoot:
Andrew is a svelte and lean classical dancer who was eager to get started in the porn industry. He contacted me few weeks ago to make sure my camera would be fully charged the day he'd turn 18. He also mentioned that he was an avid bottom, a dedicated cock sucker and a huge cock fanatic.

I don't have to tell you how excited I was to start rolling! You'll see for yourself. Turns out Andrew is a very vocal bottom. He just loved having my dick up his ass!

Join Jeremy Roddick and watch Jeremy fucking this 18 year old bottom in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ March.08.2009 - Post a comment

BoyCrush description of this gayporn shoot:
Patrick, Krist, and Jake have a blast in this hardcore video. They start off with some threeway kissing and sucking before Patrick buckles down and fucks Kirst and Jake in turn. Krist even takes a turn with Jake while getting fucked by Patrick from behind.

Check out BoyCrush and watch these twink boys sucking and fucking in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ March.07.2008 - Post a comment

Chaosmen description of this gayporn shoot:
Wow! Talk about a perfect pairing.

These two visually (and I think mentally!) belong together. They look so much a like that for this reason, I think both Sebastian and Vance totally got off. Their dicks are so similar that they thought they were playing with their own.

Vance has got his full fur action going, and Sebastian is really jumping into the guy on guy sex thing.

They take turns blowing each other, and the take turns fucking each other. I think this is the first time Vance has bottomed on my site, though I am pretty sure its not his first. Regardless, it was awesome to see a dick up his bubble butt, AND his dick bone hard as he really got off on controlling it to hit all the right spots.

Great cumshot as the two of them truly got off on looking at the other guy, and helping each other out.

This is another video that likely only took about 20 minutes to film, as both guys had major chemistry going, and we just shot pretty much straight through. This totally translates..it is a majoly hot 'release'!

Check out Chaosmen and watch Sebastian and Vance fuck in this hot full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ March.03.2009 - Post a comment

college dudes

College Dudes 24/7 description of this gayporn shoot:
Hayden Wolfe plows into Paul Eastcore in this too-hot-to-handle fuck scene. Hayden has a giant cock, and Paul is pretty new to getting cock, so it was especially hot seeing Paul slurp all over Haydens cock before Hayden flipped him over, licked his hole, and took Paul for a ride.

Check out College Dudes 24/7 and see Hayden fucking Paul's tight ass.

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