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posted by gayporn David @ November.30.2008 - Post a comment

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Cocky Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
Geez. Jarred is in high demand these days. Lately it seems that as soon as I post one of his videos I get a call from one of the other cockyboys asking me how they can get a piece of that action for themselves. Dante was no exception - he called me up after seeing Jarred's last video and basically told me that I was to set something up with Jarred for him.

Who am I to say no? We decided to have them meet up at Jarred's apt. I was a little surprised to see Dante show up in nothing but a pair of tight little undies and sunglasses but hey - at least this kid ain't got no shame in his game.

Jarred lets Dante in and in no time flat Dante has his mouth around Jarred's hot straight cock. He spends a nice long time working over Jarred's dick. I guess he'd been looking forward to having that cock in his mouth more than I knew!

After a quick make out session Jarred get's right to the point and says "I want to fuck you". That's all Dante needed to hear! The condom goes on Jarred Dick and seconds later Dante follows. He starts off riding Jarred's cock - bouncing up and down on it while sneaking in the occasional kiss.

Then Jarred takes control and flips Dante on his back and just starts fucking him on his couch until Dante shoots a load all over himself. Jarred pulls out and drops a nice fat sticky load on Dante seconds later.

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posted by gayporn David @ November.29.2008 - Post a comment

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Sean Cody description of this gayporn shoot:
It was the last day of our stay at the borrowed desert resort house. That is one fucking fun house — beautifully decorated and an awesome pool with complete privacy!

The guys had so much fun! They were able to horse around and sleep in and lay out by the pool and really get to each other. By the end of our four days they were slapping each other on the ass in a way that one of our camera guys called "love taps." (Be sure to check out the behind-the-scenes footage for some really funny stuff!)

Curtis, Rylan, and Trey were still horny as shit (especially Curtis, who was was wagging his big, heavy donkey dick all over the house!). Ken's asshole was still very sore from being torn up by Rylan the day before, so unfortunately he had to sit this one out.

The plan was that the boys would take turns fucking each other and that's just what they did. We started in the early afternoon, and they fucked each other inside and outside until early in the evening!

There's even a little mouth cum swapping at the end!

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posted by gayporn David @ November.27.2008 - Post a comment


Buzz West description of this gayporn shoot:
This video is from a big party night. I invited a few guys over for homemade pizza. I swear it was totally innocent! After a little pizza I notice that Kendall and Brent are missing. Then Dayton wandered off, and then Mario.

I went to explore and found that Brent had lost his pants, and Kendall and Dayton were having a taste of Brent's huge cock and eatin ass like it was going out of style. Mario is on the sidelines with a drink in hand, watching the whole thing unfold. I turned the camera on that was sitting there, because it was just so HOT.

Mario steps in for a few minutes to taste Brent's cock too, and then goes back out to get another drink. Who likes impromptu party videos? These guys! This is virtually unedited right from the party night. People kept coming back to see what was up, and I'm sure you can hear the noise from the party in the background, but everything was so HOT I didn't want to cut anything out.

Kendall fucks Brent's like a jackhammer. Dayton had his face buried in Brent ass every moment he could. Brent LOVES the attention, and certainly enjoyed his share of cocksucking too! Kendall stretches Brent's ass with 5 fingers! They played back an forth for over 45 minutes before deciding to go back to join the rest of the party. This was the first of many pizza parties!

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posted by gayporn David @ November.26.2008 - Post a comment

college dudes

College Dudes 24/7 description of this gayporn shoot:
Damien Diego sizzles in his first fuck scene with Ryan Dyser. Damien had never fucked a guy before but Ryan really got him going.

After each of these hotties sucked each other off, Damien spread Ryans legs and really let him have it. You can see how much Ryan loved it by the great expressions he makes while Damien is pounding away!

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posted by gayporn Mike @ November.25.2008 - Post a comment

Corbin Fisher description of this gayporn shoot:
A good friend of mine always jokes about how he wants to refer all of the hot guys he sees throughout the day to CF so they can come work with us and he can watch them get naked, jerk off, and have sex. On a regular basis, he'll tell me about the super hot waiter he had on a particular day, or a really hot guy he saw at the mall or car wash or even just walking down the street, and how great it'd be to see the guy on Corbin Fisher!

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posted by gayporn Mike @ November.24.2008 - Post a comment

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Maximo Latino description of this gayporn shoot:
Sometimes life gets complicated and hard to figure out. When we met this week's Maximo Latino duo, Nicolas and Neri, we were sure that Neri was the dominant partner in the relationship, and maybe he is. That is, until they get down and dirty, then roles reverse and Nicolas shows his true colours.

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posted by gayporn David @ November.23.2008 - Post a comment

english lads

English Lads description of this gayporn shoot:
Anthony kisses new boy Kurt and on grabbing a big handful through Kurt’s jeans discovers he is either erect or is hiding a rod of steel down his pants! He whips his briefs off and Kurt’s erection springs into view; Anthony is quick to gorge himself on the weapon and expertly deep throats!

Kurt feels he is missing out and rips open Anthony’s briefs and sets about proving he is also a great cock sucker! Not content with that he buries his face and probes his tongue into Anthony’s tight, tense little hole. Not resisting for long, Kurt ploughs inside with his impressive tool and fucks Anthony and fucks him some more! It’s all just two much for them; impressive cum shots.

See the model page of Kurt Glen here
See model page of Anthony Clarke here

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posted by gayporn Mike @ November.22.2008 - Post a comment

Corbin Fisher description of this gayporn shoot:
It's been awhile since we last saw Kip, as he'd been really busy back home with various things but was also in a relationship that made it a bit difficult —ok... impossible to come out and get into any action at Corbon Fisher. One of the guys having a girlfriend or boyfriend that isn't too thrilled about them making vids happens now and then. Likewise, sometimes a guy just won't want to come out and do any videos while in a relationship, whether or not their partner knows or minds.

Actually, we find it kind of neat! You can almost hear the collective "Awww! Congrats!" from everyone when that situation arises. Once in awhile, though, circumstances may change and the guy is then able to come out and have some fun! Either the relationship ends, or the girlfriend or boyfriend actually wants them to come out and do more work with us.

Well, when Kip found he was able to come back out and have some fun on camera for us, I knew it'd make a lot of people happy! Many of his fans have been asking what has he been up to and if they'd be seeing him again. Further, I knew it would make me quite happy as well since he's a great performer with a great look!

I wanted to make sure he jumped back into things with both feet, and so Derek made for an ideal partner in this video! If anyone is going to fuck a guy with tons of energy and enthusiasm, it's Derek! He does precisely that here, as well, getting Kip to moan and whimper nonstop as he fucks him and working up an incredible sweat as these two studs go at it.

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posted by gayporn David @ November.21.2008 - Post a comment

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Broke Straight Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
I can only speak about my own thoughts of this latest update to Broke Straight Boys and in my honest opinion it is a god damn fucking sweet set of videos that deserves a trip to the BrokeStraightBoys hall of fame! haha… I do not believe such a place even exists but if it did… then the videos of Alden and Robert slapping the salami would be in the top 3 IMO.

Most of the str8 dudes that end up gettin' on camera over at BrokeStraightBoys.com are the typical “college boys” you know. Todays delightful str8 studs can not be over nine teen years old and the thought of fucking their insanely air tight barely legal anuses makes my freakin' bean bag quiver.

I am sure all of ya dudes out there scoping out the images up there can agree that when it comes to nine teen year old str8 bros this pair is a winning combination.

Of course viewing the entire vid of these curious penniless straight boys would encourage you to rank them way up there on the hard on-o-meter but to get yer hands on that video you have got to be a member over @ BSB. When you are ready to tug your hardon harder than ever before I very much so suggest taking a trip on over to BrokeStraightBoys.

Get full access to Broke Straight Boys for just ONE DOLLAR!

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posted by gayporn Mike @ November.19.2008 - Post a comment

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Blake Mason description of this gayporn shoot:
Seeing as Josh T and his perfectly toned body, cute smile and rigid uncut cock went down so well with all of you at home, those wise and lucky guys over at BlakeMason.com got him back for a sizzling sex session with another BM favourite - Tim!

These two horny guys begin making out with some gentle kissing and neck nibbling before moving on to some sensual stroking, nipple licking and plenty of cock sucking!

But then you have to remember that both Josh and Tim are real big fans of arse play, so I guess it was kind of inevitable that Tim would rim Josh’s sweet hole before switching positions and sitting down on his face!

But Tim quickly took control and eagerly fucked his new play-mate with a purpose… and it was all too evident just how much Josh was loving it! And then these two guys flip positions and it all gets too much for them to handle – simply awesome!

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posted by gayporn David @ November.17.2008 - Post a comment

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Chaosmen description of this gayporn shoot:
Clearly Jayce is one of my ringers when it comes to pairing him up with anyone. Hence his appearance at least once a month for the last year. He makes the nervous straight guy confortable, and never takes their reluctance to suck his dick personally. He remembers being there himself.

Sebastian was only a little nervous his first time out. He really put the whole gay sex thing into perspective and was down with it from the beginning. He's one of those guys that is very secure with women, so is secure enough to let a dude play with him.

We didn't get him to suck dick his first time out (maybe next time!) but he sure did like getting his dick sucked. Jayce has really become a great cocksucker, and if he lived locally, I would hire him to take over the Serviced videos. Sebastian's dick really enjoyed the oral treatment.

I'm always trying to find different things for the guys to do, but still stay in their rather narrow limits. They of course think they are stepping way out of their limit range! I just thought the two of them had similar dicks and Sebastian was bone hard and I suggested Jayce jack their two dicks together. A pretty hot visual, that actually turned Sebastian on. He really watches it!

He was also eager to fuck ass, as he rarely can get the girls to give it up. He kept saying how tight and hot it felt. As always, Jayce gets in a Zone for the cumshot. Sebastian fills his mouth with his cum and then with it gurgling out of his mouth, Jayce nuts almost immediately. Another stellar ending to a hot fuck scene!

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posted by gayporn Mike @ November.16.2008 - Post a comment

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Randy Blue description of this gayporn shoot:
Will Vega was sent to me by one of our models. He is an aspiring graffiti artist and was working on a mural on the side of a friend's skate shop. One call and a quick shirtless cell phone snap is all it took. I couldn't wait to meet this cute artist with the hot body. My first meeting with him went so well that I knew I made a good decision.

First of all, he was the nicest, most polite guy. A nice face and a good body will get you far in this world but there is nothing like a good personality. So after a great interview I took a look at his body and was totally blown away. The cell phone photo did not do him justice, but then again they never do. He has this amazing body, very natural looking.

He loves being active and playing outdoor sports, especially basketball, and that keeps him in remarkable shape. And another offshoot of graffiti art is that you have to be in good physical shape in order to do all that painting, especially when it involves climbing fire escapes and scaling walls in order to get to the right places.

In addition to a really nicely sculpted six-pack, he's got this unique treasure trail that reminds me of a tree. It stars with a nice patch of roots around his gorgeous cock, then spreads up in a thin line, like a tall majestic trunk, leading up to a spray of well trimmed gorgeous hairs that you just want to run your fingers through.

And to top it all off, he's got a beautiful, but mischievous, smile. After the shoot was over, I took a look at the photos and videos and was just blown away. No stranger to the world of adult websites, he was pretty comfortable with the idea of being in the spotlight, even if he was a little shy. And the camera just loves this guy.

Everything about him was just perfect, the way he worked his hard cock, running his hands over his body and just letting himself get lost in the experience of it all. He did such a great job I can't wait to see what he'll do next time.

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posted by gayporn David @ November.15.2008 - Post a comment

Southern Strokes

Southern Strokes description of this gayporn shoot:
Just a month after Josh's first visit to the Lake House, we had him scheduled to come back for more. It had been a while so I had almost forgot how hot Josh is until he walked in the room. He has this amazing smile and this day he had that look in his eye like I want to be nasty. He certainly didn't disappoint us.

Josh admitted before we started that he hadn't shot his load in a few days and he was really horny. He said he was saving it up because he gets so turned on performing for our cameras that he wanted this load to be huge. Josh is a moaner and this time he started before his clothes came off.

I am pretty sure it had everything to do with the Glass Toy we had sitting on the night stand for his pleasure. We told him that we didn't expect him to be able to take it all. I think he took that as a challenge and set out to show us what he can do.

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posted by gayporn David @ November.15.2008 - Post a comment


Fratmen description of this gayporn shoot:
Tucker is our Big Dicked Mountain Man from West Virginia. And he is Rough and Rugged in more ways than one.

He can be found Going Down the not so familiar path from time to time just to try something new. It seems that's how he ended up here with us. Were all really glad that Tucker is Adventurous.

SPECIAL NOTE: Join Fratmen now and get access to all liveshows (5 nights per week) as well.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ November.14.26.2008 - Post a comment

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Berlin Male description of this gayporn shoot:
Kai & Jaden met each other at a porn shooting and have been together ever since (yes, they are a real couple). You can feel the intimacy between these two guys as they slowly start to kiss before playing with each others cocks and finally fucking with passion. Enjoy their hot action Photos and Videos over on Berlin-Male.

Related: Kai and Jaden @ Malepixel

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posted by gayporn David @ November.12.2008 - Post a comment

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Cocky Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
So my buddy Jarred (yup - tasty fucking straight boy Jarred) told me while we were out drinking one night that he was kind of curious about what it would be like to massage another dude. Now, I'm more of a "less massage and more action" kind of guy but, whatever, I thought it could be interesting to see what happened if I helped him quell that curiosity.

I called up my buddy Tyler since I knew he had just hurt himself in a rock climbing accident recently. What I didn't know was that that little cocktease was gonna show up in a jock strap. Ha! One look at Tyler's ass and you'll see why I knew this was not going to end with just a massage.

Jarred stars working Tyler's muscles over with some massage oil but, as I suspected, quickly makes his way down to Tyler's sweet ass in no time flat, massaging his cheeks and stroking his balls through the jock strap. Tyler flips over to reveal a noticeable bulge in the front of his jockstrap. Not one to be shy, Tyler reaches down into Jarred's pants to play with Jarred's dick. It's not long before Jarred returns the favor.

And then...the massage is over and the real fun begins. Jarred pulls out his big fat dick and starts face fucking Jarred. Jarred kisses Tyler and plays with his hard cock before putting his dick back in Tyler's mouth. The two guys put their dicks together at one point and start jerking them off together right before the real action begins.

This is where Jarred really shines - when he's got a ready willing ass to fuck. He straps on a condom and just plows Jarred fast and deep. He pushes Jarred back at one point until his knees are practically touching his ears just so he can get all the way in there. Unable to hold back anymore Tyler shoots a hot thick load on himself followed moments later by a massive load from Jarred. And I thought massages were boring... check it out.

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posted by gayporn David @ November.11.2008 - Post a comment

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Sean Cody description of this gayporn shoot:
Joey finally gets fucked up the ass! Yes, he's been talking about it for a while, but now he gets a stiff one up his beefy, muscular ass.

The thing I like best about Joey is that there isn't any pretense. He likes cock and isn't afraid to admit it. He's been fucked before and he was quite excited to be able to do it on camera!

Another thing about Joey is that he's a ham. I loved the look on Dakota's face when Joey attempted to charm him with a corny pickup line, bad "Arnold" impression and all! Continue...

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posted by gayporn David @ November.10.2008 - Post a comment

english lads

English Lads description of this gayporn shoot:
Brett is one of the sites many str8 lads who enjoy showing off on camera, this blond lad stripes to show off his tanned and toned body and as his boxers get pulled down his nice big floppy uncut cock slaps into view!

Once Brett plays with his cock its rises up and gets real hard as he casually moves around sitting, lying standing, stroking his cock ever faster! Before it all gets too much he lies back and shows off his hairy hole, not able to stop it a few more strokes later and his orgasm is guaranteed with a nice load all over his abs and chest!

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posted by gayporn Mike @ November.09.2008 - Post a comment

Fierce Dog

Fierce Dog description of this gayporn shoot:
Jason showed up wearing some hot athletic cloths. Being more skate/punk I thought this was hot. He gets to the jerking off really quick. After a few minuets he flips to a doggy style position and you can see his huge banging balls slapping back and forth as he works his cock over. It is hard to notice that he has a really hot hole.

He loves showing this off. Strange for a bi guy. I guess he knew what I wanted to see. He works out a nice load onto his ripped abs.

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posted by gayporn David @ November.08.2008 - Post a comment

free picture preview

Men Hard At Work description of this gayporn shoot:
Vance comes back to visit his favorite teacher, Mr. Mack, to get a reference letter to go to college. Mr. Mack is happy to oblige his star pupil, and even happier to celebrate this homecoming with a little bit of bone cumming.

Men Hard At Work offers:
3-day trials @ Usd 1.95
7-day trials @ Usd 4.95
1 month membership @ Usd 24.95

A membership to Men Hard At Work will give you free access to Hot Jocks Nice Cocks and My Brothers Hot Friend as well.

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posted by gayporn David @ November.08.2008 - Post a comment

perfect guyz

Perfect Guyz description of this gayporn shoot:
Introducing Patrick, a genuine first-timer to the PerfectGuyz silver screen. Most guys we meet are not “completely” virgins to this type of activity. Some have performed for girlfriends, or debuted in their own private cam show on the web. Patrick, however, has never done this before – for anyone.

When he arrived at our studios, he was eager and excited and just a little nervous. It was truly exciting to work with a virgin! At the age of 20, Patrick is self reliant and very independent. He has chosen to pursue a career as a stand-up comedian and has already performed for large audiences. We can see why his fans praise him as he is truly talented; he’s very engaging and full of interesting stories and unique perspectives on life.

Patrick has a beautiful sensual appearance, a slender athletic body, masculine facial features, and a perfect 7 inch cock. And, as far as his debut performance for PerfectGuyz, it was candid and very natural, everything we expected from a first timer! Enjoy Patrick in this special PerfectGuyz presentation.

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posted by gayporn David @ November.07.2008 - Post a comment

college dudes

College Dudes 24/7 description of this gayporn shoot:
It is not often we video a guy being deflowered, but Dillinger Cole was really up for the challenge, and we thought Shane would be perfect.

After some intense throat-deep cock sucking, Shane gets to business on Dillingers ass, and although he winces a little as his asshole is stretched out by Shane, by the end of the vid Shane is pounding Dillinger like a jackhammer and Dillinger has a rock-hard boner that results in a nice load of spooge.

Not to be outshined, Shane blows a cumsplosion so far that it hits Dillinger in the face! HOT HOT virgin fucking!

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posted by gayporn Mike @ November.06.2008 - Post a comment

free picture preview

Arabian Dicks description of this gayporn shoot:
For centuries, Arabian men have been considered the most masculine on the planet. With their massive cocks, astounding physiques, and incredible dark facial features and skin, your Arabian stud craving will be fulfilled at Arabian Dicks. Watch them as they fuck one another with all the passion and lust only men from the Middle East possess.

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posted by gayporn David @ November.03.2008 - Post a comment

free picture preview

Latin Jocks description of this gayporn shoot:
Today at LatinJocks we're introducing Diogo and Andre! These two versatile guys show off their wild side as they work the cameras and each other! This episode ends with some hot facials.

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posted by gayporn David @ November.02.2008 - Post a comment


Fratmen description of this gayporn shoot:
He hails from North Carolina and loves surfing the breaks (can you imagine him in a tight wetsuit), long boarding, and long walks on the beach (Just Kidding). He makes a great addition to the Fratmen stable.

SPECIAL NOTE: Join Fratmen now and get access to all liveshows (5 nights per week) as well.

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posted by gayporn David @ November.02.2008 - Post a comment


Buzz West description of this gayporn shoot:
Levi has such an angelic look, but don't let that fool you. I'm certain that he fell from Heaven just to tempt us into impure thoughts...and I've had them all! He's such a HUGE flirt, and that smile is just so captivating. When he told me that he was out of the Marines now, and wanted to do more work, I could hardly wait!

Levi tells us that he doesn't like to be labeled as straight or gay, that he's just "sexual". No problem Levi! We'll take you any way you want. He said he's a virgin when it comes to being a bottom though, but wait till you see him play with his ass, and tempts us to fill his hole with something more than a finger.

He says, "you know you want it", and "you wanna suck it don't you bitch"... I must have blacked out after that, cause I don't remember much after that.

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