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posted by gayporn David @ March.29.2012 - Post a comment
free Broke Straight Boys picture preview

Broke Straight Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
Today, we introduce another hot boy; Blake Savage. Blake, who is single, needs some quick cash in order to pay his rent, thus, the reason he has agreed to jerk off on camera. Taking off his shoes and socks, Blake said that he played both football and baseball. His t-shirt and shorts were soon taken off and dropped onto the floor, revealing Blake's toned upper body, lean legs and ultra cute 'outtie' bellybutton.

Grabbing his cock through the soft boxers, Blake said that he first started jerking off when he was around fifteen and that he had been caught by his Mom. He turned around, pulling down his boxers and flashing his virgin ass and large tattoo scrolling across his upper shoulders to the camera.

As he started to play with his dick, Blake admitted that the strangest place he had ever done it was in his car. He also went on to say that his favorite thing in porn was the oral scenes. Pulling down his boxers entirely, Blake revealed what was probably the thickest bush ever seen on Broke Straight Boys.

Blake settled down on the edge of the bed, his hand sliding up and down his hardening dick. A moment later, he shifted further onto the bed and lay down on his back. Even though Blake had never jerked off before in front of a camera, there was no doubt that he was one of the more confidant boys in the studio. Swapping from hand to hand, Blake couldn't help but lightly touch himself across his chest and nipples as he worked on getting hard.

It wasn't too long before Blake had a rock hard dick so he moved to kneel on the bed so that he could show off his stiffy. Blake, panting heavily, rolled his hairy balls with his fingertips, getting more and more turned on as he worked on his cock. Continue...

Visit Broke Straight Boys and watch Blake jerking off in the full length HD movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ March.28.2012 - Post a comment
free Man Royale picture preview

Man Royale description of this gayporn shoot:
Man Royale has been officially launched today. It's a new gay porn site with a lot of potential. There are more than 40 scenes available at this time and with 5 to 7 new scenes every week, the site will grow very fast. Man Royale seems to hire the most populair porn stars for their videos. With all those familiar faces, almost daily updates and a 1 dollar trial membership, Man Royale could be a big rival for the popular Men.com

In this scene, Luke Hass and Calvin Koons have been brought together. They video starts with the two hot guys kissing and groping in the pool. One of the things we know about Luke, is that he really loves to suck dick and it doesn't take long before he pulls Calvin's cock out of his speedo and into his mouth.

Calvin clearly loves the blowjob, as Luke feels his dick getting harder and harder. Luke also loves to fuck, but first he rims Calvin's tight ass. He pushes his tongue deep inside Calvin's hole, getting his ass ready for what's about to come next.

Luke pushes his cock head against Calvin's little hole and Calvin can't wait to feel Luke's big cock inside him. From the moment Luke's cock enters Calvin's hole till the moment the guys bust their nuts, Calvin is in extasy. He really gives up his ass and let Luke ride it in any way he pleases.

Check out Man Royale and see Luke Hass fucking Calvin Koons in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn David @ March.26.2012 - Post a comment
free Butch Dixon picture preview

Butch Dixon description of this gayporn shoot:
We thought Alec Hill was a total bottom, but he couldn't resist squeezing his hard dick into Husseins, ultra tight and very hairy arse hole. The guys slobber over each others cocks and arses and take it in turns to fuck the life out of each others spit lubed arses. Total cum filled sex piggies, who love to show off infront of my camera - perfect!

Check out Butch Dixon and watch Toby stroking his uncut cock in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn David @ March.24.2012 - Post a comment
free Video Boys picture preview

Video Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
First of all, yes, Ben Rose is straight. And because of his really great look and amazing body we thought it might be interesting to see what kind of a solo show he could do for us. And because we knew he was straight and because he is the way he is, we just assumed that a Fleshjack would be precisely the toy that would please him.

It was only during the interview that we learned that Ben is a lot more experimental than we had given him credit for. And though we weren't wrong that the Fleshjack was a great toy for him, it's quite possible that a dildo might have done the trick even better. But that's no reason to think Ben couldn't get everything he wants. While his right hand is working the Fleshjack, the fingers of his left hand are free to wander where they please.

Check out Videoboys and watch Ben fucking a Fleshjack in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ March.23.2012 - Post a comment

Circle Jerk Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
Today it's "Bring a Breeder to Work" Day here on Circle Jerk Boys and we know how you love your breeders. Trey Turner is back and apparently no longer on the market. Trey gushes as we ask him about his new beau. Apparently he pulled a U-Haul (lesbian lingo for fast-tracked) and they are now living together.

While Trey floats back to earth, we turn our attention to a new face we recently became familiar with, Mr. Peter Stamin. Trey goes down on Peter's massive meat which immediately makes the straight boy start to squirm as he revels in ecstasy. Trey then gets up to give Peter access to his own meat which Peter takes out and samples as well. Trey just sits back and watches as the str8 boy plays with his cock like he's discovered a new toy.

The foreplays building towards even more excitement and before we know it we're hearing Trey groaning "Oh yeah, fuck my ass!" as Peter's balls are slapping his ass. Peter is fucking Trey doggie-style as Trey moans with delight. Peter then flips Trey on his back and slams back in for more of that sweet ass.

Peter's thick dick isn't having any problems fucking in new territory as he tears Trey's ass up. All this fucking is sensory overload for Peter whose balls are feeling that familiar tingle as he pulls out and strokes his cock off all over Trey. He explodes coating Trey's smooth chest and cock with his batter which in turn sends Trey over the edge. Trey grunts, sending his own load lassoing into the air as he adds to the milky mess all over his navel and chest.

Check out Circle Jerk Boys and watch Peter fucking the cum out of Trey in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ March.21.2012 - Post a comment
Extra Big Dicks

Extra Big Dicks description of this gayporn shoot:
We have a special episode today as we welcome back Girth Brooks to Extra Big Dicks and joinging him is new addition Tanner Wayne.

As we begin we have Girth standing as he gropes his growing crotch. His hands run under his tee as he feels his hairy pecs and abs. His shirt comes off and hits the couch as he continues his sexy strip tease. He undoes he belt and shoves his hand in his pants to accommodate his fat cock that by now is growing by the second.

He pushes his jeans down and starts to tug on his cock through his boxers. The outline of his massive cock strains against the cotton longing to be released. (Enter Tanner: stage right) "Get your fuckin hand on my cock" moans Girth as Tanner kneels and starts to grope his cock and rubs his face all over it.

Tanner soon pulls that underwear down to get at the real deal; opens wide and takes that fucking dick. "Lick my balls you dirty fuckin whore" Girth grunts as Tanner does as he's told. "Stick your tongue out' Girth orders, slapping his cock on his tongue before turning around to give him something else he could lick, 'fuck yeah get that ass you dirty whore" Tanner eats that ass out shoving that tongue deep inside.

Girth can't wait any longer and pulls Tanner to his feet before shoving him against the wall and ripping off his tee. He manhandles Tanner as Girth climbs on a chair and has Tanner get under him so he can keep licking his hole. Girth then sits on the floor and orders Tanner to drop his pants and sit on his fat dick. Tanner is rock hard as he rides Girth's cock. Girth then gets Tanner and bends him over as he slides inside him and takes that sweet ass doggy style. "Take all that fuckin dick, filthy whore."

Pile driver is next as Girth gets Tanner on the floor and hoists his legs up over his head giving up that sweet ass for more pounding. Girth slams inside and starts to do squats into that ass and it sends them both over the edge. Girth pulls out and sprays all over Tanner who joins! him in covering his chest abs with thick load. As soon as Girth is done, he bounces leaving Tanner on the floor in a puddle of cum, saying those three little words ..."Girth, Call me!"

Check out ExtraBigDicks and see Girth Brooks fucking Tanner Wayne in the full length HD movie.


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posted by gayporn David @ March.20.2012 - Post a comment
free Broke Straight Boys picture preview

Broke Straight Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
Today, the hot duo of Jimmy and Bradley are in the studio. Since his last appearance, Bradley has been traveling around all over the place however, he has run out of money which is why he gave the studio a call, looking for some extra work. As both boys looked pretty eager to get the show on the road, I told them to hurry up and get naked. Continue...

Visit Broke Straight Boys and watch Jimmy fucking Bradley's tight ass in the full length HD movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ March.19.2012 - Post a comment

Circle Jerk Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
This week on Circle Jerk Boys we're gonna have you down on your knees, begging please, begging us for 'Mercy', Evan Mercy that is. At 21 Evan makes his debut with us this week and joining him is cutie AJ Banks.

Evan is sitting on the couch looking through porn DVDs when he comes across an all male one. AJ walks in just as Evan realizes its AJ on the back cover with a dick in his mouth. AJ blushes and says it's not that bad. "I think you'd like it, honestly" Evan's on the fence about it but his cock is saying something else.

AJ reaches over and coaxes Evan into trying it. Evan concedes and pulls down his pants as AJ goes for it. He takes Evan's cock out and goes down on it as Evan gasps at the new sensation. AJ swallows every inch of that hard cock and soon Evan's protests are all moans for more. AJ has Evan so horny he decides to return the favor as he kneels and takes AJ's hard cock into his mouth.

Evan doesn't seem to mind a dick in his mouth either. Wonder what else he won't mind trying now that he's had AJ's hot mouth on his meat? Evan sits back as AJ straddles him and sits on his hard cock. AJ loves that dick up his ass and starts to ride that dick like a seasoned jockey. "Your ass feels so good" groans Evan as he gets that cock worked.

AJ is cock crazed as he orders Evan to fuck him and slap that ass harder. Evan slides that dick deep and moves it around hitting AJ's sweet spot before going back to railing that ass fast and deep.

AJ is rock hard as Evan's cock slams against his prostate making AJ shoot his nut all over the place. Evan then pulls his hard cock out and blasts his thick nut all over AJ's cum covered cock before bending over and kissing AJ. Awww, it looks like someone's getting a toaster oven after all.

Check out Circle Jerk Boys and watch Evan Mercy fuck AJ Banks' tight ass in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn David @ March.17.2012 - Post a comment
free Men At Play picture preview

Men At Play description of this gayporn shoot:
If you've ever found yourself sitting across a handsome stranger in the underground or in a waiting room and got lost fantasizing what you would do if you had your chance with him, trying to hide the growing bulge in your pants, you will know exactly what Scott Hunter is going through when he clocks the sexy Jean Franko in the office reception.

Staring at his package he gets lost in thoughts of unzipping his trousers and taking out his fat dick before feasting on it and swallowing it whole, while his ass is gagging to get fucked good and proper... first with a medium dildo, then with a monster dildo and finally pounded senseless by Jean Franko's rock hard, uncut dick.

His hungry ass taking it all in like a real pro begging to fuck him harder, and harder. Until finally he gets a shower of hot, juicy cum over his face, just the way our horny Scott likes it!

Check out Men At Play and watch Jean Franko fucking Scott Hunter in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ March.15.2012 - Post a comment
free Randy Blue pictures

Randy Blue description of this gayporn shoot:
When you go to the Cum and Go Sperm Depository and the guy at the counter is none other than hot, horny and hung bodybuilder Derek Atlas, would you really need any further inspiration to make a deposit? That's what was going through the mind of Bryce Tucker as he approached the counter. Both of them have amazing smooth muscular jock bodies and big thick cocks so you know this is going to be amazing.

Derek fucks Bryce's hot ass like there's no tomorrow and Bryce is so hot for Derek it's a wonder he doesn't spill his seed all over the place soon after it all starts. But luckily he holds off because there's a lot more hardcore action to be had.

But all studs must cum before they go and Derek manages to get one nice hot load from Bryce, even though it's not how he normally collects it. Then again, with a stud like Bryce, maybe it is.

Check out Randy Blue and watch Derek Atlas fucking Bryce Tucker in this full length scene.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ March.13.2012 - Post a comment
Southern Strokes

Southern Strokes description of this gayporn shoot:
Take a listen to the interview and you will know where I found Robbie Cross. Let’s just say he was swinging (literally) at one of my favorite waterin holes. Robbie is everything about a Hot Southern Boy that you would dream about. He is 5’5” tall with a lean gymnast build, a perfect ass and a huge uncut tool swinging between his legs.

I of course invited Robbie to cum and visit me at the Ranch so that I could share him with the rest of my Southern Strokes’ Faithful. Robbie showed up and pretty much immediately got naked. He was sitting on the counter buck naked stroking his big uncut cock and talking to me like we were sittin out front the general store drinkin a pop.

I finally clued in and shut up and let him yank one out for us right there. Robbie had already made himself semi-hard so as soon as the cameras started rolling, Robbie picked up the pace. He worked his giant piece of meat with both hands as he punched his hips forward on every stroke. Robbie’s little hands on the great big thing just made his cock look even more massive.

Robbie started exploring his ass with his free hand which sent this country boy to another level. He arched his back like a good lil bottom as he finger fucked his moist hole. Robbie tugged on his shaft harder and harder as his love sac slapped against his precious ass. Robbie finished things off with a shot to his chest of gooey man batter.

Check out Southern Strokes and watch Robbie Cross jerking off in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn David @ March.12.2012 - Post a comment
free Broke Straight Boys picture preview

Broke Straight Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
Blake Bennet is in the studio along with a blast from the past, Ty, who hasn’t been seen for quite a while. The two boys were ready to get things started and even though Blake said he was nervous, it was obvious he was also looking forward to expanding his horizons.

Blake has never been with a guy before. Ty has appeared on Broke Straight Boys several times and has sucked cock before. The guys take turns sucking each other off and by the looks and sounds of it, they both seem to do a great job.

Visit Broke Straight Boys and watch Ty and Blake exchanging blowjobs in the full length HD movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ March.10.2012 - Post a comment
free Boy Crush picture preview

Boy Crush description of this gayporn shoot:
Blake Allen is back in the studio for a lonely solo, but he makes the most of it with a friendly dildo we had on hand! First, Blake teases the camera with his clothes on, rubbing his hard dick through his shorts and then playing with it with his boxers still on. He gets onto his knees to ease the dildo up his butt before laying on his back. As he works the toy in his ass, Blake pumps his cock and spurts cum all over himself.

Check out Boy Crush and watch Blake Allen stuffing his ass with a dildo in the full length HD movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ March.09.2012 - Post a comment
free Naked Sword picture preview

Naked Sword description of this gayporn shoot:
Jesse Bryce and Chase Lyons are paired up for a video called "Bone Me". Both the Californian surfer dude Jesse Bryce and cute blong Chase Lyons are horny and when they strip naked, their cocks are rock hard already.

The hot guys waste no time and start sucking each other off. Just when you think their cocks can't get any harder, they prove you wrong. It doesn't take long before Chase forces his raw cock into Jesse's hungry ass. He fucks that ass hard in various positions.

But Jesse wants his piece of ass too and demands Chase to offer him his ass. Chase agrees and lays down on the couch and pulls his legs up in order to give Jesse easy access to his own hole. It's an amazing bareback flip flop fuck with two hot guys. Enjoy!

Check out Naked Sword to see Chase Lyons and Jesse Bryce flip flop in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ March.09.2012 - Post a comment
free Spunk Worthy picture preview

Spunk Worthy description of this gayporn shoot:
Time to blow out some candles! This week marks the 3rd anniversary of SpunkWorthy! To celebrate the occasion I thought it'd be fun to do something a little different and booked Christian Wilde - in my opinion, one of the hottest pornstars around.

Christian was still in bed at his hotel when I went to pick him up for the shoot and I couldn't help but get a little grab and sample the goods.

Christian joked, "This is the scene where I get to fuck you, right?" "Mmmm... maybe next year," I laughed. "How about a blowjob?" "A blowjob sounds good."

Back at the ranch, Christian was primed and ready to go as soon as his zipper came down. He has one hot cock that I couldn't wait to get in my mouth. Not to mention his tasty ass. Christian grabbed the backs of his legs giving my tongue full access to his tight, furry hole.

If you're familiar with Christian at all, you know his cumshots aren't to be missed. As I worked him closer and closer to busting, he let out a loud moan and shot it all over, leaving a dripping mess of cum running down my face.

Check out Spunk Worthy to see Christian getting serviced in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ March.08.2012 - Post a comment
Southern Strokes

Southern Strokes description of this gayporn shoot:
Kenyon showed up at the Ranch one day as a guest of one of our models. Kenyon was hanging out for a bit with some of the guys at the Ranch. Next thing I know, Haigan was making a little deal with Kenyon that involved Kenyon getting his head shaved and jacking off for our cameras. Now one thing I am sure you can figure out real quick, Kenyon is somewhat of a free spirit and he loves his long hair.

To make matters just a little more intense, we found out that our boy Kenyon is married but his wife doesn’t know that he has a hankerin for some dick. Kenyon goes on to explain that he is definitely turned on by the male body but he hasn’t acted on his impulses. Yet. He did fess up to jackin off while lookin at his own naked pics.

Kenyon took off his shirt revealing just a few of his 13 tats that cover his lean white body. He has very soft fair lily white skin whit just accentuates the tats that much more. Kenyon loves being naked so it didn’t take long for him to strip down as he was showing off his body art. Kenyon has a nice straight 7 inch cut cock that is very suckable.

Kenyon reached down and started stroking his tool as he settled into the bed. He laid back just a little and squeezed his cock through his right palm. Kenyon increased his strokes faster and faster as precum oozed from his swollen cock. Kenyon let out a gush of creamy cum but that was just the start of his explosion. Kenyon squirts a couple huge streams of cum drenching his stomach.

Check out Southern Strokes and watch Kenyon jerking off in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ March.07.2012 - Post a comment
Extra Big Dicks

Extra Big Dicks description of this gayporn shoot:
Handsome devil Mason Coxx is in the house at Extra Big Dicks this week so you know you're in for a real treat as he helps us welcome 21 year old Johnny Knoxx to the fold. Mason and Johnny are kickin' it on the couch when Johnny holds up an extra large condom he found and asks Mason about it. "That's mine", blushes Mason, "you don't believe me?" Johnny grins and wants proof that he has what it takes to fill it as he reaches over and grabs Mason's growing cock.

They start to make out and Mason is rock hard in seconds. Johnny then strips as Mason loses his pants and underwear. His cock is rock hard and ready for more as Johnny gets on his knees and takes that dick deep. Mason then stands to give Johnny all the access he needs to that dick and even helps out by fucking his mouth. "Damn you got a big dick" Johnny coos before getting right back on Mason's thick cock.

Mason then gets up and opens up that rubber Johnny found and slides it on his massive cock. Perfect fit just like the fit! Johnny's tight ass is about to give him as Mason slowly slides inside. Mason wastes little time before bending Johnny over pounding away at that hot ass doggy style. Mason picks up the pace shoving that dick in faster and deeper as Johnny whimpers doing his best to accommodate all that dick.

Mason then pulls out and sits back on the couch as Johnny sits on it for more. In a reverse cowgirl position Johnny can have as much dick as his hot little ass can take as he grinds up and down on it. Mason then gets Johnny on the floor and slides into him again as they lay on their sides.

Mason holds Johnny's leg up as his balls slap away at that smooth hole. Johnny can't help but jack off as Mason's cock hits him in all the right spots. It quickly sends him over the edge as he unloads all over himself and the rug. Mason is next as he straddles Johnny's spent cock and busts a huge wad all over Johnny's face and chest.

Check out ExtraBigDicks and see Mason Coxx fucking Johnny Knoxx in the full length HD movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ March.06.2012 - Post a comment
free Miami Boyz picture preview

Miami Boyz description of this gayporn shoot:
Beneto is a hot 19 year old who we noticed playing basketball at the park. He was in a jersey that showed off his lean arms and torso so we knew that he had a great build…we also noticed his sexy face and the noticeable bulge in his shorts! We wanted to see more so we waited until the game was over and the guys started to leave… we gave him our business card and told him to call when he got a chance.

We didn’t have to wait long…we got an email from him that very night… he had checked out the site and decided to send some photos of himself… nude photos! We were right… he has the whole package from the 6 pack abs to the uncut cock we were expecting!

He was very easy to work with and had no attitude at all… just eager to show off his 19 year old body for us (and you) to enjoy!

Check out Miami Boyz and see Beneto working his uncut 8 incher in the full length movies.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ March.05.2012 - Post a comment
free Randy Blue pictures

Randy Blue description of this gayporn shoot:
There is an incredible chemistry between Nicco Sky and Marcel Cruz. Marcel had raised eyebrows when his solo was released and everyone got a look at his sexy Hispanic features, delicious honey brown skin, and tight muscular jock stud body. When he made his debut on In The Studio he kept bringing up Nicco's name, especially when the fans would ask who he wanted to be his first.

Well, we weren't going to ignore that. Nicco came right over and wrapped his beautiful lips around Marcel's cock faster than you can say 'never been sucked off by a guy before'. Nicco is a total pro and knew exactly what to do in order for Marcel to have an experience he won't soon forget.

And it's so hot watching Nicco not only giving his full attention to Marcel's beautiful cock but also fervently working his own raging hard on. And while Marcel doesn't quite succeed in giving Nicco a full on facial, Nicco more than makes up for it with a cumshot that nearly hits the ceiling.

Check out Randy Blue and watch Nicco Sky sucking Marcel's cock in this full length scene.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ March.04.2012 - Post a comment

Circle Jerk Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
This week on Circle Jerk Boys, we have sexy Chris Tyler back in the house to ride the ridge, Ridge Michaels that is. "Man, you still got your pants on' laughs Chris 'you got a fucking morning wood, bro!" Chris then pants Ridge, yanking his PJ bottoms and underwear down around his ankles. Ridge's hard cock springs free as Ridge grabs Chris' cock to find he's in the same boat.

Chris admits he's always excited as they start to make out. Ridge pulls down Chris' shorts as he gets down on his knees and starts sucking on Chris' thick uncut dick. Chris' nut sack is huge being born with a bonus nut making all the difference as his huge nuts slap away at Ridge's chin. Ridge has Chris moaning and totally impressed with his oral skills as Ridge flips around so he can get that tongue up inside Chris' beefy ass.

Ridge then stands to let Chris give him a little of the same. Chris shoves that dick as deep as he can as he sucks on Ridge's smooth nuts and chokes down as much dick as he can t! ake. From there they end up in a hot 69 with Chris taking top bunk sucking more dick as Ridge eats that ass getting it nice and wet. Ridge eats that smooth ass making Chris horny for more than that tongue of his.

He slides a rubber on Ridge's thick 8" cock while he's still riding his face then announces he's gonna sit on that dick. He gets off Ridge's face and straddles that thick dick as he holds it steady before slowly sliding it into his ass. "You like that?" he coos as he starts to ride Ridge's thick cock. Chris starts to ride that dick like a pro bouncing on that dick hard and fast taking every thick inch as deep as he can get it.

Ridge then gets into position as Chris gets into a push up position with his feet on the couch and his hands on the floor to give up more ass. Chris can't get enough as Ridge slams that dick back inside for more. "Ride that ass" Chris begs as Ridge pounds him even harder.

Missionary is next on the menu as Chris gets his ass served up as Ridge holds his legs in the air and slams back into Chris' hole. He fucks him hard and fast sending him over the edge as he pulls out and drenches Chris with his massive load. Chris then jacks his own cock to completion adding more load to the mix.

Check out Circle Jerk Boys and watch Ridge Michaels fucking Chris Tyler hungry ass in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn David @ March.03.2012 - Post a comment
english lads

English Lads description of this gayporn shoot:
Tom King does a lot of boxing and martial arts and has a natural body from playing many sports, hair in the right places, especially so on his legs! He has piercing blue eyes and when you get him to smile that young innocent puppy look that I am sure gets lots of girls into his bed!

Confident about showing off his body; while clothed he is always playing and grabbing his cock and when naked he pulls and tugs lots at the end of his foreskin! A nice size piece of meat that he loves to play with, so much so that he can come several times straight after each other; wait til you see the video!

Check out English Lads and watch Tom stroking his uncut cock in the full length video.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ March.01.2012 - Post a comment
free Hard Brit Lads picture preview

Hard Brit Lads description of this gayporn shoot:
Hung straight footballer Daniel Johnson gets his thick juicy 8 incher sucked by hot fittie Justin Harris in lots of horny positions in this great scene, featuring intense deep throat and some brutal facefucking.

Check out Hard Brit Lads and watch big dicked Drew Brody fucking muscle jock Tony Axel in the full length HD movie.


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