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posted by gayporn David @ March.31.2010 - Post a comment

Next Door Buddies description of this gayporn shoot:
Rod Daily is busy doing math homework and David Stone is watching an educational video, so he says. Once Rod notices that David is watching a porno the books are dropped and a cock is inserted in the mouth for some sucking pleasure. These two studs take turns fucking and sucking each other. After they are done pumping ass they kick back with cocks in hand and blast cum loads all over.

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You Love Jack description of this gayporn shoot:
Charlie shot his latest video on the morning of his 25th birthday but one thing's for sure... This handsome young man is getting younger every time I see him!

He pulls his rock hard 7 inch cock out of his pants and shows off the thick shaft and swollen head as he stares down the camera with his beautiful blue eyes. This hot little straight guy shows off every inch of his athletic little body then slides a finger deep inside his ass before squirting his load all over his furry twink belly.

Join You Love Jack and watch Charlie stroking his beautiful dick in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ March.29.2010 - Post a comment

Men At Play description of this gayporn shoot:
Dean Monroe and his legendary ass is back and looking hotter then ever! And to mark this special occasion we have teamed him up with the ultra sexy up and coming porn star Axel Brooks. After a long hard day at the office Dean comes home to find his flat has been broken into but soon discovers the intruder is still there and has one thing on his mind - Dean's ass!

The sex is aggressive and passionate! Axel rips off Dean's trousers and pounds his ass with his big thick throbbing cock! The chemistry between these two stunning men is electric culminating in both cumming on Axel's ripped torso, their hot cum mixing together!

Check out Men At Play and watch Dean and Axel in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ March.27.2010 - Post a comment

Berlin Male description of this gayporn shoot:
We first met Sergio in Berlin City. He is a tourist from Spain and he is traveling Germany and Scandinavia. we convinced him to stop by our studio the next day and so he did. Sergio has a killer smile and is a very funny guy. He wasn't shy at al! He strokes his cock like there is no tomorrow and delivered a nice load of sticky cum!

Check out Berlin Male and watch Sergio getting off in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ March.26.2010 - Post a comment

Cum Pig Men

Cum Pig Men description of this gayporn shoot:
Here's one for all you cum lovers out there. CumPigMen offers hi-quality videos featuring hot men in oral sex and cum eating. Although this site is not brand new, it was launched not that long ago. CumPigMen already has an impressive archive full of exclusive movies.

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posted by gayporn David @ March.25.2010 - Post a comment

Corbin Fisher description of this gayporn shoot:
The last time we saw Nicholas and his amazing body, he was fucking James in what was both guys' first ever guy-on-guy experience. He clearly enjoyed it, looked incredible while at it, and it was enough to get him to agree to try bottoming as well! I think he saw just how much James seemed to like it and that intrigued him a bit!

I know I was eager to see him get fucked, and eager to see just how he'd react to it and whether he'd end up really liking it! Elijah looks thoroughly eager and happy to be the one to fuck Nicholas for the first time, as well! He can't help but mention just how impressive he thinks Nicholas' body is as he gets his shirt off and starts to lick up and down his chest.

As Nicholas lays back and that hot chest of his is heaving, Elijah is down between his legs, sucking on his cock and using his mouth to get it harder and harder.

Elijah lays back to let Nicholas take a turn at sucking his dick, guiding Nicholas along with instructions on how to make him feel better, and telling him to lick on his balls as well. Nicholas really seems to get in to it, driven on by just how much Elijah is reacting to his mouth and tongue! When Elijah tells him to lick his ass, he eagerly obliges and plants his tongue on Elijah's hole to rim him.

At the outset of the video, Nicholas mentions he's heard quite a lot about Elijah from the other guys and knew Elijah likes to fuck hard. Elijah even mentions Nicholas can expect an intense fuck, here.

That's precise what Nicholas is treated to - and we get to see! - as Nicholas sits down on Elijah's cock and gets fucked for the very first time! Nicholas gets fucked hard, fast and deep and shoots a huge load all over those awesome abs of his while Elijah drills his hole! He then gets covered in Elijah's load, ending it all caked in cum and unable to deny that it felt great!

Check out Corbin Fisher and watch Nicholas getting fucked by Elijah in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ March.25.2010 - Post a comment

Drake Cameron

Drake Cameron description of this gayporn shoot:
Tristan and Gianni are the first models we have picked to come back and do a full action scene. When Tristan first met Gianni that day, we knew that this was going to be a fun scene to film. The two started making out and groping each other before we could even start the cameras! Tristan and Gianni's chemistry throughout really made this video hot. Gianni started off by slurping up Tristan's hot cock into his eagerly awaiting mouth, giving Tristan a blowjob to remember. Tristan repaid Gianni by forcing him to take more and more of his cock down his throat.

Then it was time for some serious fucking. Tristan went at Gianni's ass as if there were no tomorrow. Grabbing and man handling Gianni round ass just for his pleasure. Gianni moaned and writhed in ecstasy as Tristan continued to pound every inch of his cock into him. Eventually Tristan gave into his primal need and exploded while he was still inside Gianni. For being such a good bottom boy, Tristan decided to suck Gianni off until he blew his load on his stomach.

See the full length movie here

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posted by gayporn Mike @ March.24.2010 - Post a comment

CockSure Men description of this gayporn shoot:
A hot photo shoot featuring hairy hunks Tristan Jaxx and Conner Habib is going fantastic. Both guys look great in their cowboy hats, and so do the photos. The shoot wraps up and the guys are told to grab a shower. They have other plans, and start to grab each others dicks instead.

We just keep the cameras rolling and let the guys have their fun. Tristan deep throats Conner down to his balls leaving Conner speechless. By the time the guys are down eating ass the condoms and lube arrive and Conner is more than ready to spread for Tristan's thick, uncut cock.

Conner drills Tristan’s beautiful butt all over the place... on a fence, on the ground and on a hay bale. Both guys unleash truly amazing cumshots. If you’re a cumshot lover (and we know you are) you are going to be thrilled!

Check out CockSure Men and watch Tristan and Conner in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ March.23.2010 - Post a comment

New York Straight Men

New York Straight Men description of this gayporn shoot:
This movie could also be titled "Ben Gets a Face-full" or 'Ben is a Cum-Rag" We paired up Tony and Joe for a good old fashioned jerk off session with Ben watching off to the side. Joe is an easy going sexually liberated straight guy and Tony is the uptight Italian American Type, everything is on the DL.

It is evident in this movie that Tony is not comfortable sitting right next to another guy while jerking off. When another guy sees Tony with a hardon, its because that guy is going to suck him off and then disappear. While Tony never quite warned up to the situation, he did it because he needed to bust his nut cause it had been a few days.

Ben got a great show, he got to see two hot and hairy straight guys taking care of themselves. However after a while, Ben couldn't take it anymore, his inner cocksucker got restless and he did what comes natural to him and got rewarded with a shot of cum in the face!

Check out New York Straight Men and watch Tony and Joe getting their cocks sucked in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ March.22.2010 - Post a comment

Men Over 30 description of this gayporn shoot:
Sexy Brenden Cage takes center stage this week on MenOver30.com. To get a better idea of what this 33 year-old New Yorker can do when he’s not jacking that cock alone, we decided to pair him up with spicy, Colombian alum Alexander Garrett. The chemistry is off the charts as these two, kissing passionately, break the ice. Slowly, they undress the other as their tongue-fest continues.

Brenden’s hand is exploring Alexander’s crotch. It isn’t long before he’s on his knees pulling down Alexander’s shorts and underwear as his thick, uncut cock springs into view. Alexander’s thick 8” meat is getting a rather inspiring welcome. He’s rock hard as Brenden sucks on it. Alexander then wants some as well, as they strip completely. He takes his turn on Brenden’s bone. Alexander expertly works Brenden’s cock as Brenden gets antsy for more of Alexander’s.

Soon enough, Brenden is back on his knees, working that fat 8” cock. He’s not even close to being done with his sampling session. He leads him toward the couch, where he gets Alexander on all fours. His smooth ass is exposed. Brenden takes advantage of that by slipping his hot tongue deep inside that ass. He laps and sucks away as Alexander writhes in ecstasy.

Brenden then sits on the couch, spreads his legs wide, and waits for Alexander to get on. Is this seat taken? Hmmm. Alexander has his cock buried balls deep in that “culo caliente” soon enough. Brenden is doing his part to make sure that ‘hot ass’ is being taken care of.

Alexander keeps riding that cock til Brenden decides he wants more control and first bends him over the chair and then moves the action to the rug. Brenden takes Alexander Missionary. He fucks away at his Latin lover. Alexander just begs for more. All this fucking gets them both close, as they reconvene on the couch and jack themselves off, shooting their hot loads all over themselves.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ March.21.2010 - Post a comment

Chaosmen description of this gayporn shoot:
Well AJ stepped up his game for this shoot! Nash of course is very sexy, no matter how you cut it. And, as always, he makes the new guys feel at ease. Plus, I think it was awkward doing the last scene between AJ and his best friend, Jasper.

They both get way into it; AJ is learning that he can take a cock and it can actually feel good. Nash struggles not to cum when he gets fucked on his back again. It's funny to watch him brush AJ's hand away when he tries to play with it. A little cream-pie action at the end, and AJ nuts doggy style while Nash is "almost" fucking him. We are getting him closer to getting the cum fucked out of him!

But I guess the fun part of this video is the OutTakes at the end. With amateur guys who have never fucked a dude, we usually stick to 3-4 positions. I know it can be boring, but since I have so few gay guys working for me, they just aren't good at Gay Porn Acrobatics.

But between takes, the boys were watching a straight porn where the guy had picked up his girl and was fucking her standing up. Nash said he does that with his girl, and he didn't think the extra 20 pounds little AJ would be that much different.

I wasn't so optimistic, but figured it would be fun to try a new position. So it's lots of fun to watch them try to get the position to work. I think you can see they are having fun on the set, and I gotta give 'em props for thinking creatively!

Check out Chaosmen and watch AJ and Nash in the full length video.

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posted by gayporn David @ March.20.2010 - Post a comment

Out In Public

Out In Public description of this gayporn shoot:
The studio that brought us It's Gonna Hurt and Haze Him has just launched a new site called Out In Public.

For all you voyeurs out there, Out In Public features, like the title says, sex in public. How can you not like that? Take the trial membership and check out all episodes!


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BARN PARTY at Bare Adventures
posted by gayporn David @ March.19.2010 - Post a comment

Bare Adventures description of this gayporn shoot:
What starts off as a horny duo in the shower soon turns to hardcore ass pounding. To add to the excitement the taxi man comes to see what’s taking so long. Our cab driver is obviously up for a Bare Adventure in the shower. As soon as Mark sneaks in with his cock is out, asses rose in the air for a great spit roasting session. Leon Cook takes cock like the pro he is and he is soon drenched in 3 loads of spunk!! Makes you want to embark on a Bare Adventure with them.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ March.19.2010 - Post a comment

Haze Him description of this gayporn shoot:
So the guys at one of our favorite east coast fraternity's decided to throw their annual winter party. As usual they brought their video camera's along to record the events and plenty of pledges to break in. Man when these guy's break in pledges they really break them in...lol. You got all the makings of a good hazing in this one :screaming, push-ups, jumping-jacks, dick sucking, and tacky outfits. You don't want to miss this one.

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posted by gayporn David @ March.18.2010 - Post a comment

Video Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
After seeing Trent Evans' huge cock we started to wonder what bottom we could pair him with. When we asked around to some of the usual suspects they all respectfully declined after seeing the pictures of what they were up against. But then Julien Cox stepped forward claiming that not only would he do it, that he would love it.

It seems that Julien has a thing for huge, uncut cocks and Trent was more than happy to oblige since he has a thing for smooth, eager asses like Julien's. I can't remember when their has been better sexual chemistry in front of our cameras.

Check out Videoboys and watch Trent fucking Julien in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ March.17.2010 - Post a comment

Southern Strokes

Southern Strokes description of this gayporn shoot:
Grayson is a hot 24 year old Southern Bad Boy from Atlanta. We receive emails all the time here at Southern Strokes from our members with all kinds of requests. One of our members emailed us telling us about a friend of his that really wanted to do a shoot for us. When we get emails like this, they typically never seem to work out but in this case, things went quite well. I was really surprised when Grayson pulled up at the Lake House right on schedule to do his solo.

It turns out that our Southern Boy Grayson has had quite the interesting life for his young 24 years of age. Grayson spent about 7 months in prison for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. We were all excited when it came time to interview Grayson thinking that we were going to get some great "prison shower stories" but as it turns out, this boy was in a single cell with single shower stalls.

Grayson definitely has a wild side to him. He loves to get nasty; in fact the nastier the better. We were all shocked when he told us about the time that he went into his best friends mother's bedroom and borrowed a pair of her panties and stroked one off all over her silk undies. I could just imagine him trying to bust a nut real quick before anyone could walk in and catch him. (not to mention what his friend's mother thought about all that sticky goo all over her underwear).

Grayson got right down to business and stripped off his clothes and started playing with his already hard cock. Before we knew it, Grayson licked his fingers and started to probe his ass as he moaned with pleasure. After Grayson finger-fucked himself for a bit, he shot a huge load of cum all over his chest and then proceeded to wipe it off with his fingers and then lick it all off. You can bet that we will have this nasty boy back for more.

Check out Southern Strokes and watch Grayson in the full length movie.

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Drake Cameron

Drake Cameron description of this gayporn shoot:
Damian is working at a local gym as a personal trainer so he spends quite a bit of time there. And his hard abs are the result! The story that was told to us is that he wasn't at all shy about being naked and couldn't wait to stroke off in front of the camera. He claims that he is straight but he told us that..."I often stay a long time in the showers so that the others can watch me and I can watch them. It is very sexy and I enjoy it."

See the full length movie here

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Twinks Take Big Cock

Twinks Take Big Cock description of this gayporn shoot:
Ethan is one cute twink who just graduated from high school. We matched him up with a 12 inch FAT white cock. In this scene he takes this fat cock entirely up his ass, and trust me it hurts! After his ass has been ripped open, Ethan gets a huge mouth full of hot sperm down his throat.

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Straight Men In Trouble

Straight Men In Trouble description of this gayporn shoot:
Yes, there is another new straight-men-abused themed site on the block! Since these kind of sites are so popular (you like to see straight men suffer, don't you?), we figured you would probably want to know about Straight Men In Trouble as well.

Currently there are 54 full length episodes in the site's archives, which is a pretty good number to start with. New movies will of course be added reguraly. So if you like your men stripped, struggling and fully exposed - Straight Men In Trouble gets you busy for a while.


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Chaosmen description of this gayporn shoot:
Lansing was finally getting confident with his dick staying hard for shoots, so he asked if he could try topping. Eli has no problems bottoming. Actually, I think he is excellent at both positions. But we started off with Eli giving Lansing the briefest of massages, playing with his hole and generally getting him worked up to be fucked.

Eli wanders around front and feeds his fat cock to Lansing, and that did the trick. He flips Lansing over to get a quick kiss in just before Eli starts sucking on Lansing’s dick, which is standing straight up. Eventually, Eli bends him over the table and slowly inserts his cock, stretching his hole and letting us all see how big his dick is.

Lansing then turns over and Eli crawls on top and sits on Lansing’s dick. Lansing plays with his cock and they kiss. You can tell that both of them are really into it. At last! Lansing finally tops! Lansing did admit that Eli was pretty skilled, and we both wanted to see if Eli could fuck the cum out of him.

I know the “On The Back” position is usually the best, and sure enough we get to witness one of the best cum fuckings I have ever seen. Without missing a beat, nor wilt of Lansing’s cock, Eli pulls out and splooges all over Lansing’s hole, shoving his cum-soaked cock in and out.

I gotta put the massage table into play more often, cuz this is seriously one of the best vids on the site. It’s got great video coverage, there is chemistry between the models, and, of course, a creamy pie at the end!

Check out Chaosmen and watch Lansing fucking Eli in the full length video.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ March.12.2010 - Post a comment

Randy Blue description of this gayporn shoot:
Sean Everett and Richard Pierce have been wanting to fuck since they did a live show together. Both of them have been working out like crazy and exercising their bodies until they look as hot as they can get. And once these two were in the same room they couldn't wait to go at it.

Sean looks awesome with his scruffy face and sexy body. And Richard just loves showing off those gorgeous tattoos that lead right down the side of his beautiful tight chest and stomach. Sean loves giving Richard a total tongue bath all over his throbbing hard cock before diving onto it. He looks like a hungry tiger trying to get it all in his mouth at once.

And after reciprocating for a while Richard can't wait to dive his face deep into Sean's ass, lubing up his hungry hole with his tongue before ramming his cock in as far as it can go. Sean is just lost in the feeling of having such a hot stud as Richard ramming him over and over again and when they're done Richard shoots his hot semen all over Sean's adorable face.

Check out Randy Blue and watch Richard and Sean fucking in the full length movie.

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Next Door Buddies description of this gayporn shoot:
Rod Daily is passed out after a long night of partying but this doesn’t stop Nash Lawler and James Jameson from sneaking into his room. The two sexy men creep into Rods room and try to wake him up by rubbing their cocks in his face but Rod doesn’t budge. After a few tries of cock rubbing the two decide to wake his ass up.

After the rude awakening Rod is confused but soon enough James cock is being sucked and Nash is drooling all over Rod’s tasty dick. James and Nash take turns fucking Rod’s tight sexy ass and mouth. Nash loves to talk dirty and takes control of this hot three way action.

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Corbin Fisher description of this gayporn shoot:
Well, I think it would be an understatement to call this a highly anticipated video! With his youthful, cute face and his tight body, Colby was an instant hit when he first appeared on the site. Seeing Colby get fucked and taking a hard dick in his ass is just too hot to describe. His whole body is dripping in sweat, that hot face of his totally covered in an intense expression.

Those twitches and gasps as a dick first slides in to him are so real, and the way he looks up at his partner is priceless. What's more, seeing that dick of his just get harder and harder and then seeing him fire off a massive load as his hole gets drilled simply could not be any hotter. There's no doubt Colby enjoyed how it felt, and he made no attempt at all to hide that! He gets fucked deep and hard, long and slow, fast and steady in position after position, and looks great throughout it all! It was, indeed, worth the wait!

Check out Corbin Fisher and watch Colby getting fucked by Dawson in the full length movie.

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My brothers hot friend description of this gayporn shoot:
Brodie is coming over to catch the big game with his bro, but instead he catches his brother’s roommate Tommy giving a deep blow job to Lucas. With his mind off the game he puts his cock into play for a hot three-way.

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You Love Jack description of this gayporn shoot:
This is Tommy's 3rd video for You Love Jack and he's got a new look and a new attitude! He shows off his pretty big uncut cock before sliding his fingers in and out of his asshole. He shoves his ass right up in the camera lens to show off his handy work then spreads that hole wide open while he watches the action on the camera's LCD monitor.

Before you know it his cum is flying through the air and coating his beautiful athletic body with stripe after stripe of creamy white goodness!

Join You Love Jack and watch Tommy stroking his uncut dick in the full length movie.

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Haze Him description of this gayporn shoot:
I've seen so far on any of our submissions! I'm talking about being slapped, blindfolded, shit shoved in his mouth and that's just the start! These guys don't give a fuck! Not only do these fraternity brothers torture the hell out of this poor boy but they end up fucking him in the ass! This video is out of control! You have to see it with your own eyes!

Check out Haze Him and see these frat boys in the full length movie.

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Pet Ur Monkey description of this gayporn shoot:
For his second appearance stroking his monkey, Gabriel's confidence and ability to perform in front of our cameras has increased greatly. Gabriel, or Gabe as he likes to be called, took little time getting naked and he was already semi hard as he dropped his boxers to show off his thick 8 inch dick. Gabriel was smiling, playing, and doing everything possible to show how big and hard he was this time around. As with his first video, he shoots a huge load of cum. This one goes up his hairy chest, down his leg, and all over the bed.

Check out Pet Ur Monkey and watch this hot straight guy getting off in the full length movie.

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Broke Straight Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
Nathan was still fully dressed and he needed to catch up to Shane who was in his underwear with a boner in his hand. Taking off his shirt, he stood up and told us about the tattoo that he had on his chest. Dropping his pants to the floor, I asked him if he worked out, and Nathan said that he has never worked out a day in his life. But, the body he had was from the navy, and he has kept it ever since.

Taking a seat on the couch, I asked him if he was ready to begin. He replied that he was, and I had him start by helping to take Shane's underwear off. From that point, the rest seem easy, he start by grabbing hold of the dick, and then sucking on the tip. The more that he got comfortable with it the further down on it he would go. Shane seemed to enjoy the oral, and the straight boy's first dick sucking was going well. After a while though I did have them switch.

When it was Shane's turn, he wanted to wait for Nathan to get hard before he would put it in his mouth. However, he had been here enough times, that I wanted to watch him get Nathan hard from just oral. He put the tiny limp dick in his mouth and started to suck on it. It took a while for Nathan to get turned on, but once he did the cock filled Shane's mouth as he gave the blow job.

Shane wanted a break when his jaw started to hurt and so I had Nathan jerk Shane off next, to see if he was any good at giving hand jobs. Nathan's technique was slow and steady, and Shane just sat back very calm. After some time, I noticed as Shane's body started to tense up more and more, causing him to start to show signs of having an orgasm.

When he did he started yelling, breathing really hard, and then thick, white, cum shot out of his dick. After that I let Nathan get cleaned up and Shane take a minute. Nathan said that he just wanted to jerk himself off and he was fine in not having Shane help him. It didn't take long for Nathan straightened out his body and then he came right on his stomach and you could see it really well. Nathan did a great job, so I hope to have him back in the studio to try some anal.

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Fresh SX

Fresh SX description of this gayporn shoot:
Meet Jak Williams. He is from Manchester, UK and FreshSX brings him onto your computer screen in a hot solo jerk off movie. Jak is a cute young twink who loves to bottom for fit lads with big cocks. I hope we get the chance to see that in the near future.

This 5'9" guy with hazel eyes is not affraid to show off his body. He quickly undresses as soon as the movie starts and jerks his 7 inch uncut cock. You can see he really enjoys the attention from the cameras and soon shoots a hot load of twink jizz allover his abs.

Check out FreshSX and watch Jak Williams in the full length movie.

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Drake Cameron

Drake Cameron description of this gayporn shoot:
Standing at 6 foot 4 inches tall, Dante is whole lot of tasty man meat. He's making his way through college but has a freaky side he wanted to explore. Dante came to us for just an interview, but after hearing to his deep voice and seeing his hot naked body, Drake and I knew we had to have him and were ready to film. With a little coaxing and a helping hand, he was ready to get on the bed and show us what he's got.

See the full length movie here

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Daddy Mugs

Daddy Mugs description of this gayporn shoot:
My good friend Hallway got a hold of me again and wanted to have some fun so I packed up my bags and went to visit him. He still has that killer smile, "Jacobs Ladder" on his cock and a hot fucking ass. His cock was hard even before his pants came off.

I went right to sucking his cock and rimming his asshole. I got his hole all primed up for some toy action. I loved watching his facial expressions and moans as I fucked his asshole with the toys. At the end he shot a nice fucking load of cum as I continued to work his ass over.

Get the Daddy Mugs trial membership and see Daddy Mugs sucking Hallway in the full length movie.

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CockSure Men description of this gayporn shoot:
Bo Dean has a tall order in store for him today named Dakota Rivers. Dakota is six feet three inches of sexy! Both guys get down and dirty, sucking on each others’ fat cocks. After getting his face fucked by Bo, Dakota has another hole he wants filled.

Bo saddles up and plugs Dakota’s tight ass with his massive dick. As always, Bo’s running on high-octane and fucks Dakota with an intensity no one else can match. Our studs jerk out two huge loads and splatter our bed with their warm seed.

Check out CockSure Men and watch Bo fucking Dakota in the full length movie.

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college dudes

College Dudes 24/7 description of this gayporn shoot:
Hayden Wolfe is our resident ass-destroyer, with his truly massive dick and his love for fucking tight holes. Rob Ryder gives Hayden a ride in this exciting fuck scene. Rob must be really coming to enjoy cock more than we thought, because as Rob is blowing Hayden it is like he is making love to that fat cock with his mouth and tongue.

Hayden loosens Rob up and proceeds to ram Rob with all the force he has - Hayden pretty much rips into Robs nice pink hole with lots of spunk! Rob tries riding Haydens monster, and then Hayden flips Rob onto his back for another several minutes of pure fucking. After getting his hole abused for so long, Rob surprises us all by gulping down Haydens big load.

Check out College Dudes 24/7 and see how Rob gets nailed in the full length movie.

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15 Tops 1 Bottom

15 Tops, 1 Bottom description of this gayporn shoot:
New sites are popping up like mushrooms lately. The Pride Porn Pass Network has again launched a hot new site, which is definitely worth checking out. As a special deal, you can get a $1 membership plus free access to 17 bonus sites within the same network! It's an awesome deal!

So what's this site about? 15 Tops, 1 Bottom features content that is truly unique and mind blowing. Each scene consists of at least 15 guys going to town on 1 straight dude. We pay loads of cash to get these broke or at times easily tricked straight dudes railed by 15 + hard, big, gay dick! Watch these poor straight dudes get COVERED with loads and loads of cum after being completely ripped apart and humiliated!


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Miles is a laid back country boy, who had just gotten a new puppy, so we needed to move quickly through his shoot cuz his puppy needed to be let out after a couple hours. He still seemed very relaxed and had lots of fun showing off for the camera.

Miles probably hears it on occasion, but I think he looks like a grown-up Haley Joel Osment ('I see dead people' fame), toss in a dash of Edward Norton and you have one cute guy!

Miles is straight and I never got a chance to see if he wanted to come back and do more interactive stuff. He seem open-minded, so if you guys like him I will for sure ask him to come on back. But I think he just needed some quick cash to pay for his new puppy!

Check out Chaosmen and watch Miles in the full length video.

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