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posted by gayporn David @ May.31.2007 - Post a comment

New York Straight Men description of this gayporn shoot:
We invited Jeremy and Billy over to watch some porn. As they watch the chicks on the DVD get all hot and bothered, we get to watch them.

As they sit on the sofa, Jeremy's hand starts to stray near the tent in Billy's pants. Billy takes that as a cue to push Jeremy's head down to his crotch.

Jeremy didn't resist as he found his face in between Billy's hairy legs. he then takes Billy's cock in his mouth and sucks like there is no tomorrow. Billy pumps and thrusts into Jeremy's mouth, letting his hairy balls bounce off of Jeremy's smooth chin.

So here you have it, one buddy gets down on his knees for the other and sucks him till he explodes. Billy cleans himself up, starts putting on his clothes and thanks Jeremy for a job well done. However, Jeremy isn't finished just yet.

To Be Continued.....

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posted by gayporn David @ May.30.2007 - Post a comment

Corbin Fisher description of this gayporn shoot:
Gage had proven himself to be quite the passionate, intense top when he topped a guy for the very first time here on CF, with Derek on the lucky receiving end. Gage loves to kiss, feel, lick, grind, and obviously can't get enough body contact - making sure every single inch of him is completely involved in what he's doing - when going at it, and he won himself an army of fans with his first guy/guy hardcore vid!

Knowing just how intense he was as a top, I was insanely eager to see him bottoming for the first time! I knew the stud taking Gage's CF cherry had to be just as intense and passionate as Gage, and we all know Dawson fits that bill perfectly! Dawson can fuck like a jackhammer and also gets every single ounce of his muscles self fully involved in every video he's in!

Sure enough, the pairing worked out perfectly and the action was intense right from the start! When these studs suck each other's cocks, they do it with gusto! When they kiss, it looks like they're about to swallow each other's tongues and faces! When Dawson fucks Gage, he drives his cock all the way to the hilt!

Finally and fittingly, both of these studs get each other off at the end of this video as each has an orgasm as intense as everything leading up to it! I always love to see a CF star-in-the-making such as Gage lose their cherry to a proven CF star such as Dawson. It's a fitting way for a CF education to progress and reminds us we have plenty to look forward to from each of these studs!

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posted by gayporn Mike @ May.29.2007 - Post a comment

Broke Straight Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
Jesse is back for another shoot and this is his second time doing a shoot with us. His first shoot was a solo and he is 18. Derik found us on a website and he wanted to get into the adult modeling. His girlfriend was the one that wanted to get him into this. Jesse had to get his car payment paid, and Derik had to pay rent.

I told the guys to start by taking off their clothes and they stood up to get undressed. They took off their shirts to show that they both had the same body type. They took off their pants and returned to sitting on the couch to watch a video at the same time as jerking off. I told them to start playing themselves and then when they got turned on to whip out their dicks to show us what they got.

After a few minutes of watching the video both guys got hard and so the underwear could come off. They both had really big cocks and I was a little surprised that I had two monster dicks in this shoot. The jerking continued and I was happy to see that we were not having any problems. It was a little quiet and that is when I asked Derik to reach over and touch Jesse’s dick. Jesse wouldn’t let him do it, and Derik was holding back as well. I then offered an extra $100 bucks for them to try it.

Jesse was the first one to reach over and take a hold of Derik’s cock, and this was the first time touching another guy’s cock. Then, the ball changed around and Derik jerked off Jesse. Both guys were quick to try and pull their hand away from the other one’s dick. I got them both to jerk off each there at the same time and that made me pretty excited as well.

As long as they were watching the porn than reality wasn’t sinking in to their minds. Then, I offered them some more money to try to move on to sucking dicks and this became the frustrating part in the shoot that they would not want to try it. Finally, after all the hassle over pay we agreed on an amount to do the oral. Jesse leaned over and took the cock in his mouth and every couple of minutes he would stop and try and get out of doing it any longer.

It was looking very hot watching these two give oral for the first time. After what felt like an eternity to Jesse, it was now Derik’s turn to give the oral and I was excited to see what the two of them would do. They acted like it was the worst things in the world.

I tried to offer them more money to fuck and Derik flipped me off. I told both of them to just keep going, and they would walk out with some nice money. Neither one was willing to take a dick in the ass and Jesse even started to get dressed. Jesse put his pants on and then Derik got dressed as well. Both guys started to walk out and they were upset with me for surprising me. I ran after them and we talked for a while to calm them down.

We agreed that Derik would fuck Jesse and I was going to pay them both $1500 to do the shoot. Jesse got on his back on the bed and Derik proceed to stick his dick inside. Derik was a really straight guy how as never fucked a guy before, because he shoved it in really fast. Then, he started fucking Jesse fast and the two of them had to get a little more relaxed and that is when the hot fucking started. Derik was able to go at a nice speed for a while and I was they actually went a lot longer than I thought they would go.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ May.28.2007 - Post a comment

Chaosmen description of this gayporn shoot:
I kind of sat on this video a short while because there was a cleaning and construction crew nearby. We would get our groove on, and then an engine or vacuum would fire up, filling the mics with sounds of mundane every day life.

We shot for 10 minutes, and Orin was really getting in to it. And then all the outside noise stopped, so we bascially started again from the top, and by then Orin was REALLY ready to go.

Orin says he is a bit of a nudist and is very comfortable showing off. He gives good anal play, so all you back door guys will be quite pleased.

We went for a self- facial on this, but after beating off so long, Orin pretty much shot over his head. A couple squirts did get him in the mouth and the rest hit his neck. Filming self-facials are always a bit risky- ya never know where it's gonna hit, but I love self-facials, and this one "pretty much" hit's the mark.

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posted by gayporn David @ May.28.2007 - Post a comment

Berlin Male description of this gayporn shoot:
Justin is 25 years of age and hails from Berlin-Mitte. He is gay and loves to be passive. Justin is a very open minded and friendly type of guy in real live, although, looks like he does not smile much (only in very few photos). He was very concentrated in delivering a good show and got turned on by our model Nicki on Berlinmale. In our oppinion, his real charakter comes across much better in his video than in his photosset. Enjoy.

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posted by gayporn David @ May.27.2007 - Post a comment

Miami Boyz description of this gayporn shoot:
If there is one word for this 19 year old straight model is has to be "perfect"! Marcelo has it all going on; that body, that face... and a perfect uncut cock! He has a fantastic body and a boyish charm but he is certainly not a boy. He is ALL MAN, as you can see by the equipment he's got between his legs!

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posted by gayporn Mike @ May.26.2007 - Post a comment

College Dudes 24/7 description of this gayporn shoot:
Tony didn't take long to shed his pants once Sterling gave him the order - this straight dude loves jerking off watching one of his favorite porn vids, nice slow strokes, working himself up to a really sweet cum-shot. We really like Tony's hot ass and cute smile, definitely a dude you don't wanna miss!

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posted by gayporn Mike @ May.26.2007 - Post a comment

You Love Jack description of this gayporn shoot:
Everybody's favorite twink in black, Tommy Cash is back and this time he's got his dick stuffed up his buddy Tanner's asshole. We were thrilled when we found out that Tanner lived around the corner from Tommy's cottage so we thought why not see if these two can get together and make fucky-fucky on homemade gay porn video for us. They did. It's hot. What more can I say?

They start out on the couch taking each other's clothes off and smooching. Tommy is all smiles as Tanner plays with his dick through his underwear. It's not long until that dick is bare naked and waiting for the world to see it. Tommy did a solo for us last week and I didn't realize - this guy's got a fine looking cock on him. Well done, gene pool!

As soon as that dick is free Tanner dives on it for one of the nicest knob slobbering blowjobs I've seen in some time. It's very clear that Tanner is fond of this cock as he lovingly coats every inch of it with his spit. Mmmm... spit. Tommy takes a second to suck on Tanner's cock. But really, all I could look at was Tommy's killer bod as he licked his buddy's pole. Tanner seemed to enjoy it thought - grinning and loving every second of it!

Next thing you know Tanner is sitting on Tommy's rock hard cock. Like right down on it. This guy is a trooper! Doesn't make a peep and you can tell this one hurt like a bitch! He winces and asks Tommy to wait for just a second while he got used to that huge ass cock in his ass. And it only takes a second. Tanner rides that cock like there's no tomorrow. His nuts are sucked up almost inside his belly he's so turned on. Slamming himself on his buddy's pole over and over. Fucking hot, I say!

For a little variety Tommy lays Tanner down and fucks him on his back. It's totally animal and primal as they grind into each other in the basement of Tommy's cottage. Too primal maybe. It only takes like a minute and Tommy is ready to bust a nut so he pulls out and grabs the camera. As close as he was Tommy lets Tanner shoot first (maybe he didn't have a choice) and the camera is right up on Tanner's cock as it let's go the goo. As soon as he can recover Tanner grabs the camera and catches Tommy's load on video as it shoots all over his tummy. Double nut on the gut at the cottage. Fucking hot!

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posted by gayporn David @ May.24.2007 - Post a comment

Perfect Guyz description of this gayporn shoot:
Koen is back for a well deserved massage from sexy Donovan. Donovan always looks amazing – his beautiful V-shaped body, silky chest hair and 9” cock are mouthwatering. Koen had never been the recipient of an erotic massage – but was very open minded to the experience.

When two sizzling hot PerfectGuyz get together – anything can happen. What started out as a simple massage turned into a riveting “duo” jack off. It was only a matter of minutes before both guys were naked and Donovan was massaging Koen’s hard cock with his tongue. In turn, Koen stroked Donovan’s monster cock bringing him to the edge of a powerful orgasm. We’ve never had a simple massage turn into such explosive sex.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ May.24.2007 - Post a comment

English Lads description of this gayporn shoot:
Ben is back and he brought his best mate Lee! The two str8 lads strip to their boxers, both teasing each other “who has the biggest!” Out they come and the lads can’t resist some crafty glances as they both get semi and joke around. Once they get over the nerves of seeing each other naked the porn kicks in and the two lads enjoy having a wank!

Their cocks are about the same size, their bodies very similar, probably Lee has slightly more definition but both lads are really fit from loads of sports. They enjoying playing around and they both jump on the bed to shoot, Ben first shoots a nice load on his abs, then Lee rolls onto his side and oozes a nice thick load of cum!

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posted by gayporn Mike @ May.22.2007 - Post a comment

Blake Mason description of this gayporn shoot:
Get ready to get hard, very hard indeed! You see, this gorgeous guy just about has it all; a winning smile, captivating baby-blue eyes, a tight defined body and a nice big 8 inch uncut cock. He's sexy as hell and his cock is absolutely rock hard throughout this shoot - and yes, I was in seventh heaven filming him ;-)

So how did I find him? Well, truth be told he found me through one of my online profiles and sent me a message. And there he was, waiting for a reply while I was away on holiday. Needless to say I messaged him right back and a few hours later we chatting on the phone - there was no way I was going to let this one slip away!

The following week he arrived and I eagerly ushered him on to the sofa and off we went. He's got a great personality, is very warm and friendly and wasn't the least bit shy about getting his impressive hard cock out for the cameras. In fact he put on a very, very satisfying show and come the end, well, you can guess what happens.

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posted by gayporn David @ May.21.2007 - Post a comment

Realboys4u description of this gayporn shoot:
Our friends from Germany have found another great guy. Patryck is an all new face on Realboys4u.com. He is just cute 18 years of age and originally hails from Poland and is now living in Berlin. He has a cute smile, a perfect body, a tasty ass and a beautiful big cock to make you all happy. Patrick is gay and versatile.

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posted by gayporn David @ May.21.2007 - Post a comment

Miami Boyz description of this gayporn shoot:
If you love straight Latin Jocks, then I think you will really enjoy James. He is 18 years old and loves to get off...he is straight so he likes the ladies but that doesn't stop this horny kid from getting naked in front of our camera and busting a nut while we watch!

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posted by gayporn Mike @ May.20.2007 - Post a comment

Broke Straight Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
Well, today I had with me Wes, Casey, and Austin who were back for another shoot for Broke Straight Boys, and all three of them were 21. They have done some great work with us so far and I told them that I am trying to get the girls lined up with them. What I did was I told them if they would give me a really good shoot together, I would give them $1000 if they do a shoot. Then, next time I would get them the girls.

Each one explained to me what they wanted to do with their money, right before I had them start to get undressed. It was the same ordeal for them to undress and start to touch themselves. Austin didn’t take long to get hard at all just a little bit of touching seemed to do the trick. I tried to convince one of them to take it up the ass even for $2000 to be fucked by a monster of a cock. Casey Wood has an eleven inch penis that is eight inches in diameter. I told Austin to start to suck it and he started to suck the giant penis. I had Wes lean over to help him out as well. It was funny because neither guy was able to get half way down on Casey’s cock.

Really, it was hot watching the two guys lick, bite, and suck the giant cock of Casey. Then, I had Casey lean over and start to suck on Austin’s dick, and then Wes was going to continue to help out Casey. Of course, we can only stay that way for so long in the shoot, before I made them switch and go the other way. After watching the guys suck dick for a while I then decided to change things around and see some fucking.

I got a closer look at Casey’s monster cock with the camera. Casey was going to get fucked by each of the other guys. They put the couch into a bed and then Austin got in behind Casey and this was only his second time ever being fucked by a guy before. After Austin was able to get all the way in Casey’s ass with his cock he was able to pick up some speed.

At the other end, Casey sucked on Wes’s cock for a while and it was hot to be able to see some three-way action happen. Austin made the comment that Casey’s ass was tighter than pussy. Austin looked very hot, as he went to town fucking the hell out of Casey and he even made him flip over for an easier way to fuck him. Meanwhile, Wes and Casey laid 69 style on the bed sucking dick.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ May.19.2007 - Post a comment

Sweet Adonis description of this gayporn shoot:
Cute Miguel is 19 years of age and straight. He has the cutest smile and is a very open minded, friendly boy who enjoys travelling, meeting his friends and working in his fathers small hostel where he has the chance to meet new people and practice his english as he hopes to move to the states one day. In sex he prefers girls his age and he prouds himself to be a passionate fucker. Enjoy this hot new movie at Sweet Adonis!

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posted by gayporn Mike @ May.19.2007 - Post a comment

Men At Play description of this gayporn shoot:
The guys on Men At Play may appear professional and clean cut, but look a little deeper and you will see a much darker and dirtier side. And theres no where better spot to witness this than at the local mensroom which is always busy with horned up men of all kinds, cruising for some nice cock. If you dont believe us ask Rick, who on his first visit scores a double whammy and gets seriously tag-fucked by a local business man and a sexy tattoed stranger.

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posted by gayporn David @ May.18.2007 - Post a comment

Randy Blue description of this gayporn shoot:
When you have two big personalities like Chris and Reese it would be a waste to just sit them down on a bed in the studio and not let their natural competitive streaks come out. Chris and Reese get along well but I would lie if I said there wasn't some sort of competition with them. Who's got the bigger guns? Who's got the best abs? Who can swim the furthest? You get the picture.

When I was thinking of a scenario for this shoot I knew I wanted them to go toe to toe and flex some of their muscle. Both men have wrestling experience so why not let them have some fun. This video is pure muscle on muscle and both men were extremely aggressive in their desire to win. From the start there was a lot of shit talk from both sides and they made sure the other one knew that they were going down hard.

Chris pumped out his chest a lot and Reese had a real smart mouth but when you are around these two you come to expect it. The guys put a lot into the competition and it really shows. There were several body slams and pins until one guy finally had to give it up.

This video, of course, has some great hardcore scenes. In every competition there is a winner and a loser but with this video we are all winners because we get to see two of the hottest guys on Randy Blue finally going at it with each other!

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posted by gayporn Mike @ May.18.2007 - Post a comment

You Love Jack description of this gayporn shoot:
Tommy is a right hot little 19 year old. Smooth chest and built like a shit brickhouse and you know he's tough as nails. The kind of guy that would spit on you. While he's fucking you. And you'd suddenly realize you were into being spit on by hot little rough necks. Ahem...

Great shots of his rock hard cock in his underwear as this video starts out. The underwear are quick to go and we're treated to a fantastic jack off show by this uninhibited and stunning little guy. He mostly just sits back and enjoys rubbing his cock while watching porn on his laptop. Once in a while he lets out a little moan but he's pretty quiet as he gets his business done. You kinda get the feelinig that he's got nothing to prove. He's just jacking off like he always would be. But this time the camera is rolling and we get to see it!

After stretching out and casually beating off for a bit, he positions the camera and drops a nice little load on his smooth twink belly. The second stream hits him in the arm, but he's unphased. He keeps stroking his cock to get the last bit of pleasure out of it then grabs a face cloth and cleans himself up before heading into the bathroom. This is real gay porn action on homemade video and it's fucking hot, as always!

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posted by gayporn Mike @ May.17.2007 - Post a comment

Amateur Shooters description of this gayporn shoot:
Brent came to me from an ad I posted on a college bulletin board searching for new guys to come on cam. He called me up really nervous and told me that he would send some pictures to my e-mail. Then he got on his own webcam at home and we both had a little session on there. I decided that Brent was definitely a hotty and I had to film him so I invited him over to our new studio we just setup.

When he arrived I was a bit late delivering the camera equipment because we were still moving stuff into the new studio and Brent was already there waiting for me..... talk about an awkward introduction! Well everything turned out just fine and him and I got along really well.

He said he wanted to suck me off on camera so I let him. Brent is "curious" and said he did it because he needed some cash to buy his girl something nice for Valentine's Day. In this scene you get to watch us fool around... it was hot.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ May.17.2007 - Post a comment

Chaosmen description of this gayporn shoot:
Rolando is Cuban, 19 years old and has a big uncut cock. He loves to wear baggy boxers so his cock can flop around while he plays basketball. He tells us that it drives the girls wild...He loves to show off and of course get off as often as possible!"

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posted by gayporn David @ May.16.2007 - Post a comment

Cum Into My Ass description of this gayporn shoot:
They're checking out some hot porn and do everything they see on the screen. However, it’s not enough for Alex, so he itches to pump Ethan's ravished hole with his very own sticky juice. He shoves the shaft deep in there and cums, his spunk spilling out of the pulsating ass.

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posted by gayporn David @ May.15.2007 - Post a comment

Berlin Casting description of this gayporn shoot:
Our friends at Berlin Casting did a great job again. They found Jay to feature in this weeks movie. Jay hails from Berlin and originates from Turkey, which makes him a rare species in gay porn. Of course he is active and he loves to play the turkish macho boy as he found out that this makes most boys horny as hell. He has a great body and a nice and juicy (cut) dick!!

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posted by gayporn Mike @ May.15.2007 - Post a comment

College Dudes 24/7 description of this gayporn shoot:
Derek has the deepest darkest eyes we have ever seen, a great attitude - this dude is ready willing and able! The thing most of you will appreciate the most, though, is what he is packing in those jeans of his.

In his first-time solo Derek plays his schlong like a pro, slapping it against his hand, fingering his pre-cum as it oozes out, and teasing himself to the edge over and over in this awesome jerk-off vid!

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posted by gayporn Mike @ May.14.2007 - Post a comment

Bukbuddies description of this gayporn shoot:
The warm weather and sunshine of May find Brent mostly outdoors doing construction so when he showed up at the studio with a well tanned face and sun bleached hair we knew this shoot would be special. From the moment he popped his first beer and relaxed on the leather sofa, it was obvious this dude was ready to go. He was instantly totally as ease as he recapped his latest adventures.

Dumping his shoes and sweaty white sox he boldly displays his naked feet high in the air for the camera. No shyness here and as the shoot progressed it became obvious Brent was having way too much fun…just a look at his facial expressions tells the tale. His portrait shots are exceptional. Brent dove into his duffel and pulled out his black soccer shorts and green soccer T. Lying on the bed as if napping before the game, Brent presents a truly sensual yet tantalizing vision of virile young manhood… and the peek-a-boo shots looking up his shorts, well what can I say?

Brent’s nude shots under and around the dark blue bed sheets are just spectacular. We had Brent “rolling in the hay” so to speak, on the bed taking shots from every possible angle and all the while this dude was just loving the attention of the moment and the thrill of performing for the camera and his fans. We finished up “Big N Bad” with a whopper j/o session with Brent sitting on the edge of the bed, doing his final shot and shooting a huge load all over his stomach and massive legs. You’re gonna love it!

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Boys4Porn description of this gayporn shoot:
A.J. was a guy that Jay met a few years ago in an Orlando night club. With his big dick, 10 plus inches, and experience in front of the camera, he put on quite a show for us. A.J. is bisexual and lives with his girlfriend. Steve is a local guy who lives with his parents here in Tampa. Steve enjoys meeting guys off the net and rarely does he gives his ass up. We got this lucky opportunity to seize it, bareback style.

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Military Classified description of this gayporn shoot:
Kelly is a little college stud I met online. I will come across a cvilian once in a while that I think sort of fits the mold of the types of military guys I would hire if they were civilians. Kelly was a prime example of that. He was tall, lean, handsome, shaved head, and horny as fuck. Once I saw his pics and found out that he was interested in possibly doing some video work if the money was right. After a few conversations, we arranged to meet and let me suck his dick.

Kelly got to my place and was nervous as hell. I could see that this was his first time doing something like this and I almost thought he was going to backout for a bit but after I talked to him and reassured him that he was in a professional environment and his boundaries would be respected, he relaxed a little and we continued.

After a bit, I took him to my bedroom and I sat him on the edge of my bed with his legs spread and propped up with his hands spread and back. He wasn't sure what was going on but I assured him that it this was going to be the easiest money he's going to make and once he focused on the cash he felt a little better. From the spread eagle position I began massaging his cock and I was immediately taken back by the size this fucker grew to be. What they say about tall thin guys is true I guess because Kelly was sporting a good 8.5 incher uncut that just hung there like a slab of meat.

I knelt down before him and in a very reverent position I sucked his cock and god did I suck it. I LOVE big dicks and I get lost sometimes in what i'm doing and this was no exception. I licked the head, the shaft, his balls, I mean I gave this boy a wet job that made him moan and groan with delight. I actually took that fucker all the way down balls deep which was a feat in itself.

I continued my persistent sucking and licking and driving him further and further towards the orgasm realm. I could tell that he was starting to lose the battle as he tried to hold off from cumming several times. I knew that my relentless sucking was making him weaker and weaker as he finally gave up and let out a big yell as he delivered a load that was fitting for a 19 year old. I love it.

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Circle Jerk Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
From those geyser-like, over-the-shoulder semen explosions Antonio has sent barreling into the stratosphere from his debut here at CircleJerkBoys.com three years ago, to the sperm launch he did today, Antonio has cum a long way baby…literally! Three years of varsity soccer have honed his body. From those bulging pecs, to that washboard stomach, the world class ass, to that 8-inch, thickly curved, uncut tube of joy, he is a specimen that transforms your fantasy of a young stud in his prime into real life.

Antonio has lived out some of his fantasies as well, and even better he did so on film here, like when Anthony the Marine went gonzo on that perfect bubble butt, or when he turned the tables and played top to the about-to-be-married Tinman’s bottom. Fast forward to today and Antonio is not just looking better than ever, that massive bulge in his pants told us what we already knew…he is hornier then ever as well.

Antonio does not have to dig deep into his jeans to reach his dick, he is so hard as he looks into the camera and proclaims, “I am so fucking horny” that the head of his cock is poking above the waistband. It could only be a cock that is not just as long as Antonio’s, but one with that same wrist-like thickness that causes his crotch to be so packed, it looks downright painful.

But not to worry guys, Antonio soon puts himself, and us out of harms way by unzipping and revealing the not-so-well-hidden prize under the scarlet red jock pouch: eight inches of very hungry dick that is more than ready to come out and play. Play is the operative word as our showman plays a little peek-a-boo, letting that pouch hang off his dick before squatting down spinning that mighty branch like a propeller in the breeze, then moving to the couch, bending over and treating us to a back view of his bountiful booty as he twists back and gives himself a much needed reach before moving to the couch and finding a position to stroke in a way that even after 300-plus episodes, we have never seen before.

Hooking his legs over the back of the sofa and laying his head on the floor, Antonio begins stroking upside down, both of his ends now crimson red. His already big cock seems downright gigantic as it towers above his magnificent body like the crown of all things horny. Antonio stops working that meat only long enough to ask, “How badly do you want this in your mouth?” before making up for that little pause by stroking twice as fast and using both hands.

Sitting back on his knees, his hips gyrate back and forth, forcing his cock into his fist with an urgent insistency of a man who needs to breed or die. Moving to the ottoman, we see that dark hole quiver and his upper lip tremble as old faithful erupts with a pent up blast that ultimately comes in for a landing well beyond camera range. This was just the first day of spring break, but not to fret guys, we have not seen the last of him yet!

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posted by gayporn David @ May.11.2007 - Post a comment

Randy Blue description of this gayporn shoot:
When I first started working with Braden I never knew that this very quiet north eastern jock would become such a sexual powerhouse! I thought he would do his solo and that would pretty much be it. Once again I was proved wrong. Braden and I have worked on several shoots by now and I can honestly say the guy gets better with each shoot.

Watching Braden come from being this almost shy guy to this beautiful man with muscles who can fuck like there is no tomorrow has given him the nick name "Tank". The guy never tires and always give it his all. Alex on the other hand, was always talkative always asking lots of questions. When alex is there you love to hang out with him and talk.

From the moment these two met they have really gotten along well. I first put them both with Chris Rockway for a 3 way oral scene last year. It was something just short of amazing. All those ripped muscles, big cocks and wet mouths were enough to send most of you running home for some alone time in front of your computers.

This time I wanted it to just be alex and Braden and i wanted Braden to bottom. I cant even begin to tell you how uncomfortable I was bringing up the whole idea to him. I was beating around the bush way too much when Braden just looked at me and grinned and said, "Just ask me!" Well I did and to my surprise Braden was a go. His only request was the Alex be the top and since that fit in with my original idea was very happy!

Braden was concerned with at with all his bulk he needed a guy as big or bigger then him and lets face it alex is one big stud. The scene starts with some oral back and forth and pretty soon alex is slipping his big cock in Braden's tight muscle ass! The fucking is incredibly hot and neither alex or Braden hold back. It is obvious these two have gotten very comfortable around each other and I am sure we have to throw some one else into the mix next time!

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Chaosmen description of this gayporn shoot:
Beau can really take a pounding, and I 've always suspected that Bralin can really jackhammer, but was holding back for fear of hurting a dude.

Beau yells "Fuck me harder!" and Bralin obliges, and the speed and ferocity is amazing. This is some premium ass fucking, followed by an amazing facial.

I kept in a directorial moment, and be sure to stay tuned for a short out take at the very end. I think its only fair next time for Bralin to be a bottom the entire video. Turn about is only fair!

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Enigmatic Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
Sander just turned 18 and can be seen at Enigmatic Boys. He strips down and shows his beautiful slim body. He has a cute bubble butt and an awesome uncut cock. I like boys and beaches. This is the perfect combination!

For the best collection of twinks, visit Enigmatic Boys

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Blake Mason description of this gayporn shoot:
As usual, there's quite a story behind how this fit young fella came to do a film for me! He somehow got chatting to a guy on MSN and things progressed in to a video chat… and from there the guys got naked and wanked off for each other! After they had finished their fun, the other guy said to Mark R "If you want to see more of me then visit BLAKEMASON… bye!"

Such is life, eh? So Mark R visited the site and spent quite some time looking through all of the film pages (including those of his wank buddy). And then he decided to apply to model… but the trouble was he lived in Scotland! Having called him up way back in February, this one took some arranging but after 12 hours on the train, there he was, standing at the station looking hot as hell ;-)

Oh, I guess I should also explain that Mark R is a total newbie to modelling. He's a very mature 18 year old guy looking for fun and adventure and he soon overcame any nerves. One thing I do love about this film is the way his fresh young face and chest begin to flush with colour as he approaches orgasm… it just makes him look even hotter :-)

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BritBlokes description of this gayporn shoot:
This handsome lad is 20 year old Alexander with beautiful deep blue eyes and such a mischievious smile I just knew he'd be a lot of fun. Alexander is originally from russia and has lived in the UK for the last six years.

Yet with his hot slavic accent and his fit toned body who could ask for anything better to cuddle up to on a cold winter's night. It's sure better than a bottle of russian vodka and so much better for you too.

He really likes girls who are innocent looking but open to his erotic sugestions and willing to put them into practice. He likes to teach them how to enjoy what he has to offer. I'm sure someone as goodlooking as him must have wiling learners queuing round the block.

Oiling up his fit body it's not long before he gets to work on his thick pole stretching and straining it while getting fully turned on by all the on screen action before his eyes. Because he hadn't cum for four days he soon wanted to shoot but also wanted to hold back to put on a good show. So when he came at last he'd saved up a large, thick creamy mess spraying his abs and oozing over his hand.

Alexander's really so much nicer than vodka, and you won't get a thick head in the morning!

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English Lads description of this gayporn shoot:
Our popular hairy hunk Simon is back for a new shoot this time in the studio so we get to see his muscular body in great detail. He strips out of his grey trackies down to his tight boxers and pulls out his uncut cock, its soft and he shows off his foreskin though after a few tugs it starts to grow and Simon then gets real hard.

His cock looks like steel when its erect and he enjoys working it out through the shoot. Simon rubs his body with baby oil making him feels real horny, so he oils up the butt plug and shoves it in… and there it stays! He has discovered it’s a great feeling and he shoots a nice load of cum before pulling it out!

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College Dudes 24/7 description of this gayporn shoot:
It was like having a clothing store model with a Huge, Hard Cock jerking off for us - come to think of it - that's exactly what it was! The way Nikolas strokes his pole is making us scream "More, Please!"

Nikolas has an angelic face, a devious smile, monster cock, and his not-so-innocent nature is enough to make anyone drool! We think that you all are gonna love his classic look, and we know you're gonna like his big hard dick. For sure!

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Just Us Boys Club description of this gayporn shoot:
You've seen Brett Matthews in numerous big-budget adult gay productions by various studios, and T.J. is an up-and-coming talent recently featured in a major production. This exclusive video offers up a hot fucking session between these two hot studs just for our members... you won't find this footage on any other site.

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Perfect Guyz description of this gayporn shoot:
PerfectGuyz Koen and Jack are teamed together for an explosive sex scene! It’s been many months since PerfectGuyz Jack has graced our silver screen. And, he is more sexy and handsome than ever. It was obvious that Koen, with his alluring sensuality would be an ideal match.

With their sizzling chemistry and dogged sexual aggressiveness - they demonstrate what happens when two beautiful, super-sexed guys "go for it". These studs are HOT! Enjoy Koen and Jack in this special PerfectGuyz presentation.

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Maskurbate description of this gayporn shoot:
Nico is a lawyer and a member of the Maskurbate website. He asked me to do a scene with his favorite stud, Chad. I might say he was pretty insistent about it. I'm glad he did. This session turned out really hot as Chad fucked the hell out of him. A must see !

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Keith Manheim description of this gayporn shoot:
Meet Ricky, a 19 year old bottom guy, who performs on a regular basis at Keith Manheim. He is hot, boyish, cute, sexy and he really enjoys being in front of the camera.

In this very update, we all get the chance to see Ricky in a solo performance. Ricky is one of the favorites at Keith Manheim and that's probably because of his lean body, his perfect face, his gorgeous bubble butt and that tasty dick.

Be prepared for a whole lot of.... Ricky!

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Blake Mason description of this gayporn shoot:
As you might have guessed from Alec's solo debut film, I was absolutely smitten with him and his gorgeous uncut cock. I knew I had to see him in action and I just knew the perfect man for the job. And as it happened, Grant had decided he wasn't done with entertaining the world just yet, so here's one great come-back film!

Yum yum yum! These two stunning fellas were not only here for your pleasure, but there own too. The kissing is passionate, the cock-sucking is intense, the rimming is frantic and the enjoyment is just all too evident. Man, these guys weren't working… they were fucking loving every inch of each other's bodies…

Talking of fucking, Grant was pretty keen to get Alec's nice big juicy cock deep inside his tight ass - and somehow I got the feeling Alec was equally eager. Hmmmm, what a sight to behold - Alec slowly slipping his meat in to his latest fuck buddy and then pumping away with determined vigour - simply great ;-)

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Randy Blue description of this gayporn shoot:
Ever since we've had Shawn on the site we've gotten a huge response. He's so handsome you just can't take your eyes off of him, and with that smile and that amazing body, it's easy to see why people go nuts for him.

We've had him do solos, toys and even circle jerks, but he has yet to do a hardcore scene with another man. That is, until today. When he called and told me he was ready I knew I had to pair him up with someone who would bring a lot to the scene.

Someone who would have as much fun having sex with Shawn as the rest of us would have watching it. One name came to mind... Derek Diamond. Derek has a sexual energy all of his own, even when doing a solo, so if anyone could make Shawn's first time a memorable one, it would be him. Not to mention the fact that he's such a handsome devil.

I mean, who could resist this little horndog, gay or straight? He's got such a hot lean but muscular body with a light spattering of hair in all the right places. Besides, on the slim chance that Shawn wasn't into it, I knew Derek would have enough fun for both of them.

Luckily, they both had a great time. It's evident from the very beginning of the video that these two have a remarkable chemistry. I even noticed them getting a little frisky before we started shooting. I knew that it was going to be a great shoot. Once they started, Shawn explored Derek's body, running his hands all over those tight muscles, allowing his tongue to probe deep into his mouth, touching that firm ass of his knowing what was about to happen.

Then, when the time came he thrust his hard cock deep into Derek's waiting hole. Derek's eyes rolled back into his head, as he is accustomed to do when he's really getting off, and the two of them were off and running.

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Bukbuddies description of this gayporn shoot:
This is a new Bekim, one I like to call Hottie 2 Stud. No longer is he just a pretty face with a hottie body. At 26 and 172 lbs, this kid is all grown up, bulked out and 100% prime American stud, so when Bekim contacted me to do more modeling (it was almost a year since his last set) not knowing of his new self, I wanted to know if he was still is good shape for modeling. The photo he emailed just about blew me away….whoa baby, we got BODY!

And the face, how could you ever improve on that Bekim look…well just add a full head of hair, a dash of facial stubble, some thickness in the jaw and neck and now we’re talking totally awesome mansome handsome. For his first set we wanted to do a little reminiscing, so taking our cues from his early shower scene in "Make Me Wet" we started him off in the bathroom doing his morning faces brushing his teeth then we popped him in the shower to see just how good his new bod looked lathered up and watered down….well, you be the judge.

Then a little touch of "Mr Handsome" was in order as we switched to the bed, dress shirt, hat & tie. You’ll be amazed at how compelling Bekim is as he lounges as the complete man, yet in playful boyish poses letting you and the camera explore his most intimate body parts and emotions. His final shot is a tour de force: Bekim explodes huge thick streams of man juice all over his chest and stomach.

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English Lads description of this gayporn shoot:
Matt and Mason are gagging to rip each others clothes off and they have trouble controlling their lust for each other as they begin with a gentle massage! Matt’s hands are pretty soon in Mason’s pants, quickly followed by a load of sucking, each gorging on the others uncut meat!

Mason loved being fucked so its not long before Matt slams into him and slams into him he does. This is one of the hardest fucking scenes I have filmed in ages! With all these hormones raging out of control you will love the cum shot!

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Broke Straight Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
Ross is 21 and he goes to school for philosophy and he brought his friend Erik, who is 19, and they go to school together. They found out about this through a friend and so they wanted to give it a shot because Erik needs to get his car out of the shop. I explained to them that they were just going to jerk off next to each other and there wouldn’t be any touching between the two of them.

Both guys sat there on the couch jerking off, not really getting into it. I explained that it would be hot, if they wanted to try out for our casting if they would suck dick. They didn’t like the idea but then they started to bargain with the pay. I agreed to pay them both $600 to try sucking dick for the first time. Erik leaned over and took his buddies cock in his mouth and started to suck him off.

I told them that it would be fun to see them fuck for the first time, and they both started having a cow saying that they weren’t faggots. Erik said that this was a far as he was going to go, but I throughout a number $1000 each for doing it. For a brief second they thought about it and they wanted more money and agreed with $1250. Erik laid on his back and Ross got in behind him and started to push his way into his ass.

Erik was getting pissed off that he was forcing his way in so fast, but when he did get in the speed of the fucking started to go faster. Erik gave the green light to Ross that he could fuck him faster. Both guys looked really hot as they started to fuck and it didn’t take long with the fucking going on for Erik to bust his load all over his stomach.

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Corbin Fisher description of this gayporn shoot:
You can spot it right away in this video - not only is Joey super hot, but also nice as hell! He's easy-going, outspoken, extremely friendly, and all-around charming. You can bet that with those dark looks and that personality, this young college stud has no problem what-so-ever getting the ladies.

Joey was actually referred to us by his buddy, Jeff! Apparently these studs seem to flock together. He's got a great tan, classic good looks, dark features, a slight bit of hair on his face, nice low-hanging balls under his hot cock, and there's no doubt Joey enjoys getting naked and working that dick of his.

For a college stud who is making his first appearance in front of the cameras like this, he's eager, expressive, and really goes to town jerking that cock! His breathing and facial expressions are a real treat, and seeing that cum splash out on to that tan chest makes it all the better!

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Chaosmen description of this gayporn shoot:
Ok, so with all due respect to the many hot models on the site, I have to put Wayne in the "elite" category. One of my all time faves. (alright, so I have more than a few of those!)

That body! The face! All those angles jutting out all over the place. Symmetrical perfection! Amber-green eyes, and an attitude that begs to be captured in photos. A photographer's dream!

Guess what guys? He doesn't even know it! Sweet, polite, charming, this former Marine doesn't have an ounce of conceit or ego. Don't anyone tell him! He's gorgeous, and despite the manicured pubes, his shaved up body fits with his look. Thankfully he is packing a big stick, and was not shy at all about showing it off.

This is also one of those solos where the model clearly got in the moment, getting lost in the great feelings his dick was giving him, then coming to his senses every now and then, acknowledging you the viewer, looking at you as if daring you to come suck his dick.

No matter what "type" of guy you like, you gotta give it up for Wayne!

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BritBlokes description of this gayporn shoot:
Danny and Anthony are our blue eyed boys at the moment. Who can resist the down to earth masculinity of Danny or the up for it smooth cuteness of Anthony I wonder. Although these two horny guys come from the same town, probably chased the same pussy, up to the day of the shoot they had never met.

Not that that seemed to bother either of them because once the initial shyness was overcome, they got naked and began stroking to the porno film like they had been mates all their lives. Then some bright spark had the idea that the one to come first got to come on his belly while the other had to shoot on the floor.

We watched them vigorously wank their cocks wondering who would be the one to spunk first. In the end it was Danny who got more than just baby oil on his abs while Anthony sprayed the floor with some extra hot polish. If that's the latest brand of floor polish order me a case load. Just beware of the slippery surface!

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College Dudes 24/7 description of this gayporn shoot:
Sucking on Jason's HUGE cock and getting it slapped in his face is just the beginning for Sterling. Jason works over Sterling's hole every which way: fingering it, slapping his enormous dick up against it, and plowing it - in every position - while Sterling groans, screams, and practically begs for mercy. You do not want to miss this!

One minute into this video you will be dripping with pre-cum - and anyone here at College Dudes 24/7 will bet you can't make it through half of this ass-pounding extravaganza without busting your own nut. We can't decide here which we like more - Sterling's face buried in the carpet or Jason grabbing and holding Sterling's leg into the air for easier traction!

Make sure to download it so that you will have plenty of chances to see every inch of Jason's cock slide into Sterling's hot ass!

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Perfect Guyz description of this gayporn shoot:
Rarely do we find an authentic, hardcore body builder; Stewart is "masterpiece" of muscular, ripped perfection. At first glance, he has huge shoulders, massively cut bi's and tri's and a beefy set of pecs and six pack abs that taper down to a slim waist.

Below the waist, Stewart has a beautiful bubble butt mounted on huge legs with thick quads and calves. His cock is absolutely perfect 7 inch and beautiful! Full of personality, Stewart is expressive and emotional. He smiles, laughs and occasionally casts a sexy boyish grin that made us weak in the knees.

Skilled in Tantric sex, Stewart is deeply in touch with his own sensuality. When he strokes his cock, it’s intense and voracious. He gets highly emotional as he reaches an explosive climax, ranking it as one of the best we’ve ever seen! Stewart is a sexy, dynamite guy.

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