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posted by gayporn David @ October.30.2009 - Post a comment

Broke College Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
Jasper stopped in to help me paint, he saw my ad in the local paper and since he needs funds for college he came on over. He states it's hard to keep a job when he is studying in college. I found out that Jasper is 23 and he enjoys hiking, running, swimming outside type hobbies. You can tell because he has a very athletic body.

When I told him that I was taping him for my class in college he was down with that. He found it surprising that I wanted to be an interviewer. I really had to work though to get him to show me his cock, he turned down twenty-five and then fifty dollars. I then asked him to shoot me a number and he stated $1000.00 I was like tell me a real number. He then stated $200.00 then I countered with $175.00 when we finally agreed on a number it was $150.00 just to show us his cock.

He shocked me twice after agreeing to the hundred and fifty. First off he had on some wild ass underwear with babes smoking and weird clowns and crap, but when he pulled them down to show us his package his cock head was pierced and that is definitely something you don't see on a daily basis.

When Hunter drops in Jasper is hoping he isn't there to help him paint, but when I mentioned that there are other ways to make cash he sorta clammed up. I didn't have to offer Hunter any cash to pull out his cock

Then Jasper freaks out a bit and wonders what I'm at, but he likes the way Hunter looks and mentions what a nice cock he has. That was all it took for me to offer him some more money to suck Hunter's cock. He balked at first, but then agreed for another smooth $150.00

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posted by gayporn David @ October.29.2009 - Post a comment

His First Huge Cock

His First Huge Cock description of this gayporn shoot:
Jamie is down right giddy with anticipation when he finds out we've hooked him up with our two good friends, Orlando and Shane, otherwise known as Length and Girth!!! Don't miss this dance major's great performance starting with a striptease in act 1, a dick tease in 2, and a dos-a-dos is his ass when he takes them both on.

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posted by gayporn David @ October.25.2009 - Post a comment

BritBlokes description of this gayporn shoot:
This is Josh a hot 22 year old lad from the great city of Liverpool. Friendly, approachable with a charming self confidence he is bound to press all you buttons and more.

He likes to create works of art, pop art being his speciality, although it must be said he is something of a living work of art himself. He loves soccer and is a Liverpool footbal club supporter through and through so much so he even has an L.F.C tattoo on his leg.

Getting his cock big and hard he works it, grasping his throbbing tool and wanking strongly. His moves include kicking back, fucking the sofa as well as standing over you so you get a worm's eye view of his throbbing dick and tight buns.

And it is in this position he comes sending cascades of hot jizz spraying over the floor. Want to get arty with a Liverpool lad ? Now is your chance.

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posted by gayporn David @ October.17.2009 - Post a comment

Southern Strokes

Southern Strokes description of this gayporn shoot:
Every time I see Ryan, I like him more and more. We all have our favorites here at Southern Strokes and I would have to say that Ryan has rapidly become mine. There is just something about that boyish face on that tight little body and then his huge rock hard cock. I can see why our members can't seem to get enough. As luck would have it, our new boy Ethan gave us a call and said that he wanted to do another shoot.

When we first met Ethan, he had admitted that he had a few experiences with other guys at the request of his girlfriend. As he put it I will do anything to turn her on. I asked Ethan if he would be into fucking another guy and he initially said that he just couldn't see that happening. When I asked him how he felt about getting fucked he said there is no way a dick is going to fit into my hole. After receiving numerous requests from our members to see Ethan get fucked, I took this as a personal challenge.

I asked Ethan to check out Ryan on the site and let me know what he thought. Ethan admits that he liked sucking cock so I knew once he set his eyes on Ryan's manhood; he would be willing to come up to the Lake House to do a shoot with him. I was pleasantly surprised with Ethan's response when I told him that I wanted him to let Ryan fuck him. He was obviously a bit nervous but he said that he was willing to try anything once. These words out of Ethan's mouth were music to my ears.

Ryan and Ethan arrived at the Lake House at exactly the same time. Ryan walked in without the girlfriend this time and you could just feel his confidence. It was really hot to see this country boy walk in with a cocky attitude ready to fuck a virgin. Ethan on the other hand was visibly nervous. He had never been fucked before let alone in front of all the cameras. We took our time and made sure that he was nice and ready for Ryan's big cock.

This is definitely another one of those shoots that was a big surprise. These two hit it off like they had been wanting to fuck around forever. As soon as the cameras started rolling and they began to kiss, I could see both of their cocks stand to attention. Ethan couldn?t wait to get Ryan's big cock in his mouth and Ryan moaned with pleasure. Once Ethan got on all fours and Ryan shoved his big cock into his tight virgin hole, I thought that Ethan was going to shoot his load on the spot. We were all shocked as we watched Ethan take every inch of Ryan's meat in every position imaginable. Given the size of Ryan's load, we were the only ones that enjoyed it.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ October.16.2009 - Post a comment

BoyzParty description of this gayporn shoot:
When Lukas Wayne arrived at the BoyzParty.com studio, he packed a big smile, a big bulge, a big backpack, and nothing else. Inside his bag, this British import toted a big red dildo from across the pond and the minute he picked it up, his long, thick uncut dick came to life.

First just staring at it, then licking, then swallowing, Lukas got out of his clothes and after spending a few moments docking with his foreskin, he was pushing the head of the dildo on his rosebud until it started to disappear.

Working the big toy in and out by ramming it in, sitting on it, and finally, laying on his back with his legs braced against the wall, he forced the rest of it inside, which propelled a massive self facial that left his very happy face dripping in his own spooge.

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posted by gayporn David @ October.12.2009 - Post a comment

Chaosmen description of this gayporn shoot:
Nash was in town for a week to shoot a couple videos, and do a bar event with some other models. The day he arrived, Nash almost missed his flight. And his scene partner missed his ride to the airport, then struggled with long lines and security and then almost missed his flight, so by the time he got to the gate, he said, "Everything was telling me to not get on the plane, so I bailed!"

I understand gut instinct (and of course his plane never crashed mid-air!), but I had one horny Nash on my hands, and he was ready and raring to go! I knew Davin was going to be in town and he was prepped and ready to shoot.

Before officially pairing them last minute, I did warn Nash that Davin is extremely thick-dicked. I think Nash took it as a challenge, and figured how bad could it be after being fucked by Zane. You REALLY see how big Davin's dick is when Nash is trying to blow him. I think for a moment Nash thought he had literally bitten off more than he could chew.

Thankfully Davin enjoys sex in general and went bottom's up first. There is some awesome footage, and for a pairing I wouldn't have made, these two really clicked! And when it came time for Nash to bottom, I will be danged if he didn't take Davin's big 'ole cock AND not only stay hard, but kept almost busting! Watch for a quick moment when Nash pushes Davin's hand away from playing with his cock. Danger! Too close!

Since Nash was so ready to bust with that ginormous cock in him, I quickly scrambled up a ladder (little shaky sorry) so I could see him spill while Davin fucks him, and angle often hard for me to get. After Nash busts, Davin continues to fuck Nash, thinking he could cum. But Nash was ready to be "done" being fucked after nutting. Davin finally pulls out and squirts soon after Nash's dick barely wilting in the interim.

I think these two boys, not meant to ever work together, enjoyed each other and as Nash says at the end, "That was fun."

Check out Chaosmen and watch Davin and Nash fucking like rabbits in this full length movie.

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posted by gayporn Mike @ October.11.2009 - Post a comment

Naked Kombat description of this gayporn shoot:
This week Rusty Stevens takes on newcomer David Chase. Rusty is back and he's out of control. He's been practicing and he has a few new moves under his belt.

David is a big guy and he wants to try out Naked Kombat. He seems like a nice guy but nice guys finish last here on Naked Kombat. Will cocky Rusty annihilate David or this is the biggest upset in the history of Naked Kombat?

Check out Naked Kombat and watch David Chase and Rusty Stevens in the full length movie.

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posted by gayporn David @ October.09.2009 - Post a comment

Broke Straight Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
The boys are back and with us we had Logan, Holden, and Jay. Jay and Holden to refresh everyone's memory went to school together and are friends. The point of the shoot was to get Holden's dick sucked and do some oral himself.

Jay and Logan were there to do the shoot and offer their support in making him comfortable. We talked about how much money he could make and that the pay scale went along with how far he goes. I offered Holden $800 considering that he had never sucked dick, or had a guy suck his dick.

His response to me was that he had to think about it, but probably not. What I did was had Logan and Jay put on a personal show for Holden to watch in order to give him a better understanding of what I was after.

The two of them stood up and stripped out of their clothes taking their place in front of Holden on the couch. They gave a good blowjob show and Holden joined in after some time. What a hot movie!

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