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posted by gayporn David @ October.30.2010 - Post a comment
free Broke Straight Boys picture preview

Broke Straight Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
Preston, Ashton and Leon are here at the Broke Straight Boys studio to do an anal scene. Preston is bi-sexual, Ashton is 'gay for pay' and Leon is somewhat flexible but prefers women. When I asked who was doing what, Leon said he was going to top while both Ashton and Preston would flip flop. As Leon was only going to top, he would get $1000 with Ashton and Preston making $1500 each.

I told the boys that I wanted to see some kissing but none of them were too enthusiastic about it, Leon saying that kissing was something he saved for relationships. All three boys stood up and stripped off for the camera, turning around and shaking their asses. They all wanted some porn playing to get them in the mood, Ashton having brought his netbook along with his private porn on it.

Soon enough, Leon leaned over and took Preston's cock in his mouth, Ashton watching for a moment before joining in, both Leon and Ashton licking the hard shaft, alternately sucking on the head and balls. Leon moved into the middle seat on the futon, Ashton and Preston on either side of him, Preston going to town on Leon's cock while Ashton watched, impressed at how good Preston was.

Ashton jumped in, sucking on Leon's dick as Preston licked Leon's balls, all the while, Leon just sat back and enjoyed it. Then it was Ashton's turn to get a mouth on his dick, Leon swallowing it down as Preston watched and jerked off before taking over for Leon. Preston treated Ashton's cock like his favourite candy, sucking on his balls while Leon took over sucking Ashton's dick.

Ashton proved to be very sensitive right on the tip of his cock head, jerking as Leon did his special trick while giving head, Ashton squirming and jumping each time he did the trick. They opened out the futon and lay down in a circle; Leon sucking on Preston while Preston swallowed down Ashton whom was blowing Leon. Continue...

Visit Broke Straight Boys and watch these straight boys sucking and fucking for cash in the full length HD movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ October.29.2010 - Post a comment
free Chaosmen picture preview

Chaosmen description of this gayporn shoot:
So I had several issues I wanted to solve during this video. Gerin is a voracious bottom, but he seldom stays hard while being fucked, which is odd cuz the straight guys usually don't have too many issues standing at attention while being fucked. Gerin is certainly enjoying it, but what's missing for him is....The Daddy Effect.

Gerin is gay, but he likes his guys mature. Oh he likes a really big cock as much as next power bottom, but add some gray hair in there and a dominating voice and he gets way turned on. He actually thinks I'm hot, proving there is just no accounting for taste! (and perhaps airing this film after the Serviced video early this week is a bit too much "Bryan")

My other issue was, well, doing something different. I myself have tried doing some POV work with my There series. I tried doing it once with Felix, and then one other attempt where I wasn't part of it. And despite my numerous appearances, I try to lay low in most of the videos. (Yeah I know, hard to believe.)

But I wanted to give the POV thing another try and I thought I could solve two problems at once. In other words, get Bossy with Gerin. Integrate myself into the video so I could keep him hard and turned on, and at the same time, give you all the feeling that you are There, taking part in the scene.

You will all have to be the judge, but I think this video is VERY VERY hot. Everything but the kitchen sink thrown in! I'm not real fond of me being in it, but I dunno, there is just SOMETHING about this video that I think will appeal to most of my viewers. So don't miss this movie. I don't want to say much more, but I think it will be a fan favorite!

Check out Chaosmen to see Gerin, Heath and Bryan in the full length video.


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posted by gayporn David @ October.25.2010 - Post a comment

Next Door Twink description of this gayporn shoot:
Jeremy Feist is another one of those young, hung and horny guys that we love showing you here on NextDoorTwink. This guy has a massive cock, a nice slim body and an interesting skill we're sure you'll enjoy. Jeremy's cock is so long that all he has to do is bend forward and he can suck himself.

This scene is full of ass play, cock stroking and self sucking that ends with this slim hottie filling his own mouth with his man milk.

Check out Next Door Twink and see Jeremy Feist sucking his own dick in the full length HD movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ October.24.2010 - Post a comment
free Sean Cody picture preview

Sean Cody description of this gayporn shoot:
Brodie, our beefy stud whose fiancée convinced him to do his first film — is back. His situation is very similar to Jess’s in that guy-on-guy action really turns on their girls. So, here was a thought: Get the two handsome, open-minded, sexual guys together and see what happens.

This was Brodie’s first time with another guy, and I wanted to ease him into it, making sure all the attention was being paid to him. I wanted to be sure that his sexy body got the working over it needed and I thought that an oral workout from Jess would be a great place to start.

There was certainly some fire going on, maybe because both of them knew that what they were getting ready to do was going to get their girlfriends back home hot and bothered. Jess, who usually is the more dominant one, seemed pretty content sharing the spotlight with another hot guy who was just as dominant.

The big surprise was when Jess got naked and stroked his hard cock while servicing Brodie. That seemed to get both of them harder and more into it! Jess was amazing with his cock sucking! You could tell by the look on Brodie’s face through the entire experience that he enjoyed every minute of it...

Check out Sean Cody and see Jess sucking Brodie's dick in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ October.23.2010 - Post a comment
free Randy Blue pictures

Randy Blue description of this gayporn shoot:
Justin Blakely and Chip Tanner make such a hot couple. They've both got similar frames, amazing bodies and adorable good looks. Chip has such a hot ass that Justin had to get some of it. And with Justin having such a huge, thick dick, Chip couldn't wait. Chip does his best to get all of Justin's monster tool down his throat and the more he sucked the more Justin wanted him.

Then Justin gets Chip all ready licking his sexy crack and since Chip loves getting rimmed it got him really super horny. And once he's so turned on he can hardly stand it, Justin rams his dick deep down Chip's waiting hole.

It's so hot watching these two fuck but just to pump things up a bit hotter, after Chip shoots his load all over his smooth chest, Justin shoots his all over Chip's face as he opens his mouth and laps it up like a hungry puppy, making sure to clean every inch of Justin's tool with his tongue.

Check out Randy Blue and watch Ashton and Patrick fuck in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ October.21.2010 - Post a comment
Southern Strokes

Southern Strokes description of this gayporn shoot:
Rex and Ricky have one of the coolest relationships that I have witnessed in some time. They are obviously real good friends but they definitely are into each other sexually. They got along like they were married but they were completely uninhibited and genuinely out for a good time with whatever feels good. These two definitely made our trip more fun.

If you haven't fully experienced heat until you have spent some time in the heat of the summer in the middle of nowhere Texas. The boys spent most of their days in the pool. Rex and Ricky jumped in the pool naked and put on a show for us.

I talked about their special relationship and now everyone gets to see it for their selves. Watching Rex take Ricky's huge cock into his mouth over and over was hot. Then they traded places in the pool and Ricky sucked on Rex's rock hard cock. They were both eager and hungry as they ate ass like it was their last meal.

Rex decided that he was going to go first and he bent Ricky over the pool and fuck him good. After taking Rex's cock for a while, Ricky decided that it was his turn. Ricky put Rex on his back and fucked him deep with his huge tool. Rex almost immediately shot his load after Ricky started to drill him deep. Ricky then shot a huge load that covered Rex's face and mouth. Man they made this trip fun.

Check out Southern Strokes and watch Rex and Tyler flipflop in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn David @ October.20.2010 - Post a comment

Corbin Fisher description of this gayporn shoot:
Trey's been in a lot of hot scenes with a lot of hot guys on Corbin Fisher. And he usually connects with them pretty intensely. But whether it was Marc's thick cock, his muscular body or his gorgeous face, I've never seen Trey connect with a guy quite like this! Trey kisses Marc while straddling him. He tells Marc how sensual he is. Even as the clothes start coming off, their passionate kisses continue.

As much as it seems like Trey is digging Marc, it goes the same for Marc! Marc responds to Trey intensely, kissing him just as passionately. His stiff cock pokes out from his jeans and underwear, and Trey deepthroats it. “You're fucking sexy, dude,” Trey says, in between mouthfuls of cock. Trey slaps Marc's cock against his tongue and Marc can't stop moaning as he sticks his dick back down Trey's throat.

Trey gets up and his own long cock can barely be contained by his jeans! Marc takes it out and for someone fairly new to guy/guy action, swallows it like a pro. On all fours on the edge of the bed, Trey's ready for Marc's dick. Or so he thinks! Marc slides it in and Trey gasps. “Big hard dick!” he exclaims. “I didn't realize how wide your cock was until now,” he says, panting.

Marc fucks him slowly, pushing his big hands against Trey's bubble butt to shove it in deep. He fucks Trey rhythmically, his hips and perfect, muscled ass grinding up against Trey's butt. He smacks Trey's ass. Trey bites down on the comforter, as Marc's thick cock splits him wide open.

Check out Corbin Fisher and see Trey getting fucked by Marc in the full length HD movie.


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posted by gayporn David @ October.19.2010 - Post a comment
free Broke Straight Boys picture preview

Broke Straight Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
Today at Broke Straight Boys, we have a bit of a treat as we have four of the most popular models all together in one room; Diesal, Mike R, Josh and Shane. Now, because the three straight boys and even our resident porn professional don't really want to get fucked today, I decided that they were going to do a purely oral shoot.

The boys stripped off to their underwear, making sure to take their shoes and socks off, looking every inch of an Abercrombie and Fitch advert as they sat back on the bed. With the porn playing, the boys didn't waste any time in getting down to business, both Josh and Shane taking the lead and sucking dick first, Mike and Diesal just sitting back and relaxing.

Only a moment later, Shane and Josh switched sides with Shane sucking down Mike while Josh took on Diesal's monster dick. Mike was astonished when Shane deep throated him almost immediately, Josh working hard as Diesal gently thrust up into his straight boy mouth.

It was time to switch it up, Josh sitting back against the headboard, Diesal swallowing him down even as Mike went to work on Shane's cock. It was clear that Shane and Josh had a real connection between them from the way Shane lay his hand on Josh's thigh, Josh reciprocating by squeezing Shane's arm.

They were so cute together, I asked them to kiss, both boys immediately leaning in towards each other and locking lips even as Shane pushed Mike's head down, forcing him to take more cock down his throat. Mike and Diesal stood up on the bed, leaning against the wall as Shane and Josh went back to sucking on their hard cocks. Shane was so enthusiastic about giving Mike head, he even bumped into the camera while Josh had Diesal moaning for more in only a moment or two. Continue...

Visit Broke Straight Boys and watch these straight boys sucking for cash in the full length HD movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ October.18.2010 - Post a comment
free Men At Play picture preview

Men At Play description of this gayporn shoot:
When new guy Alex comes to the Menatplay office for his first meeting, it becomes clear to Marco that communication is going to be a bit of a struggle with the handsome Italian, or at least that's what he thinks. Because after making a few unprofessional comments about his beefy ass and how he'd like to pound it, Alex informs him that he understands English perfectly, leaving Marco embarrassed and lost for words.

But Alex quickly takes control of the situation and tells Marco to put his money where his mouth is, or rather his dick where Alex's mouth is. In the end the language barrier is irrelevant as they are soon ripping their clothes off and fucking each other senseless in the Menatplay Office Reception.

Check out Men At Play and watch Alex Marte and Marco Wilson fuck in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn David @ October.17.2010 - Post a comment
college dudes

College Dudes description of this gayporn shoot:
Felix Sharpe called us up a month ago asking if he could do a scene with Ashton Rush. Apparently Ashtons last scene really made an impression on him! The day arrived for Felix and Ashton to fuck, but Felix missed his flight, so the scene was moved to the next day. Nothing lost, though, because this scene is hotter than hot!

Ashton and Felix make an awesome pairing because these two dudes are really into each other. From the cock-swallowing to the intense rim-job Felix gives Ashton, the tension keeps building until Ashton hops on Felix and starts riding him like a pro. Felix flips Ashton over and gives him a good long pounding before both of these guys milk a hot load of jizz from their cocks.

Check out College Dudes and see Felix Sharpe fucking Ashton Rush in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ October.15.2010 - Post a comment
free Chaosmen picture preview

Chaosmen description of this gayporn shoot:
I thought I would put wholesome looking Orlando with bad boy Hayden. I really like Hayden. He is mature, so I can relate to him better than the other models. But Orlando, my friends and I all agree, he is definitely boyfriend material. If only we all were 20 years younger and Orlando was actually gay.

He is just so adorable, and every time I am around him I think how much fun it would be to snuggle with him. That smile of his is irrepressible! But Orlando brings out the romantic side out of you, whereas Hayden makes you think dirty thoughts. So we start of this movie with Orlando taking the lead, kissing down Hayden's body and sucking his cock till it is hard. I tossed in some POV-CAM for fun, and I am really like this new feature. It's not too obtrusive, and kind of fun to watch the guys filming each other work their equipment.

It's a tricky thing to pull off as I kind of need guys like Hayden who's dick stays solid for a long time. It takes skill to fuck and hold that camera! Orlando has pretty much resigned himself to being a bottom, consistently struggling to stay hard when he Tops. But I wanted him to give it one more try and he did great. I still think Bottom works best for him and a couple times his dick got hard while being fucked, so he is now finally enjoying it, rather than just "taking it."

I have been scoring some really good cum shots lately. Hayden unloads his first squirts all over Orlando's hole, then lets the second half breed him good. Hayden has become aware that he has filmed a half dozen films and is keen on keeping you interested in him, so actually suggested a facial to show he is pushing his limits for you.

It took Orlando some time to ramp up, and Hayden busted another small nut, which actually made Orlando cum. Hmmmmmm.... Not sure where all of Orlando's cum went, but I know some got in Hayden's mouth as he spits some up and I coaxed Orlando into kissing Hayden with his cum in his mouth.

Check out Chaosmen to see Hayden and Orlando fucking bareback in the full length video.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ October.14.2010 - Post a comment
free Randy Blue pictures

Randy Blue description of this gayporn shoot:
Ashton Dale has it all. Hot college jock, good looks as well as an outgoing personality. He seems like the kind of guy who'd give you a ride down the block and end up taking you on a whirlwind tour of the city, complete with stops at all the best strip clubs and bathhouses. Then there's Patrick Dunne who's chiseled features, hazel eyes and bright smile will get you every time.

He's got this sexy smooth upper body with the hairiest pair of muscular legs so you really get the best of both worlds. He's a little on the shy side but that just adds to his charm. So for Patrick's first Randy Blue blowjob, we figured we'd have horndog Ashton take this quiet stud by the hand, and balls, and give him a first experience he won't soon forget.

Ashton sucks cock like it's the most delicious piece of candy he's ever had and he wants to savor every single lick. And Patrick is obviously no stranger to feeling good as he works his own nipples while leaning back his head, letting out a breathy moan and getting off on every inch of Patrick's talented mouth.

Check out Randy Blue and watch Ashton and Patrick in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn David @ October.12.2010 - Post a comment
Bound In Public

Bound In Public description of this gayporn shoot:
The guys behing Kink have just launched another gay fetish site. Bound in Public is a gay public sex and humiliation site, that brings you real male sluts longing to be used by groups of men who defile, torment and spit on them.

I you like your videos kinky, Bound in Public is probably your cup of tea. The site covers a lot of different fetishes, like bondage, groupsex, hazing and humiliation. There will be an official launch party at san Francisco Armory on Friday, October 22nd from 6pm to 10pm. The event will be available through a live stream for all Bound in Public members.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ October.11.2010 - Post a comment

Damn That's Big description of this gayporn shoot:
Colton and Devin are bored out of their minds chillin by the pool when they start wrestling and man grabbing each other. Colton feels something big poking his butt hole and looks back at Devin. Devin gives him a slight grin and pulls out an unexpected giant cock.

Colton is shocked but obsessed with Devin's 10+ inch cock. He blows the big piece of meat as good as possible, not being able to get it in his mouth completely. Devin is not yet done after the blowjob and goes for Colton's tight hole. He stretches the little hole with his big cock and pounds away. The scene ends with a major facial!

Check out Damn That's Big and watch how Devin ravages Colton's ass in the full length HD movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ October.10.2010 - Post a comment
free CockSure Men picture preview

CockSure Men description of this gayporn shoot:
If you like big dicks then Hayden Russo will send you to heaven. His cock is HUGE and Tex can’t wait to shove it deep into his bubble-butt. Before Hayden dives in, he spends a little time licking Tex’s gorgeous feet and sucking Tex’s thick tool. Now that everyone’s hard (including you) Hayden slides his bare cock into Tex’s hungry hole. He pounds Tex relentlessly from behind until he can’t hold back any longer and he sprays his load all over Tex’s ass and back. Tex follows suit, blasting his load all over his hands and bed. Hayden licks Tex’s fingers clean.

Check out CockSure Men and watch Hayden fucking Tex bare in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn David @ October.08.2010 - Post a comment
college dudes

College Dudes description of this gayporn shoot:
Carter Nash fucks Cristian Ray in this hot fuck scene. Cristian has one of the hottest bubble butts and a nice, thick, uncut cock. Carter and Cristian hit it off right away, making out and stripping off their clothes - eager to get down to the hot and nasty sex. Before long, Cristian is going all the way down on Carters schlong, and Carter is loving every second of it.

Carter shows Cristian his own cock sucking skills before bending Cristian over to get a taste of his sweet asshole - then stands up and goes to town, pounding Cristian better than he has been pounded before! Cristian shows Carter how well he can ride, then each of these guys cum loads of warm jizz.

Check out College Dudes and see Carter Nash fucking Cristian Ray in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn David @ October.07.2010 - Post a comment

Corbin Fisher description of this gayporn shoot:
Freshman boxer Brick is like our own piece of the Jersey Shore – except that we don’t even have to listen to Snookie! This east coast stud is completely chill and fun to be around – as well as hot to watch. I was struck by how open he was about some of his past experiences. He considers himself bi, even though he’s only been with one guy, and that was only getting head, not full-on action.

A friend introduced him to this guy and he had the guy blow him “to see the experience.” Pete asked who gives better blow jobs, guys or girls and a slow smile crept across Brick’s face. “Man, this is a big debate. Frankly, I think guys do. Obviously, they know what’s good and what’s not.”

If he’s looking at a guy, he likes good abs and triceps. Brick first jacked off when he was 14. His friend was talking about having done it, so Brick went home, got in the bathtub and tried it out. He’s definitely the type of guy who doesn’t need his arm twisted to try new things!

While Brick played basketball for a year and liked it, he stays in shape and stays inspired by his favorite sport, boxing. “I’ve been boxing my whole life,” he says. His thick, smooth body is a testament to the hours of training he puts in. In the gym, he loves to do chest exercises. Brick gets the most compliments on his pecs and abs, and even makes his pecs dance for us.

Brick also has some hot, low hanging balls. Before he came to get filmed, he hadn’t come in two or three weeks, so those nuts are full. He says he has his best orgasms when he jacks off – “I know how to work it.” So we let him get to work! Brick lubes up his cock and strokes it slowly. He rubs his muscular body, squeezes his ass and even pinches his nipples. He really does know how to work it!

He applies more lube and leans back. His rock hard dick curves slightly, and it’s only another few moments before he shoots an extra thick load on his abs. Brick stays hard and when Pete asks him if he’s ready to go again, Brick smiles and says, “Anytime.”

Check out Corbin Fisher and watch Brick jerking off in the full length HD movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ October.06.2010 - Post a comment
Out In Public preview

Out In Public description of this gayporn shoot:
What do you say we go out to South Beach and find ourselves an unsuspecting fellow who's down on his luck and see if we can get him to suck some cock for cash? That's exactly what we do.

We find Christian and convince him to suck Derek's cock for some money, so we go behind some buildings where we find a private pool with a small tent. What better spot to get it on in with a complete stranger?! Even with the people tanning right there we still do our thing! Money inspires the craziest things in people!

The best thing is that Cristian even lets Derek fuck him in the ass. This Out In Public episode ends with a nice warm load on Cristian's ass.

Check out Out In Public and watch Cristian getting fucked by Derek in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ October.05.2010 - Post a comment
free Hard Brit Lads picture preview

Hard Brit Lads description of this gayporn shoot:
Super-Hung 10 inch Tyler has an intense session in a sweaty locker room with cute young twink Sonny in this incredible scene. Sonny strains to suck Tylers massive thick dick, before having his smooth ass licked deep, and then stretched wide as Tyler fucks him and then shoots a huge load over his face and into his mouth.

Check out Hard Brit Lads and watch Sonny getting fucked by Sonny's massive cock in the full length HD movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ October.04.2010 - Post a comment
free Randy Blue pictures

Randy Blue description of this gayporn shoot:
Dominic Brown's steamy 69 with Mike West was so hot that I wasted no time in getting him in here to do another scene. That guy loves sex so much that it's a nut busting experience watching him do pretty much anything with another model. Jonathan Bartell is a recent addition to the Randy Blue family, with his lush carpet of chest hair, handsome face and beautiful cock.

And when these two got together the chemistry was instant. They went from polite introductions to passionately making out like they've been fuck buddies for years. And it just gets better from there. Dominic is so much fun to watch giving head because you can just tell how much he's getting into it. And seeing the look on Jonathan's face as he gets his first blowjob from another dude is priceless.

I also made it a point to focus a bit on Dominic's hot ass and low hanging balls because as much as I love good head, I'm a sucker for a hot ass. And when Jonathan shot his load all over Dominic's smooth chest I could tell the whole idea of this being such a new experience for him drove him right over the edge.

Check out Randy Blue and watch Dominic blowing Jonathan's cock in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ October.03.2010 - Post a comment
free Sean Cody picture preview

Sean Cody description of this gayporn shoot:
I’ve met some tall boys lately and 20-year-old Robbie is definitely one of them! He’s a charming guy from Texas with a sexy southern drawl, nice eyes, a big bright smile and a ripped, lean physique. When he told me he played basketball all through junior high and high school I wasn’t surprised.

Robbie wasn’t shy about getting naked. He spends almost every day in the gym and he loves to show off his hot body. And when he shoots, he cums a lot! “Have you ever tasted your own cum before?” “Yeah, one time," he replied. "It was sweet.”

I wanted to see Robbie’s basketball moves so we hit the courts outside. He’s got a killer jump shot and he can dunk like a pro. He decided to get in a little calisthenics workout on the court and then he moved over to the jungle gym to show off a little doing some pull-ups.

I noticed he was wearing a jock strap under his shorts and asked him to show it to me, but he was a little shy. So, back at home, before he hit the shower he let me see it and it was hot! He’s got a great ass, perfect for a jock strap...

Check out Sean Cody and see Robbie stroking his dick in the full length movie.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ October.02.2010 - Post a comment
free Chaosmen picture preview

Chaosmen description of this gayporn shoot:
Hagan has that perfect body, face, and a huge dick, but I am still trying to get him to really ramp -up and use that giant stick of his like a jack rabbit. Ransom was next up to take his huge tool, and like a good bottom, he could have taken a pounding. But Hagan slowly fucks him, tentative about hurting his scene partner. It did keep hitting Ransom's spot and we had to cut while we waited for him to NOT cum.

Ransom, a seasoned professional by now, gets his dick sucked by Hagan to start with, and he does get hard for it, but you can catch this little moment where he is like, "Enough of this, let's get down to some serious dick sucking!!" He tosses Hagan over and goes after his cock with gusto.

A little bit of face fucking too. When you see Hagan's cock flop out and lay against Ransom's face, you can see just how big it is. It's almost as long and big as Ransom's face! Anyway, Ransom totally gets off to Hagan's body and was truly enjoying the cock up inside him.

Ransom rode Hagan's cock, and his dick just got harder and harder, and I figured why not have him cum that way? Hagan stays hard for the moment, and after Ransom nuts, he pulls out and strokes for a minute then unloads, the cum oozing down his cock. Not one to let his load be wasted, he plunges it in to Ransom, who by then was ready for a post-cum nap and eager to de-cramp his legs!

Check out Chaosmen to see well hung Hagan fucking Ransom's ass in the full length video.


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posted by gayporn Mike @ October.01.2010 - Post a comment
free Broke College Boys picture preview

Broke College Boys description of this gayporn shoot:
Welcome back to another addition of Broke College Boys. They are hanging out in my living room watching the game and having a few cocktails. Justin is 27 and he is bisexual. Kenneth is twenty five and gay, but a bit curious about hottie girls.

He says when he has a bit too much to drink they take advantage of him. After Kenneth loses his ass to Justin in a baseball sporting bet I offer them both a cold grand to fuck each other. Justin is way ahead with this offer, he gets his money and Kenneth’s up for fucking a good looking guy.

They were both down for this and began to kiss and fondle each other. In fact, it didn’t take much prompting from me at all. These guys were on each other immediately kissing and fondling each other. Kenneth was all over Justin first licking his find body, teasing his nipples and working his way down and into his undies.

Once those undies were off Kenneth went right to work on Justin’s dick. After he licks and sucks that cock until it is rock hard, Justin takes over. Her works that white belt of Kenneth’s until it is open and those jeans are flying off leaving him in his sexy undies his semi-hard cock bulging.

Justin reaches in and grabs that dick and strokes it as he teases Kenneth’s fine little body. Justin gets into it and really goes to town on that hard cock of Ken’s. He can’t stop deep throating it which makes Kenneth’s dick grow and he lies back on the couch moaning and panting as Justin begins to finger his hot asshole. Read more...

Check out Broke College Boys and watch Justin and Kenneth flip-flop in the full length HD movie


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